Top 30 New Manufacturing Business Ideas with Medium Investment in India

If you are looking for new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India? Then you came to the right place.

Nowadays in India, people chose new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment because they are highly profitable and easy to set up.

One of the most important elements that keep a nation’s economy alive is the manufacturing sector. Today, all countries that have completed their industrialization process, developed, or are considered to have commercial viability are actively benefiting from the blessings of the manufacturing sector.

Considering the production process of goods, equipment, chemicals, machinery, and countless other materials, it is not surprising that the manufacturing sector is spread over a wide area to cover the whole of trade.

The truth is that every industry you can think of owes its efficient operation to this industry.

For example, the medical or healthcare industry relies on the manufacturing industry to produce many of the materials, equipment, or tools it uses.

Likewise, the agricultural industry has relied heavily on the manufacturing sector in the production of machinery, chemical drugs, and tools, which are indispensable for the sector.

Let’s just say, if you want to take a place in this sector, you have a chance to start with small scales (machine parts production, homemade materials, etc.). Of course, you can choose to enter the sector with a medium-sized business, you can expand your business over time and engage in larger commercial activities.

Large-scale manufacturing enterprises are capital-intensive, but if you can determine your market correctly or choose products with a high marketing rate, you will not have much difficulty in catching up with your competitors in the sector.

30 New Manufacturing Business Ideas with Medium Investment in India

1. Children’s toys production

Every child in the world is attracted to toys, regardless of their language or color. This is a clear indication that there is huge market potential in the production of children’s toys. Therefore, if you are thinking of going into the manufacturing sector, the production of children’s toys may be a suitable option for you. As in all other businesses, once you succeed in entering the market in toy business, the profit you will get is extremely high.

2. Paper and notebook production

Recently, campaigns to protect trees and nature have gained importance. People take care to reduce paper usage. However, despite all efforts, there is one fact that does not change: The need for paper, and hence the power of the paper industry market, never diminishes.

The sphere of influence of the paper and notebook production sector is extremely wide; because people need paper in schools, offices, even in any area where any business is run. So if you live in a country where you won’t have trouble getting a logging permit, you might want to consider going into the paper and notebook manufacturing business. It will be a profitable investment.

3. Light bulb or electrical equipment manufacture

Light bulbs or electrical installation materials are used in all buildings, except for areas where civilization and electricity cannot reach. This shows that there is a global market for light bulbs or equipment.

Want to start a business where you can get into the trade and easily attract buyers? Then we suggest you think about the production of electric lamps or electrical equipment. There is indeed a lot of competition in the sector in question, but if you have creative products, you will have no difficulty in gaining your market share.

4. Kitchenware and cutlery production

Food is the number one need of people. Therefore; Teapots, kettles, frying pans, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils are indispensable for our homes, restaurants, hotels, or school canteens. Kitchen utensils can be used both during the preparation of the meal and during the meal. This proves the breadth of the market for kitchen utensils or cutlery.

It is a fact that it is impossible to find a house without household items or cutlery. That’s why it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to enter the manufacturing sector with the production of kitchenware.

5. Pharmaceutical production

The pharmaceutical industry is another sector that those who are interested in the manufacturing sector will consider. There are many types of drugs that you can produce, from generic drugs to equivalent drugs. However, there is one point you should not forget: The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry requires certain regulations; To open a pharmaceutical factory, you must have the permit or license documents required by law.

6. Carpet or rubber mat production

The production of mats made of carpet or rubber material is actually a big sector; if you are planning to start a business like this and open a factory, you can be sure that you will catch your competitors in the blink of an eye. The way to achieve this is to apply a good marketing and sales strategy. You should do detailed market research or feasibility study and make sure that you are ready for a fundamental market challenge.

7. Plastic bottle production

Both the food and beverage industry and the chemical industry need plastic bottles for packaging certain products. Water, beverages, or any other chemical product can only be put on sale when properly packaged. If factories are working on food and beverage or producing chemical products in the region where you plan to open a business, the market potential for plastic bottle manufacturing is high; in other words, producing plastic bottles may be a suitable business area for you.

8. Fertilizer production

The production of natural or artificial fertilizers is an essential need for the agricultural sector. Therefore, there is a large market for this type of business. There is almost no country where agricultural activities are not supported and encouraged, and as such, in most countries in the world, states provide support for the production of fertilizers for the farmers in their countries. The aim is of course to direct people to farm.

