Definitive Guide to Make Money on Aliexpress

The Aliexpress trading platform is a huge online marketplace with wholesale and retail prices plus free shipping. There are ways to generate a lot of income with this and, of course, here I show you how to make money on Aliexpress easily and simply.

Although you can get money in many ways, there are only two ways to earn money with the help of Aliexpress. Below, I will discuss these variants, and share with you some essential tips to be able to get the most out of Aliexpress:


AliExpress has made highly competitive sourcing of products from China possible. It is thanks to these advantages that it offers, practically, anyone can have access to articles at very low costs and, an essential aspect, receive them directly at home.

China is the country that offers more opportunities so that you, for example, who want to earn money with it, can open online stores, all concerning the low cost of the products and the possibility of free shipping.

Virtually all wholesalers in China will allow us to acquire dropshipping.

What yes, is that we can affirm that dropshipping with this platform is a very simple process. To start, you must create some type of platform for online commerce.

For example, you have the option of giving life to your virtual store on the platform of your choice; for example Woocommerce (WP), Prestashop, Shopify, through Facebook, etc. And the good news in this regard is that the investment that your store is going to support is really low.

Once you have in mind to make money on Aliexpress, I advise you to choose a niche that you know well (or that has enough clients or followers). Always and in all circumstances, it is simpler to create a specific store, with only one product genre, compared to a generic store (it would be impossible to compete with giants like Amazon). This is precisely known as a niche, and it will help you focus your time and energy on an issue that can be highly profitable.

AliExpress products are for the most part cheap and this will allow you to set the margin that seems most attractive to you. I advise you to place an increase of fifty percent to cover marketing costs and ensure that the articles are competitive with those of the same type.

It should also be considered that to practice dropshipping, it is necessary to rewrite the descriptions of the online products. The contents of Aliexpress are not of quality and copying them would have a double disadvantage: the products will not be attractive to the consumer and Google will penalize the SEO positioning of your online store or website for having copied this type of content.

Finally, keep in mind that communication with the dealer is the most essential. Therefore, before selecting a product for your store, ask any questions you may have about it. It will depend on the dealer to answer your questions in the clearest and fastest way; otherwise, it may be better to choose another provider.

earn money on Aliexpress


If you have a website, blog, or group on social media, then you can sign up for the Aliexpress affiliate program. You advertise the site and get 8-10% of sales from attracted buyers. Let’s say that if someone enters the platform by following your link and buys, for example, $ 100 in any product, you get about 8-10 dollars.

If you don’t have a website or blog, you can easily register on platforms like; that is completely free and allow you to develop a website simply; Thus, the only thing you have to worry about is sending traffic to that page, to obtain a greater probability of obtaining profits.

Although I always recommend that what is your own is better, such as a web page and in the case of Blogger or similar platforms, they do not belong to us.

Also, you can quickly create a group on social networks like Facebook. Likewise, Aliexpress products are also very popular with video comments. This video platform is good for promoting clothing and of course electronic devices. The most interesting video reviews on YouTube are gaining thousands of views and subscribers, plus good conversions.

And it is precisely that one of the advantages of conducting video reviews on this platform is that people can have a better approach with the products. See its color, texture, size, etc. However, if you are thinking of carrying out this type of review, remember, be authentic, do not lie, and deliver quality content; In other words, your clear intentions for people to make purchases on the platform are not noticed from the beginning.


Although AliExpress providers are sellers that fall under the category of retailers; The truth is that almost all of the people who have registered on the AliExpress platform are resellers, and this is mainly due to the advantages that Aliexpress has for them. It is for this reason that, essentially, dropshipping that is done through AliExpress is very simple to carry out; since suppliers are used to working with people interested in dropshipping, so any questions about it can be answered in the best way.

Another advantage of dropshipping with AliExpress is that there is no start-up fee, so you always have the chance to try products without having to invest in it. 


