New Generation Brand Communication 

The technology that shapes our lives has also changed many of our habits. We have seen that classical methods are obsolete in every subject. We perceive them better under the name of digital transformation or with the new generation brand system. We think that the whole system will change when something just happens. And the word ” new” is not liked by traditional actors. But it does not change the fact that this world is not standing still. I think there is no need to hesitate from the word ” new”. Every ” new”  concept has beauties. We can say that the new generation of brand communication is one of the areas participating in this trend. 

Being different from the order we are used to may create anxiety in people. However, every innovation shows that it will be better than the previous one. So it does not change the ready system. It just puts more on it and makes things even more practical. This practicality shows itself better in the digital market area. Internet, e-commerce and social media are at the top of the new generation brand concept. However, it may not be sufficient to be in these areas only. 

While considering all this, let’s emphasize the importance of the concept of digital brand management. In other words, how is brand management performed in a new generation order or how should it be done? The path of the brand, which forms an important part of marketing, goes through the correct communication.  The best practices are being carried out in order to apply correct methods in brand management. It is possible to do these studies with one person or with teams formed with more than one individual. 

More than one factor should be considered in order to protect the image of the brand. Especially firms that are active and active in the digital field should pay more attention. Because digital media also has a great speed factor. People feedback  (feedback) as soon as possible to get the return they do wait. Here we can see that the new generation of brand communication has come into play. 

What are a brand and brand communication briefly in the rest of the article? We will touch on issues such as the history of the brand. After that, we will examine the next generation brand understanding a little more. And in the end, we will give information about brand communication, which is given as a lesson. 

What is Brand and Brand Communication? 

A brand is the personality of a good or service to distinguish it from other businesses. It only belongs to a particular product or service. Another cannot use the same brand. However, there are registration cases here. The brand is a kind of identity that makes the product sold and the service provided special. 

Brand Communication 

Brand communication is expressed in English with the word ” Brand Communication”. The fact that companies can talk to users about sales in the global market is called brand communication. In other words, it is the commercial communication between the company and the customer. 

Brand communication management is called a contribution event for the brand to be at a certain level and to be controlled at a high level. The management part is very important in brand communication. Proper management of the brand, which has more than one competitor in any sector, brings success. The simplest way to distinguish the brand from others is to differentiate. You should know that the brand is different from others and the user should feel it. 

A Brief History of Brand Comprehension 

The concept of the brand first appeared in the United States. However, this brand concept has quite a different story. The brand was first used in cattle in history. How? They put out signs to determine which farm animals belong to. Thanks to this sign, the mixing of animals from other farms is prevented. However, branding was not limited to this. At the same time, high-quality animals are provided to emerge with this application. The brand concept was first determined in this way. However, it took some time to adapt it to the present. 

Brand works that keep pace with our age and in the real sense were made in the 19th century. Towards the end of the 19th century, the concept of branding developed in many countries, especially in Europe. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, marketing and advertising techniques developed. 

New Generation Brand Communication Concept 

In the traditional brand understanding, the business was completely in the hands of the managers. Necessary marketing operations related to the brand were carried out in line with a certain person or team. This method was sufficient beforehand. The lack of digital yet and the classic shopping of people posed no problem for the brand. However, this situation has already changed. In other words, rapid digitization took place after 2012 and 2015. 

It was very difficult to keep up with the rapid change after 2010. Especially small, medium and large-scale companies are stunned by the term. Of course, he took this precaution and easily survived this process. But the rapid development of the process suddenly affected all systems. In the traditional system, the business was completely in the hands of the company. The control belonged to certain people.  

New generation brand communication conducts transactions in contrast to the traditional understanding. Brand management is now in the hands of people. He did not get it physically. But people who used the brand had more say. Previously more marketing would determine the sales price of the product. Now the price of the product determines the value. The most important part of this value in the new generation brand communication point is experience. We can also call this user experience.  

Any situation that people experience after the products they use is included in this experience. Now, the sales-oriented turnover for brand communication is almost closed. Now a user and communication-oriented sales order have arrived. That’s why the new generation of brand communication has gained importance. Thanks to communication with the people, the brand value was higher. The brand value that appeared before was like a balloon. He could go out at any moment. Now, even the brands whose value is not known in the new generation period can come to better places thanks to the user experience. The main reason for this is the importance given to both the communication and the customer’s experience. 

New Generation Brand Communication in Course System 

The importance of brand communication has been understood so much that it has now become a partition and a classroom. It became operational in many university life as well as in lessons. It also opened the way to be preferred as a department. In this way, it is thought that the new generation of brand communication will be done more consciously. It is very important for generation Y as a lesson. These training sessions are very valuable for the new generation. 

Brand communication is also included in the open learning section of Anadolu University. This is very advantageous for individuals. It is a great opportunity not only for young people but also for those who want to study in middle age. The department in Open Education is a two-year associate degree program. Within the Anadolu University brand communication department, the following courses are included: 

  • Brand and Management 
  • Marketing principles 
  • Marketing Communication 
  • Analysis and Research in Brand Communication 
  •  Media Planning 
  • Advertising 
  • Digital Communication and New Media 

And many more classrooms await new students in this section. If you want to learn more about the new generation of brand communication, you can choose this section. You can also study new generation brand management and advertisement styles through the Institute.

How should the new generation of brand communication be? 

New generation brand communication should be user-oriented. Instead of being focused on sales, the experience of the user should be included. Let us remind you that there are now users who have a real say in the brands. 

What is brand communication? 

Brand communication is derived from the word ” Brand Communication” in English. The fact that companies can talk to users about sales in the global market is called brand communication. In other words, it is the commercial communication between the company and the customer. 

Can brand communication be read as a section? 

It is, of course, possible to read brand communication as a part. However, if you prefer open education, it will be like an extra section. Those who continue their education or business life can choose as a second university. 

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