Top 24 Most Profitable Retail Business to Start Right Now

Want to start a most profitable business in retailing? Then here we will talk about the 24 most profitable retail businesses you can start right now.

Recently, as developed countries start to recover from the recession, their economies recover, and unemployment rates begin to decline, market segments are experiencing stimulating growth.

Here in this article, you will find 24 lucrative retail business opportunities in India at various stages. Includes agriculture, automobiles, apparel and clothing, food and beverages, education, beauty and health care, and home delivery.

24 Most Profitable Retail Business to Start

Here are the 24 most profitable retail business ideas:

Coffee Shop & Bar

When you think of your local coffee shop, you might not think of a similar establishment. But if your city is small enough, and there is a customer problem, combining these two business ideas can be what the mayor has ordered.

Now, before you go tell us that combining 12-year-olds with a 21-year-old college is a bad idea, hear us out. We do not recommend a fully stocked bar, just a coffee shop that will after 4 pm also offer wine and beer.

The idea behind being a coffee shop serving alcohol is that in the later hours of the day, coffee consumption begins to be scarce. If you want to stay open later and need money, filling an extra need in your small community is a good business idea. Now you have not only room for business meetings with freelancers, but also happy hours and start dates.

An additional thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the design of your coffee shop is lovely during the day and among the work crowd. Nothing says the charm of a small town as a simple, redesigned business building. Unlocking a sense of authenticity and modesty will fit many consumers and give the patrons of their desired ambiance.

Pets and riding

Pets business is a $ 60 billion industry in the United States, so a small town can have at least one animal training or shelter or a combination of the two to gain power. The veterinary industry is another indication that they have no signs of slowing down. In 1988, 56 percent of households in the United States owned a pet, in 2016 that percentage reached 65. This means that there are approximately 80 million households in the U.S.

Pet repairs and rides are also businesses where they are convenient and an important distance, which gives them a good idea of ​​home businesses. No one wants to drive two villages to get rid of their pet to slow down, or to drive back to fetch it. Since many towns do not have a special series of pets such as Petco, businesses can make money from the lack of a large pet store where owners often buy food, toys, and clothing for pets. If you plan your business well, you can be a standout shop. And that translates to huge profits.

Grooming men

Statistica data forecasts that the male grooming industry is worth $ 29.14 billion by 2024 – up from $ 21.65 billion in 2018. That’s why we see online brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Beardbrand, and Harry’s popular. One thing that brick-and-mortar retailers have done is that those products will not be able to do the work of grooming men. Provide grooming or consulting services in the store and allow customers to touch, feel and smell your product to sign a contract.

Subscription boxes with spin shopping

Did you know that the food subscription company Blue Apron was the fastest-growing retailer in 2017? Nor is it the only text-based model that creates a footprint in the retail industry. Companies like Birchbox and FabFitFun are becoming household names. Also, Harvard Business Review reports that the industry has grown 200% annually since 2011, reaching more than 11 million subscribers.

And just because a lot of online subscription boxes don’t mean they have to be that way all the time – and this means you have a real chance to get out. Separate yourself from your eCommerce competitors by allowing consumers to try out products or even bundle up their stores.

Birchbox does exactly that. The SoHo site, for example, has a “Build Your Own Birchbox”, where consumers can put items that can fit into their boxes. The store offers beauty services in stores, as well as occasional deals – such as champagne while shopping.

Grocery Store

India has a large population and regular home delivery is the basic needs of everyone. A grocery store that sells items such as kitchen utensils, spices, soaps, shampoos, and foodstuffs, etc.

A good place in a happy square is the first requirement for this business to flourish. Also, it is important to download all the goods from the sellers as cheaply as possible and sell them at competitive prices. Since most people prefer to buy Crisco in bulk for it to last for a month or so, a small price drop makes a huge difference to your customer, which can get them into your store for all the grocery needs.

Offers attractive discounts on high-priced purchases and works wonders at department stores.

Pro Tip – Introducing a free home delivery is a great way to get instant likes. Also, upgrade your product range to include more confectionery items such as biscuits, butter, bread, chocolate, etc.

Bookstore and bookstore

Opening a stationery store does not require any special type of information which makes it a good option for those who are less qualified and wish to enter the field of resale.

Many items such as textbooks, newsletters, magazines, notebooks, pens, pencils, colors, and DVDs, and educational toys can be placed in stationery.

