Open Professions in the Next 20 Years

Human beings cannot reach the variable speed of the world. The world, which is constantly renewing itself, also drives people. Is speed spinning around the earth or is it spinning around speed? We hardly understood this. But the blue planet we know has changed a lot now and it continues to change. 

We  will introduce such sectors in open-fronted professions that many of you will be surprised. Maybe you have heard of several of these professions. But if they said there was such a profession 20 to 30 years ago, we would all laugh. Anyway let’s see what the future professions are before we get more out of it.

Professions of the Future to Speak its Name

As the technology advances, new business areas are opened. We are progressing so fast that a new profession is emerging almost every year. New professions are pushing the limits of human intelligence. Maybe we will not need a lot of work that we do now. But do not be afraid we will not need work, not humans. Although the list is quite fluffy, we have handled 14 of them, which are shown as the best professions of the future.

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3D Printer Specialist

Among the open professions, we first discussed 3D printers. 3D printer, which is an advanced technology; Also known as modeling. People who are experts in their field can make many models thanks to 3D printers. Different production materials are used in these modeling processes. For example, it is possible to manufacture a car or a bridge with a 3D printer. Even its pilot applications have already been created. It is also used in the food and health sectors.

Blockchain Expert

We first heard about the blockchain concept with Bitcoin . Blockchain technology, which is used frequently with crypto money, also operates in different fields. Firms and companies are very keen on Blockchain technology. The fact that it is more secure and transparent makes the system unique. There are already companies looking for blockchain experts. 

Robot Engineering

Of course, we should also mention the robot technology among the best professions of the future. Robotic technology is shown as an important invention of the next century. Especially Asian countries, especially, are very advanced in this regard. In our country, certain arguments of robots are used and tried in some sectors. The entry of robots into our lives will relax both our business and normal lives. Robot engineering will seem to gain much value in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial intelligence is a technology that we use partially. Almost all of the smart electronic devices have artificial intelligence technology. However, artificial intelligence will advance even more in the coming period. And units such as experts, engineers and technicians who are interested in this work will do the job. It will open a business door to many people who have knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence in companies.


Actuariality is also known as actuarial or actuarial. To put it briefly, it is the person who has the ability to evaluate financial risks, produces solutions to problems and connects these solutions to a result. Actuarial profession is not known much today. However, he is shown among the open professions. There are even departments related to actuarialism at the university. 

Augmented Reality Manufacturer

If you have paid attention to the professions of the future, it is always about technological developments. Technology and informatics are now at the top of our lives. Wherever we go, we can never give up technology. Augmented reality technology will also be an important area of ​​our lives. Although it is not used much yet, it will be among the most used technologies in the future. Famous tech giants about augmented reality compete fiercely. If you develop yourself in this regard, you can become a VR technology expert.

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Data mining

Data mining is perhaps the most remarkable among open-ended professions. Big data or ” Big Data”, in other words,  is the important sector of the future. Many analysts and experts see big data as a turning point. Along with big data , the concept of “Data Mining” began to be heard. It is considered that new jobs will be born in this field.

Energy Systems Engineer

Energy is not actually a new concept. In the process from the past to the present, human beings have always needed energy. However, it is thought that this energy will be different in the future. Firms are already investing in energy prospectively. Serious distances have been made in clean, natural and renewable energy. You can be an engineer and set up your own energy facility. The energy sector is open to professions.

Space Tourism

Space tourism is no longer a dream. People will now travel to space instead of a tourist trip around the world. Dozens of thinkers working on this project for years came and passed. Now we are very close to space tourism. Perhaps people will be able to go into space soon. It may be difficult to be in this sector. However, you can work in any unit in space tourism. Why not? 

Digital Tailor

The profession that will replace the traditional tailors is still at the project stage. But if you hear about the digital tailor profession in the near future, don’t be surprised. With the system to be launched by a digital company, the tailoring profession will now be moved to digital. Okay but how, you might ask. Thanks to the software developed by the company, people will be able to measure in a digital environment. The measurements given by users will be recorded on the data. And in this way, people will be able to produce the product they want without leaving the house.

Goodwill Hackers

It may be correct to define them as white collar hackers. Well-intentioned hacker, who can fight against malicious hackers,  is among the profession of the future. Both governments and large companies are exposed to cyber attacks almost every day. Some of these attacks are prevented, while others can easily access the system. To prevent this, white-collar hackers will be needed.

Industrial Design Engineer

It is the technology that combines industrial design, visual art and industry. It emerges as a profession in which the two meet. It allows many items to be made to your mind. Along with the industrial design, it is possible to make many items such as jewelry, home furniture, toys. With this sector, new products will be offered to consumers. It is closely followed by many companies in this sector.

Climate Engineer

The biggest problem of today is climate change. Governments are taking new steps for climate change, which has become a global problem. However, it is likely to produce worse results in the future. Climate engineers will have a great job to avoid these bad results. It is certain that it will be among the professions open to climate engineers. 

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Nanotechnology Engineer

Nanotechnology is known as the atomic molecular structure of matter. To put it more simply, it is also defined as the smallest building block of matter. The nanotechnology industry is thought to develop better over time. It may not be known to people right now. However, many people in the IT sector closely follow the technology. In the future, people will benefit from nanotechnology.

Which draws attention among the prominent professions?

Among the prominent professions, data mining is the most striking. We will definitely be one of the important professions of the future. Speaking of Big data already paves the way for data mining.

What profession would you choose if you were?

For me, energy systems are the best among the professions of the future. We need a little more energy every year. Investment and business areas to be made here can be important income gates.

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