If you often buy products on Aliexpress, you can make video reviews on YouTube and, below the video, leave an affiliate link to the product, as well as to your blog or social media group. In this way, you will also receive a percentage of the sales if the visitor clicks on your link and buys something. It’s better to do surveys and advertise expensive products because if they buy products for $ 50 you get $ 4. But if they buy $ 1 or $ 2, you will only get about $ 0.08 to $ 0.16.

The buyer must make a purchase within the same session after clicking on your affiliate link. This session lasts until the user closes the browser, also, the user’s inactivity time on the site must not exceed 30 minutes. But this downtime is not very accurate, sometimes it can last longer.

To answer the question: how much money can you earn with Aliexpress? We must take into account many variants, such as the type of product we provide, the niche we have chosen, the reception of interested people, the conversion ratio, the price of the product, among many others; so it is very difficult to state a precise amount.

Of course, nowadays there are already many people making money with Aliexpress, even thousands of dollars month after month, so the key is to have good planning and, of course, be constant.


AliExpress Affiliate Complement (AliPlugin) is a plugin for WordPress that has been developed by the AliPartnership site. This plugin makes it easy for every Aliexpress affiliate to add the links they want to their website or online store.

Thanks to these types of tools, you have the option to choose the most interesting products, depending on your case, and then post them on your website or online store. You also have the option to configure the product so that it automatically adds the affiliate link each time you make a new publication.

So, if you want to make money from the AliExpress affiliate program, making use of some kind of plugin like the one already mentioned will undoubtedly facilitate your work. However, keep in mind that this type of tool will only be useful when setting up an online store; since in social networks, its effectiveness is practically null.

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Registering as an AliExpress affiliate is a fairly simple process. It will only take a few moments. The first thing you should do is go to the AliExpress site, find the section titled “Affiliate Program”, click on it, and fill in the requested information. After this, you will receive a confirmation via email.

Once you have registered on the official site, the next step is to select the best products for your case; taking into account that each of the sales you make is produced from your referral link, so you must keep it in mind when promoting.


There are programs and extensions that you can use to promote your affiliate link in social media groups. Although many of these solutions use traps to obtain greater reach and achieve better conversions with your link. There are also legal systems that allow you to get qualified traffic that would improve your conversions.

In the case of the design and launch of the website, there are expenses such as domain and hosting that are paid annually. Although there are also free services, it is best to be sure that your project belongs to you completely.

But the income from your website is not limited to advertising Aliexpress products. You can also earn by installing the Aliexpress mobile application on smartphones and tablets. The payment for each installation is around 0.5 dollars for the installation of a single application. For example, if you get 10 friends to install the application, you will have $ 5 in your pocket.


Of course, it is much more lucrative and easy to resell AliExpress products on other sites, social networks, and specialized forums. Notice boards are also used or by creating a small virtual store. You can take an advance payment from the buyer and work as a mediator. But more profitable for everyone is still the merchandise in stock. Buyers don’t like to wait a month for delivery and are willing to pay for not waiting.

The prices on Aliexpress are very low, even if we buy products in small quantities. You can easily resell by buying at retail and pricing it 3-7 times higher. When the product becomes obsolete, you can find a new successful product and start collecting profits again.


When we talk about making money from commissions, the main factor that discourages many is that many times, the percentage of profit is usually minimal. To serve as an example, depending on the product that we are going to promote, many sites dedicated to commission pay and affiliate products do not exceed a percentage of more than 5 or 6 percent; In contrast, the rates that we can find in the aforementioned Aliexpress affiliate program are usually around 10 percent of each of the sales made through our affiliate link.

As you can see, the Aliexpress affiliate program is an unbeatable program for beginners who don’t want to immediately jump into AliExpress dropshipping; Although these two are effective ways to earn money through the internet. In addition to this, dropshippers can further reduce their resource costs by getting an eight percent ancillary discount on every sale.

dropshipping with Aliexpress


If you do not want to sell on Aliexpress directly, but you want to start a dropshipping business with Aliexpress, you must be clear that the failure or success of any business based on this model online depends basically on how to choose the best products to sell.