You can also try donating other shopping products to a non-profit area such as selling some new-age gadgets and creative art kits.

Nowadays, the bookstore also sells some of the items associated with items such as gifts, gift wrapping, design sheets, paper bags, jewelry, school bags, etc. to be the last of all school supplies for school children.

Place of dressing

One of the basic things that small towns tend to lack is quality shopping. And we don’t just mean a big shopping mall. Usually, those who live in small towns and communities should drive greater mileage for basic clothing needs. That is why starting a clothing boutique will put you on the map and make it a popular destination for the locals nearby. You will be entitled to shop for all youth-related items. Just make sure you stay up to date on the latest trends. But they’ll let you know if you don’t!

Shop Vape

While this may seem like small-scale marketing for a small-town business, the fact that the (and public) recycling industry is currently exploding in the US To give a sense of how big the cooling market is, Quartz reported that Yelp has 10,591 Shops ”currently in its inventory. This is a large number, especially considering that the rate of traditional smoking continues to decline sharply. Depending on where you are in the country, however, due to state regulations, opening a vape shop will be easier in some provinces than in others. So be sure to check the laws of your country before following this business idea. Resources like VapeMentors can also help guide you as you get your business up and running.

The bakery Shop

From your morning coffee to your child’s birthday cake, neighborhood bakeries can fill a large number of small city needs. Although having a bakery is a daunting task, if it is your lifelong dream to produce cries for the masses, it is a business idea that can greatly benefit you. Hiring teens in your city is a great way to give back and stay connected to your community. If you are a new business owner in a small town, doing some research on opening a bakery is very important. You will also want to practice how to buy baked goods.

Specialty grocery store

Maybe this is an obvious choice for a small business opportunity, but sometimes the most obvious answers are ignored. Although the grocery store may not sound like a sex choice, it’s one of our most helpful recommendations for your entire city that is guaranteed to be required. Like most ideas for small city businesses, there are many ways you can get into this business. Maybe your city already has a local restaurant, in which case, opening a specialty grocery store could be the right call. If your city already has that, what about a wine or cheese shop? Or you may be thinking, “How much duck or cheese can you eat in one town?”

Remember, if you serve a small community, the options are limited, which can allow you to serve citizens in more than one way. Imagine opening a wine and cheese store combination. Just make sure not to bite it more than chewing it. Being a few things to a few people is okay, but don’t try to be it for everyone.

Lawn and Crafting Service

One thing many cities have in common is grass, lots, and lots of grass. Since smaller towns are often located in rural areas, many residents may have greenhouses and large gardens. That means that people will be hunting for alcohol and gardening services. A few of the benefits of starting a business like this in a small town are its predictability, reliability, and durability. When you first get customers, as long as you have quality services sold at the right price, you probably keep the same customers for years. You will also be able to predict the recurring services that customers will need. Not only does the grass need to be cut often, but the grass does not need to be fertilized and treated with weeds and insects regularly. The sightseeing business is a vision of a small town business that will thrive. You can start by offering a few services such as lawn care and lawn care, but later you can expand by offering snow removal services.

Food Truck

Opening a taco truck or food truck might not have been the first on your list of successful small business businesses, but depending on your city location, time of residence, and weather, starting a food truck business would be a great investment. Many towns have active communities, and often these include outdoor activities such as sports events, festivals, and markets. Having the ability to run your own business where crowdsourcing means big money in your pocket. Food trucks also have the added benefit of being rented for special events. So for a small town that may not have the right cooking equipment, being able to rent a bar mitzvah food truck or your daughter’s quinceanera is a great way to go.

Combining two (or more) products/services together:

If you are wondering between two specific product/service areas or you don’t want to limit your lead file, you can find ways to combine products or services. This is a small business idea but still helps ensure that you expand your customer segment.

The Container Brand Collective Yoga & Bikes, for example, has successfully adopted this business model. They operate a yoga studio and also specialize in selling yoga products such as fitness equipment, practice mats, … and sports equipment. Or like the Laughing Buddha Tattoo store. They are a combined tattoo shop selling jewelry and accessories.

Health care

The healthcare industry is an extremely lucrative industry for retailers, experts say. Today, this is a nearly 4000 billion dollar industry. In the United States alone, consumers spent $ 200 billion on routine check-ups and health care. There are also more than 50 million people who are members of the gym. These numbers have proven that customers are always willing to spend money to help meet health care goals and needs.

