5 Marketing Mistakes in Foreign Countries

No business is safe from failure. But there are marketing mistakes that can be fatal for your startup. 

Marketing Mistakes in Foreign Countries

 Here are some deadly marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Ignorant marketing

Ignorant marketing is one of the most common marketing mistakes. In business, it is important to think about tomorrow. If your business is booming today, You don’t have a shortage of customers, that doesn’t mean you don’t need marketing. And what will happen tomorrow if customers’ interest in your product decreases?


There is a well-known truth. If you want the fire to always burn, you need to add charcoal to the burning fire regularly. And many leave the fire and try to get fire again from the ashes.

Fire is your business, and coal is marketing. By applying marketing tricks regularly, you ensure the future of your business.

2. Empty pages

What is your business website for? It is designed to present business, develop and attract new customers. This means that just buying a website or setting up an online store does not guarantee the success of your business. What’s more, the empty website and pages have a negative impact on your business.

If you visit a site where there is no necessary information, you are disappointed and do not use that site again. Your customers do the same. So instead of gaining customers, you lose them if your site-page doesn’t live up to customer expectations.


If you find it difficult to manage your website, you do not understand how to use various functions and tools, you can choose the simplest and most understandable from online store systems. Writing and managing online stores is as easy as using social media.

3. Flood of pictures

Flooding a site with pictures is just as dangerous as leaving it blank. Now you will think about what to do. As in other areas of life, you need to be able to find and maintain the golden mean in marketing.

Too many pictures not only annoy and irritate, but also mislead customers. With so much variety, customers can’t decide which one to choose.


It is necessary to take a break after each publication.

The pictures should be arranged in the appropriate albums, according to the types, so that the customers do not get bored while looking for the desired product in the variety of pictures.

4. Free shipping

Free shipping is one of the marketing myths that affects the subconscious of customers. In fact, there is no free shipping. If the delivery of the product is free of charge, it means that the delivery price is included in the price of the product, otherwise the business offering free delivery would have failed long ago.

However, it is not always possible to offer free shipping and “hide” the shipping fee in the price of the product. Take, for example, Bill, a businessman who sells high-quality jewelry at below-market prices. The jewelry on the market costs $ 10. Bill’s jewelry costs $ 5, but due to its weight, the shipping cost is $ 10.

If Bill offers free shipping, his jewelry will cost $ 15 , making it more expensive than market jewelry. In that case, Bill will deceive his customers, and free shipping will not bring him success.


Calculate the shipping costs in detail, compare the prices of the goods with the prices offered by the opponents, and then only make a decision regarding the free delivery of the product.

5. Fake discounts

At first glance, how attractive these discounts are! However, when discounts are called from showcases and customer expectations are not met in the store, customer confidence disappears with the illusion of buying a discounted product.


Offer only real discounts, otherwise you will lose the trust of your customers. And there is no business without customers.

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