20 New Trending Business Ideas for Beginners In India

Looking for new trending business ideas for beginners in India? Then here you will find all the beginner business ideas that will kick start your new business.

Before you start these businesses for real, please do deep research on that business idea.

In this article I will be only talking about the business ideas that are new and trending for beginners in India but how you can start that business, what are the requirements, license permission, etc are not mentioned here.

Some of the business ideas mentioned below didn’t require any license or some special qualification but some of them have to be registered legally.

New Trending Business Ideas for Beginners In India

Here are the 20 amazing trending business ideas for beginners that are new and profitable in India.

Food Business

If you are a good cook or not, you can start a Food or Bakery Business at a very low investment.

Bakery items are in great demand in all areas whether it’s a small town or a big city. If you can prepare great Bakery Products like cookies, cake, bread, etc., it is one of the great ideas for a profitable small business.

The other part of this business is that you can build your own online grocery business by integrating a payment gateway.

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Computer and Laptop Store Business

The Collected Desktop and Laptop Store is in high demand in all areas, especially for students, because the collected PCs are cheap and accessible.

If you have a little knowledge of Computer Science or integrating computer components, then it might be a good idea for a beginner’s business.

You can integrate a motherboard, hard disk, graphics card, etc. directly from major retailers and sell a complete PC for your local customers. In addition, you can earn some cash by introducing various software or games to your customers.

E-Commerce Niche Store India Store

E-Commerce is growing at a rapid pace. This is due to the access to inexpensive labor and goods, as well as the ability to export in the amount of expenses it has spent over the years. This business idea is directly related to the sale of cultural items from India.

Keeping in mind that many people around the world value Indian culture, many would like to have authentic pieces of art in their homes.

By setting up an e-commerce store to fill this void, you can solve that problem. The company will be low-cost to get started, and you can start by partnering with your favorite street vendors.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Also, to play the e-commerce tradition, an e-commerce management company will provide fulfillment in e-commerce stores. Instead of an e-commerce store that builds distribution channels, purchases shipping trucks, and warehouses to store goods, the company would do everything for them.

You can start by buying large pieces of real estate. Then use the shipping company to send them to the places they need to go, this business idea can make money by holding people’s goods at the store. Also, you may charge per shipping.

This is a great business idea, but it also has the potential to make a lot of money.

Storage Company

In India, many shipping companies are facing the problem of having major difficulties in service delivery in some rural areas. This is because the road infrastructure is not adequately developed, or is far from everything else.

With this perspective, you can provide last-mile delivery solutions by setting up a warehouse on the outskirts of the city limits.

After that, when another shipping company gets there, you manage the final miles of the trip. This may include purchasing scooter boats or shipping trucks for shipping the last few miles. Areas where shipping companies are unwilling to do so.

The company will need some investment to support the maintenance of the outer city limits, as well as cars or drones for the final mileage service.

Debt settlement

Cash is a major part of business transactions in India. People are more comfortable using cash than other payment methods. So far. The growth of mobile payment solutions is ripe for further growth.

A large portion of the population has smartphones, and relies on them to communicate, research and watch entertainment.

This business idea will require a fair amount of start-up capital, however, since this is directed at business in India, there is a wealth of programmers and coders that one can have access to. Making startup costs lower, and more reasonable.

Digital Marketing

It  is one of the most sought after ideas and business trends today. Digital marketing is nothing but a social media channel that uses digital media such as emails, social media, Google Ads, etc. to market your product to other targeted customers.

It is the kind of advertising on market products that can reach a large audience at a very low price compared to other paid media.

You can start setting up your Digital Marketing Agency at home and work as an agent to help your clients market their products and earn some commission.

You can start learning digital marketing online from sites like Udemy or you can complete Digital Marketing Course courses at institutions such as Digital Vidya.

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative business awards in India.

Customer Service Area (CSP)

Customer Service Point (CSP) is one of the most profitable ideas for a business and you can earn up to Rs.1.00 Lacs per month if you work hard.

You can become a Business Provider (BC) of any Bank and set up your CSP at your home. To become a CSP of any Bank, you only need a laptop and an Internet connection.

CSP is a kind of commission-based activity, and if you live in any town or town in India, then you have an unlimited amount of revenue to gain from this business idea.

Alternatively, you can sign up for Paynearby Merchants and provide Digital Banking services over bank hours. Paynearby works similarly to CSP where you can get commission-backed money.

Online Customer Service Center

Today everything can be done online, from the Electricity Bill Payment to the hotel. If you have some practical knowledge of computers and the internet, you can easily build an online customer service center with very little investment, you only need a PC or laptop and an internet connection.