Market trends will always be in constant flux, so although it is tempting to keep in mind which products are in fashion and with which the best sales conversions are made, and, likewise, diversify to have more chances of getting a star product (a truly effective one).

Product research is critical to locating items that are in high enough demand to produce a high volume of sales. Also, you will have to choose products that can be sold for an optimal markup and for which there is little competition.

Selecting today’s hottest items may seem like a winning strategy, but in a crowded market, product margins for smaller retailers will drop even further if there is too much competition.


When choosing the products to sell on Aliexpress, we should never do it based on those that, from a personal point of view, we like; Or, based on a hunch about a certain product going to get good sales.

The world of dropshipping is competitive and fast-changing, and to compete with established sellers, yes or yes you should do thorough product research and examine existing sales data to have the best chance of forecasting the potential performance of the selected product. Once this is done, you will surely have a good chance of being able to achieve a high number of sales.

Popular dropshipping items tend to purchase because most people make an emotional purchase; or on impulse.

Impulse purchases are generally inexpensive since most shoppers can afford to spend a small amount without having to consider too much; for example, with aspects such as whether the product has a truly attractive value; or if it is indeed an article that will meet a certain need.

For more expensive purchases, we tend to do more extensive research and match costs for longer periods, this, always before resolving.

Dropshipping products that sell quite well can be categorized in two ways:

  • Colorful, attractive, and entertaining items such as small toys that can be easily transported; These types of products are very inexpensive, and correspond perfectly to the so-called emotional or impulse purchases.
  • Useful articles that solve some type of routine inconvenience for the consumer, for example, articles for kitchen, for cell phones, etc.

As one of your options is, as we already mentioned, to promote your affiliate links to Aliexpress through social networks, it is also essential not to forget that most people are not going to acquire familiar items that they are tired of seeing or that they can acquire much more easily near their home, even if they appear on their favorite social networks. 

An essential tip for dropshipping on Aliexpress is to have a list of attractive products that, at least in some way, grab someone’s attention when they see them. These are, precisely, the best products that we can promote on our website, and that we must share through social networks; Also, these are the easiest to become a trend or go viral. Precisely for this reason, do not forget to dive into the Aliexpress site and make your list with the best products according to the site you have chosen.

Fun items that are also useful for practical use combine these 2 key areas and are practically guaranteed “star products”.

Products, likewise, can be seasonal, for example, they will only be attractive in summer or winter; so this, without a doubt, is another aspect that you should keep in mind if you want to be successful with the Aliexpress affiliate program.

Another point to consider is that you can make sales with unique products that are not easily available in local stores since people will use the Internet to search for them and then buy them. If something is quite difficult to find in a store or supermarket, it is an ideal product to sell on Aliexpress.

So, in conclusion, we can say that the best products to dropship with Aliexpress have the following characteristics: they are cheap, they are novel, different or difficult to find and they solve some kind of problem for the potential buyer.

earn money with Aliexpress


When researching the items that work best with dropshipping on Aliexpress to sell, we must take into account certain aspects when selecting them; because if we do, our sales may be affected.

The first thing to remember is that if the possible product is quite difficult to promote, then it is best to choose another. Some social networks, for example, sometimes do not allow ads that make some kind of reference to sex toys, among other products and themes. The lack of opportunities to market your dropshipping product on Aliexpress, thus, will affect total sales.

It may seem obvious, but it is also essential that we stay away from products that can hardly be purchased wholesale since you will be forced to add a huge margin in the sale price to get a worthwhile profit.

Lastly, it is ideal not to buy large or heavy items when direct shipping. This, because a good number of dropshipping programs or sellers usually have a certain extra fee when making the shipment. As you go, likewise, to add the shipping costs to the cost of this type of item, you better select smaller options (or in other words, smaller).

In this definitive guide, you already have all the information you need to make a profit with the Aliexpress affiliate program. Put our advice into practice and implement it in your strategy.

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