44 Most Profitable and Successful Small Business Ideas

Looking for the most successful small business ideas? Then you have jumped into the right article.

More and more people are deciding to look for another source of income alternative to the one they already have, especially to achieve a job objective or for the simple purpose of saving. Therefore, it is important to know what business to start with little money in order to obtain that longed-for extra income.

However, there are not only people who want to achieve a specific job objective, but there are also people who want to earn extra money to go on a trip, be their own boss and not depend on anyone, work in the comfort of home or work in the workplace. they have always wanted to.

The good news for you is that there are tons of profitable business options to start from scratch. The not-so-good news is that, in many cases, a large investment is needed.

Most Profitable and Successful Small Business Ideas

If you are in that group of people who do not have the financial solvency to start a new business adventure, do not fear, there is a solution for everything in this life and we are going to help you take this path.

Most Profitable and Successful Small Business Ideas

If you are reading this article, surely those of those people who are not very satisfied with their work right now and what they are looking for is to nurture their passion or simply earn more money.

If you are wondering in your heart what business to start with little money, it is that you do not want to retire at 65 (if they let us) look back and think: I think I have wasted my life in a job that did not make me happy for not stepping forward and doing what I like best.

Well, since we do not want this to happen to you, we are going to present you a wide range of possible businesses that you can set up with very little money so that you can develop your passion and earn extra money.

Here is the list of the most profitable and successful small business ideas.

Online customer service

If you have patience, communication skills and computer skills, you can set up an online chat to answer questions about a specific product or company.

Delivery man

Perhaps this is one of the most common, but it is simple to do and you earn money right away. If you do it for several companies your profits will be higher.

Educational program

You can create a blog where you offer educational content, whether it is news, advances or opinions of how education is today. You can become a benchmark for students, parents and teachers.

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Senior service

Another business model that does not entail any cost. You can offer to take care of the elderly, walk or shop for them.


If you have no idea which business to start with little money, offer your services to clean houses, offices, etc. It can be a good option to get an extra income.

Care for pets

You can offer your services to those who have pets and do not have time to walk them, buy their food or take them to the vet.


If you like the world of cooking, you can start making your first steps, make your own dishes and sell them online.

Personal assistant

Offer yourself as an assistant or secretary to someone you know who needs it, to carry their agenda or manage paperwork,


Help people and become a mentor to them in what you know how to do best and master.


You can dedicate yourself to giving private classes in subjects that you master, give classes to foreigners or teach to play the guitar.

Organize events

Become an event manager like weddings, communions or birthday parties.


Offer your car and services to move people that you know cannot afford to pay much for a traditional moving service.

Offer your home

Put your home to rent, either whole or rooms with breakfast for tourists.

Take care of kids

To know what business to start with little money, it has always been and will be a good option to earn extra money practicing as a babysitter.

Brew your own beer

With kits sold in some stores it is possible. You just have to put a little desire and be original to create a beer that makes you earn money.


He offers his services as a translator of the languages ​​that you master to interested companies.

Party snacks

Prepare sandwiches, canapes, more elaborate dishes or desserts. You can do it for birthday parties, Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Exam correction

Correcting university exams, institutes or other tests can be a good business model if you know very well how that world works.

Photographer (most successful small business ideas)

If you are one of those people who likes photography, has a good camera and takes good photos, you can offer your services for weddings, communions or sporting events.

Personal shopper

If you like fashion, understand it and you like shopping, you can publicize your services to buy clothes for people who don’t have time to do it.

Personal trainer

If you have extensive sports knowledge, handle the subject well and love exercise, you can pass this on to others who want to be in shape.

Mystery Customer or Mystery Shopper

If you do not know what business to start with little money, you can go visit incognito stores as if you were a normal and ordinary consumer, but you will appreciate the treatment and the service received.

Design resumes

Many people look for work and do not have time or do not know how to develop a good curriculum. Offer yourself as a designer and also as a job interview preparer.

Development and sale of online courses (most successful small business ideas)

You can develop online courses of the subject you want and that you master and sell them online. You just have to create a network of contacts and offer your courses.


Turn your car into a real food vehicle, making your dishes known throughout the city.

Manage properties

You can be the person in charge of managing a person’s properties, making sure everything is in order and up to date.

Buy domains

Buy web domains with original names and then resell them at a higher price than you bought it.

Graphic design

He offers his services as a graphic designer, creative or logo designer. You can do it through social networks.

Home repairs

You can go from house to house repairing appliances, computers, air conditioners or anything you know how to do. Take out the handyman inside you.

Tour guide (most successful small business ideas)

If you do not know which business to set up with little money, provide your services as a tour guide on different websites. Day in which city you live, tell stories, anecdotes or places of interest to visit.


If you have knowledge in the legal world, you can start your own consulting. The most practical thing is that you start offering your services online to save your office.

Make homemade products

Do any craft, whether it be making wicker baskets, clay bowls, or whatever you’re good at, and then sell them.

Delivery courier

Many companies have courier services to make their deliveries faster. You can go to them and offer yourself as a courier and depending on the distances, you can set your rates.


There are many people who do not have a driving license or simply do not like driving. Therefore, you can attack out there and offer yourself as a driver. You just need a car and want to drive.

Bicycle arrangement

If you like the world of cycling and you are given repairs, you can show your services to fix or set up all kinds of bicycles.

Reference in your city

Show yourself as a true connoisseur of the best places in your city, about the best pharmacies, supermarkets or restaurants for people who come from outside.

Clean windows

If you do not know what business to start with little money, clean the windows of houses or companies that need a comprehensive cleaning service.

Washed and ironed

If you don’t mind washing and ironing, it’s a great way to earn extra money from home without much effort.

Fixes on clothes

He offers his services as a seamstress arranging clothes or customizing. It seems not, but it can be a good vein to earn money without investing much.


Work on your own as a DJ at parties, weddings or any type of celebration without having to depend on anyone. Maybe you have to invest a little money in a good team.

Dance classes

If you have knowledge of dance, be it salsa, bachata or flamenco and you know how to move freely, you can offer yourself as a dance teacher in your city. The good part is that you can do it outdoors in parks or squares.


There is a lot of information that needs to be transcribed, either from an audio or video interview. If you are a person who writes easily and well, you can undertake this much-needed service.

Affiliate Marketing

It is very easy to get started in this attractive business model. It mainly has to do with earning a commission for promoting a product or service of a certain company.

You just have to choose a product, you promote it and you win for every sale that occurs thanks to your promotion. To start, you just need: have a blog, feel like it and spend time with it.

Editorial services

This business is easy to set up because it does not need a large investment or a physical site to carry out the activity. Your main source of clients can be from large and small companies, authors to university students.

You can offer services such as copywriting, article writing, web content, book writing or book publishing.

Conclusion: Can everyone undertake this type of business?

Of course, everyone can open a business of these characteristics and get extra money, beyond their usual job. As you have been successful throughout the article, there are many businesses that can be created without the need to invest money and there are others in which a minimum investment is needed.

However, they are businesses that do not need very large infrastructures, such as a local or an office, most can be developed in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

Apart from what we have been telling you, an important and fundamental part of the undertaking is to be brave and, above all, be very consistent and know very well what you want. If you manage to gather the desire, the courage, the perseverance and the passion for what you do, the rest, sooner or later, will end up coming.

In short, if you do not know very well what business to start with little money, you have to know that there is a wide range of possibilities, in all sectors, where you can make a hole for yourself and develop the activity that you like the most in order to generate extra income.

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