So, a healthy store specializing in health products is an ideal small-scale business idea to get you started. It is important to be successful in this market, you need to highlight features and benefits. As well as ensuring your commitment to the quality of your products compared to your competitors.

Houseware stores

Any family also needs household appliances. So this is one of the commonly used items today. That is why retailers always evaluate them as the ideal business item when starting a business.

Determine where your market is? Target who? Answer that question thoughtfully before entering into investing. I don’t know if you started sooner or later, how many people did before you, but if you do better, the market will always open.

Mobile food stalls

Another unique small-scale business idea is to open a mobile food stall, for example, in a truck. It’s much more viable and more cost-effective than opening a fixed, long-term restaurant. As reported by, this form of mobile retail has grown from $ 803.8 million in revenue in 2014 to $ 1.2 billion in 2015.

The advantage of the mobile food stall business is that you can move places flexibly everywhere. From there, you can serve a wider variety of customers, especially geographically. And if you fixed your business in one location. It can leave you trapped and trapped. If that’s not a good place to do business. You can refer to brand All American Dave, to see how they have been successful in the mobile food stalls.

Mobile clothing stores

This idea of ​​form is similar to the above idea. One thing in common is being able to easily move between locations. And the fashion field, perhaps without saying too much, is always one of the areas that attract the most consumers.

Experts say that mobility is one of the factors that help the retail industry be most profitable. Le Fashion Truck is a great example of a mobile clothing store. This unique business model has attracted a large number of local customers in that area, plus the attention of visitors when visiting Los Angeles.

Gardening equipment

From a report by market company eMarketer, figures show that building materials stores and shops that supply garden equipment and supplies saw the biggest growth. From 2016 up to now, total revenue has increased by nearly 11%. In the USA, perhaps the sale of gardening equipment and tools is not popular yet. But that is why you can be one of the pioneers and have less competition.  

Children’s products

According to the report, it is estimated that each parent spends an average of about $ 6,500 on toy purchases over the lifetime of a child. In addition, the increasing population means more babies are born. Therefore, the items for children from toys, clothes, shoes, … or anything related to children is all potential business products. If you are still wondering which small business idea to choose to start a business? Perhaps this idea is for you.

Cosmetics and beauty care

In the field of fashion, cosmetics, and beauty products, body care is always an indispensable need in this day and age. However, because this is a vibrant market, always attracting customers, it is also full of competition.

However, “hundreds of sellers, thousands of buyers”, this field is always a lucrative land to help you start a business to get rich. You must have the right business strategy together with effective marketing campaigns to help highlight your brand among your competitors’ forests.

Handmade cosmetics

According to market research from Energias, the global market for organic beauty products is expected to grow from $ 14.8 billion in 2017 to $ 28.7 billion by 2024. the use of natural cosmetics is becoming more and more popular.

Beauty believers are afraid to use cosmetic lines that will harm the skin. Instead, the handmade cosmetic line with ingredients entirely from nature, containing no chemicals, quickly took the throne. So, if you are interested in this field, you should try it and your initial investment is not much needed.

Second-hand goods (used)

There are very successful second-hand selling systems like Second Time Around or Once Upon A Child in the world. In the USA, this model is quite new, but it proves quite appropriate in the current difficult economic situation. Through this small-scale business idea, you don’t need to invest too much capital to make money easily.

The main advantage of the second-hand business is that the prices are much cheaper than new ones on the market. Buyers can easily spend while saving while finding a good purchase. According to a recent survey, there are many young people in the USA successfully implementing this business model and attracting many customers.

Clean organic food

In 2018, in a poll that found results, more than half of US consumers liked and were using organic food. So, this is a small business idea worth choosing to start a business. There are many opportunities in this burgeoning market segment.

Although the cost of organic food is higher than that of traditional market foods, it is still selected by consumers. Because “dirty” food, chemical injection, pesticides … are spreading everywhere, the choice of food with safety and hygiene is gradually being perceived and consumed by consumers.


According to data from Gallup, about 60% of Americans own a pet. About 68% of them give pet gifts to friends and relatives on special occasions. All things related to pets such as toys, food, clothes … have stable markets in the United States.

Thereby, you have seen the potential of this business idea already. One example is Sandgate, a pet store based in Australia. Recently they have increased their profits by 60%. In the USA, the need to “buy” pets for companionship is gradually prevailing. So, just invest a small amount of initial capital with the right strategies. Make sure your pet shop can achieve tremendous success.

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