Opening a Boutique and Selling on Instagram

Thousands of question come in your mind when you think of starting a boutique business online whether it is Facebook or Instagram.

Here I have solved all your problems by providing a guide on how to start a boutique business on Instagram which is a popular online platform.

Opening a boutique on Instagram is an e-commerce idea where you can take action and start selling in a short time. One of the opportunities to make money on Instagram, which is among the most active social media platforms of recent times, is to open a boutique. You also Instagram if you want to open a clothing boutique to sell its products through, for this guide, we’ll guide you through the easy way.

First of all, to open a boutique on Instagram, you need to decide on a product to sell. You can also use our guide called What to Sell on Instagram, and you can get to work after deciding on a product.


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The first way to get started to own an Instagram boutique is to open an Instagram account. Of course, we will open a business account instead of a standard contact profile. There is a no different form to open an account to do this, log into Instagram to open an account as standard and open an account with an email address you have not used before. Of course, you need to set the name of the account as a distinctive and attractive name following a boutique.

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If you need help choosing a name, you can get help with our Name Ideas guide. It is very important to set a remarkable account that no other boutique uses.

After creating an account, make the profile picture of the account a remarkable picture and create a good about section. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It is especially important to set a landline phone number and keep it open at all times. After this process, we now have a boutique on Instagram.


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After you open an account to sell on Instagram, you will need products that can be sold. Of course, to get the products at affordable prices, you have to buy them from large wholesalers. You can easily purchase products at more affordable prices by browsing the wholesale sites in each city. Also, if you do not have the products you are looking for in your city, you can find the phone numbers of wholesalers all over the country with a few internet searches.

Do not rush to buy the products you want to sell in your boutique. Keep searching for a few days or even weeks to find the best offer. To increase your profit margin, you must be able to buy products at the lowest price. Otherwise, you will fall behind your competitors.

Do not stock a large number of products when procuring products. Because everything may not go well and we wouldn’t want your damage to increase in this case. Buying a few of each product is a more strategic approach.



We recommend that you make an intense effort to take photos of these products in a quality way after you have purchased the products and received them. If you have the opportunity, it is important that you can present the products in video form. After creating these media, you need to add them to your Instagram boutique.

Once the number of product photos and videos reaches at least 20-30 in your Instagram boutique, you need to move on to the next step. If your account looks too empty, it is not good for the consumer. People trust well-established businesses more.


instagram followers

After opening a boutique on Instagram and uploading products, you will most likely not receive any orders. Because you have no followers, potential customers.

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There are 2 different ways you can do this. The first is to advertise directly to Instagram and get your products to be shown by potential customers. We recommend this route in the first place. Because you will have the chance to directly control and monitor your budget and returns.

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Advertise on Instagram with low budgets of 20-30 lira in the first place and watch orders. If you can get your advertising cost back from the orders; keep advertising constantly.

Another way is to advertise on pages with a large number of followers on Instagram. This way is riskier than the first. Because these account holders receive the payment in advance and do not give you any customer guarantee. In other words, you may not get any orders from a thousand lira advertisement. For this reason, you can try pages that generate lower followers and lower advertising costs in the first place. You can increase the ads based on the returns.


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Opening a boutique on Instagram is a profitable and high potential business idea.

Because as your number of followers increases, your opportunity to make money without advertising increases; You will get the opportunity to increase your turnover by regularly dealing with your page.

The average profit margin for clothing products sold in boutiques on Instagram is around 40 per cent. Due to the lower costs compared to many clothing stores, it is possible to even exceed this profit margin.

If you are going to focus on making money by opening a boutique on Instagram, we recommend that you follow the sector regularly and focus on products that are in high demand. Increasing demand can also mean high-profit opportunity. Because serious competition conditions have not yet occurred in such products.

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