Therefore, if you are seriously considering the idea of ​​​​entering the manufacturing sector, you can think about the production of natural or artificial fertilizers. The most practical way to grow business in this field is to get the support of the state. Because states are permanent customers of such factories.

9. Chemical production

If you say you intend to enter the manufacturing business, another area to consider is the production of chemicals. There are many different types of chemicals used for different purposes, so the first thing you need to do is determine which type of chemical you want to specialize in. The type of substance you choose can be used for washing or cleaning, or it can be a product for keeping food intact, as long as there is a market to market your product. It doesn’t matter which one you choose.

10. Production of nails, screws, bolts

Products such as nails, screws, or bolts are used in the construction industry, carpentry, and the machinery industry (automotive and others). If you have technical skills or if you have the capital to cover the expenses in this field, you can start this kind of business. You can keep your business on small scales where you can only supply materials to the household industry around you; you can also consider establishing a large-scale factory that provides a wide range of services and produces nails, screws, bolts. Remember, operating a large-scale factory will also give you the privilege of researching and exploring international markets.

11. Tire production

Tires are used in all kinds of vehicles, from cars to pickup trucks, automobiles, bicycles, and even forklift trucks. The fact that they are among the products with an extremely wide range of usage is proof of how wide a market you can address. Considering the impossibility of finding a city in the world where cars are not used, it is not difficult to understand why producing and selling tires is so popular. If you are going to make a breakthrough in the manufacturing sector, you should look for ways to open a tire factory; although it is a capital-intensive business area, it is a sector that can earn many times more than you spend.

12. Hand tools production

If you are technically inclined, another business you might consider is hand tools manufacturing. There is a huge market for hammers, can openers, pliers, screws, staples, scissors, and chisels, shaping tools, saws, lawnmowers, shears, wrenches, and many other hand tools. Be sure to do thorough and thorough market research and feasibility studies before hiring. You can be sure that it will be an extremely profitable business venture.

13. Production of mobile phone accessories

The mobile phone market is increasing day by day, so the need for mobile phone accessories is increasing at the same rate. There is a huge market for phone accessories such as earphones, Bluetooth devices, cases, batteries, chargers, or portable chargers.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in India or a different city in the world, one of the jobs you should consider should be the mobile phone accessories manufacturing industry. There is also a global market for sector products with a very high-profit return.

14. Automobile spare parts production

Cars are subject to wear and tear, so worn parts may need to be replaced. If you have the necessary economic power and business acumen, you can consider starting a business in the production of automobile spare parts.

Of course, you don’t have to start a business that will cover all car parts. You can also choose to specialize in a separate field, such as manufacturing brake pads for different car brands or models and enjoy your leadership in this area. There are two important points you should pay attention to having done detailed market research and a feasibility study; all this will give you a clear idea of ​​which part of a vehicle is most likely to be damaged, i.e. which part will be in high demand. In this way, you will easily be able to determine which spare part you should focus on.

15. Ceramic tiles production

Recently, houses covered with ceramics are more popular than those covered with carpets. This is the case because ceramics can be purchased easily due to their affordable prices and are easier to obtain. Precisely for this reason, they have a market that we can describe as seriously large.

It is possible to enter the manufacturing sector with a job in the field of ceramics. In addition to connecting with people who are dealing with the construction industry within your country’s borders, you can also try to export ceramics to other countries. You will see how profitable a venture it is.

16. Marble production

Like ceramic stones, marble is also highly demanded from the materials used in flooring. So much so that today’s rich people go so far as to use the marble stones they brought from Italy when building their houses. Although marble is more expensive than ceramic, it does not lose its power in the market.

17. Bag Production

Bags are one of the most sought-after products of the market, and it is almost impossible to come across houses that do not contain bags, just as we mentioned in the above articles. It is possible to say that bags are produced for different shapes, sizes, and purposes. There is an endless variety of school bags, handbags, travel bags, tool bags, camera bags, and more. Therefore, the profit of your commercial venture in this field will be great.

18. Touch Lamp production

Another notable manufacturing job is to open a business that produces touch lamps. Since touch lamps can be produced in different sizes or shapes, they can be useful for both home and office environments.

To tell the truth, touch lamps are also essential for cars. However, if you ask who uses them the most, it is possible to say that security guards form a large consumer base. As you can see, the existence of a strong market in this area cannot be denied. The most important thing to watch out for is to make sure you include rechargeable and battery-powered touch lamps in the manufacturing process.