There are a lot of people in India, who still do not know how to pay the bill online or go online to resume work. You can help them by providing online services and earning good money based on fees.

Travel Agency or IRCTC Agency

Tourism Company is one of the growing businesses in India. You can be a travel agent in your area and arrange travel and travel plans for your customers.

You can also become a partner with a large online travel company like MakeMyTrip or Goibibo and get a commission from them.

Similarly, you can become an Official IRCTC Booking Agent and receive a commission from Reservation Ticket Reservations.

Coaching Center

Private tutors are in great demand in all areas, and it can be your business idea that is either passive or active.

You might support a Tuition class in your area with other teachers or someone like you. A Private Career Center can be a profitable business idea in India.

Home / Building Structure

The Indian government has launched plans to support development and innovation of Internet of Things technologies.

This support is a great opportunity for business and men women to launch a service that works for this area. One business related idea is to have an Internet of Things Home Builder / Counselor.

You will work with developers or existing landlords to turn their living space into a will for their own use. Converting their standard home into a Smart Home.

This business idea will be low-cost to get started, as parts of IoT installations are quite cheap, and you can find customers who can pre-pay you for the service.

Solar Electric Grid Company

Also, with the support of the IoT market, and the growing demand for reliable energy sources, there is a good chance of providing a solar grid.

The company would set up an Internet of Things network and sensors for each family or building connected to the electrical grid. From there, electricity consumption can be monitored from a remote location.

During high power demand, a smart grid company can have power to move power to specific locations to supply enough energy demand or to replace power lost in another part of the power grid.

This idea will be very expensive but it can also be partially funded by the Indian government.

TV Advertisement company

The use of TV India is a thing of the past and a great place for people to gather and enjoy their favorite game.

With this popularity comes a business idea that is responsible for building and managing corporate TV ads. This will include creating ads that will run on the TV company.

To apply, one can start approaching companies that already run ads on TV, or you can go to competitors who do not have ads on TV and can become your client. There is no indication that TV consumption has slowed down in India so it is a good idea for this business.

Startup costs will include studio space, green screens, cameras, and lighting to create the ads you need.

Mobile ad expert

The use of phones in India compared to those made in the United States or Canada is very different.

Mobile use is high, and there is a growing demand for continuous use. This provides a business opportunity to develop mobile advertising for companies that have no experience or bandwidth or to do this.

This idea will focus directly on building mobile ad companies in the industry to reach potential customers more effectively than traditional media.

You could start out as a low-key business idea if you have some marketing or advertising skills, because you don’t need much to create mobile ads.

Biometric Sensor Company

Biometric sensors are the kind of sensors that scan your eye or finger to pinpoint someone. 

With the growing demand for high security measures, and the support from the Indian government for Internet of Things technology, it won’t be long until people are incorporating biometric sensors into everything.

This business idea will develop and sell these sensors to companies that will include products and services.

It will need to have a moderate investment in order for this to happen as one will have to rent or build nerve centers.

However, there can be high financial rewards as multinational companies may want to do business with you as they use more biometric sensors.

Accounting and Taxation Service

If you have Accounting or Tally experience, then you can create your own Accounting and Tax services, since you only need office, computer and Internet space. Many banks in India require loan recommendation projects.

You can also prepare projects for your clients and charge a refund for your services. You can also arrange for Tax Audit or GST returns for your customers. He is one of the most popular small business ideas with almost zero investment.

Event planner

You can also set up your own firm planning event with very little investment. There are several social events such as Weddings, birthdays or wedding days that take place throughout the year.

You can help your customer in the selection of locations, floral arrangements or food arrangements, smooth running events and paid for your service.

Cooking Classes

Similar to Private Tuition, Cooking Class is also a great idea for leadership, especially for female entrepreneurs.

You can start your cooking class both offline and online at sites like Udemy or Skillshare. You can also publish your eBook on Amazon cooking and earn some cash. Another alternative is blogging. See here how to make money on your food blog.

Flat Plate and Thermocol Plate Making

Making paper or Thermocol Plate Plate is a very good idea for a low investment. The cost of a fully functional Plate Plate machine is close to Rs.1.00 lacs and can easily be started at home.

You can buy a Machine Plate making machine from a local retailer or online at Indamart.com. Some countries in India refrain from granting certification for pollution approval for Thermocol projects, so paper making paper to do business is worth starting.

If you have any question regarding these new trending business ideas for beginners in India, then mention it in the comment section below.

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