19. Umbrella, raincoat, and rain boots production

When it rains, people hug their umbrellas first thing. Of course, this is followed by raincoats or rain boots. It is a fact that spring regularly knocks on our door every year and brings rainy weather with it. In addition to being protected from the rain, it is also possible to use umbrellas to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. This means that there is always a large market for umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots.

Therefore, those who want to go into production may prefer to turn to this field. Don’t worry if it looks like a seasonal business, it will be a very profitable business venture.

20. Production of shoes and belts

With products such as rubber shoes, leather shoes, and belts, the artificial leather production sector has huge market potential. You can choose to go into mass production and succeed in attracting all possible customers from all over the country or abroad. You can produce shoes, slippers, or sandals that you design for men, women, or children from rubber, leather, or artificial leather. Before choosing the appropriate material, be sure to do proper market research and research its suitability.

21. Production of musical instruments

Another popular manufacturing industry business is the production of musical instruments. Your market is ready for guitar, drum kit, snare drum, saxophone, tambourine, piano or keyboard instruments, violin, and all other musical instruments. You just have to make sure you produce quality musical instruments and find the appropriate market to sell them.

22. Production of wrist and wall clocks

The existence of important brands that are famous in the wristwatch and wall clock business does not mean that you cannot fail to draw attention to your own products. Truth be told, most people who want to buy a wrist or wall clocks are more interested in the beauty and affordability of the product than the brand. Therefore, if you have the intention, you can consider entering the manufacturing sector from this field.

23. Stationery production

Pens, ballpoint pens, pencil sharpeners, erasers, staplers, rulers, notebooks, notepads, clipboards, blackboards, and all other supplies are necessities for both students and teachers. If you want to head into the manufacturing industry, you should consider making stationery, this area has unlimited market opportunities.

24. Cement production

Building a cement plant can be a capital-intensive leap forward, but one thing is for sure, if you’re selling at a competitive price, you won’t have to struggle to sell the cement you produce. Therefore, if you have solid capital, you can consider opening your own cement factory. Such an initiative will be a very profitable investment, especially in Africa, which has recently been at the forefront of masonry construction activities.

25. Concrete Block production

If you want to start a small house or cottage production business, which can be done with low capital and little or no technology, you can open a factory on the production of concrete blocks. As long as the construction industry continues to develop, block production will continue to develop. The construction industry is the main consumer of these blocks, if you intend to produce blocks, it would be appropriate to try to establish connections from the sector in question.

26. Picture frame production

Another simple but equally successful business is the production of picture frames. The sector, which has a wide market all over the world, can be a suitable option for those who want to start manufacturing; so that different shapes and sizes of circles can be produced, you can get high profits with low capital.

There is a moderate competitive atmosphere in the sector and there is no monopoly; this means that each photo frame manufacturer can turn the competition in their favor, as long as they continue to produce well-designed and quality frames, of course.

27. Production of glasses and frames

Another manufacturing sector business that has seen great growth is the production of eyeglass lenses and frames. Entrepreneurs can also use their preferences for this business. Although the name of the brand is what makes you sell in this industry, if you’re a determined and creative person, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in the industry.

Starting this business also requires capital, but keep in mind that it is a business with a large market, so the rate of profit will be high.

28. Production of mattresses and pillows

If you are thinking of entering the manufacturing sector, it is extremely important to do market research and feasibility studies before choosing the product you will produce. Here is another bright idea for you: produce a mattress or pillow!

It is impossible to find a single house in the world without pillows or duvets. This is proof of how big a market awaits you. It doesn’t matter whether you produce pillows or quilts or have a highly competitive industry; As long as you produce quality products and use proper marketing and sales techniques, it’s only a matter of time before you turn all the competition in your favor.

29. Production of protective helmet, warning triangle, safety shoes, and other safety materials

Another sector that entrepreneurs can consider leaving is the security materials sector, which has been developing rapidly recently. There is a wide market for safety materials such as helmets, overalls, safety glasses, safety boots, and safety vests. If you are considering starting this kind of business, you need to be willing to work by the rules and standards set by the regulatory bodies.

Security is also a capital-intensive industry, but it is also a profitable venture. We recommend doing thorough market research and feasibility study, remember that this will allow you to get to know your own market.

30. Production of ceramic bathroom materials

Sinks or toilet bowls and bathtubs have an important place in the construction process of buildings. It is impossible to imagine that any building could be complete without these materials – which is why there is a high demand for toilets or ceramic bathroom amenities. It is indeed a rapidly developing and profitable business.

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