Local Business Investment Opportunities to Earn in Millions

Are you looking for local business investment opportunities? Want to invest money in your domestic country? Then you came to the right place.

Here we will tell you about the local business investment opportunities.

7 Local Business Investment Opportunities

Here are the top 7 local business investment opportunities to earn millions.

Investing in housing

Housing from the past to the present is known as one of the capital goods. In Iran, due to cultural and economic factors, housing and real estate are very important in investment.

Housing as a commodity can primarily protect and then increase the value of capital. Many people consider buying housing to be the best way to invest in Iran. Because housing is both a consumer good and a price increase over time. Methods of investing in the housing market can be considered in two ways:

Buying for sale and buying for rent

Buying housing as an investment is also a problem. In many countries, buying and leaving an apartment unit brings a lot of taxes to the buyer. In these countries, renting property is the best way to reduce tax costs.

However, there are no such laws in Iran yet. However, there are whispers about the passage of such laws. Also, buying housing is very expensive and risky and may not bring the expected profit in the short term. Also, low liquidity in the housing market is one of the disadvantages of investing in this area.

The premise of homeowners is that house prices will rise in line with inflation. Renting any amount is profitable because it is above inflation, but this assumption is not true. Renting a house is generally more sticky than house prices, and it usually doesn’t grow as well.

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Also, on the other hand, as the lifespan of the building increases, depreciation overcomes price growth. Therefore, if we are going to earn money from renting a house, it is better not to consider our time horizon for more than ten years, that is, to replace the house with construction for seven to ten years with a new house.

Characteristics of this investment opportunity can be considered as follows:

  • Ensuring capital stability
  • Relatively low risk for capital retention
  • Long Term Investment
  • Ability to use or generate income through housing or rent
  • Weak liquidity of capital to money (you may have to wait a long time to sell your housing)

In the last few decades, the housing market in Iran has been one of the markets involved in the severe recessions of these years.

Housing is one of the investment methods in Iran that cannot be considered as a small investment. A person who wants to enter this market will need a lot of capital.

Invest in gold

Gold is one of the safest assets in the world and a haven for investors in times of economic crisis. This risky market is affected by both internal and external factors. The influential domestic factor is the exchange rate of the dollar to the rial, and the external factor is the price of the global ounce. Another advantage of investing in gold is the lack of time constraints, and you can buy or sell at any time. The choice of investment method in the gold market is very sensitive.

Choosing gold made or not made is one of the main concerns of people. Of course, large investments are generally made on unprocessed gold. The attractiveness of the gold market is considered as a profitable market all over the world and even in developed countries.

Another way to invest in Iran is to enter investment funds. Funds that make it easier to invest with clear and flexible rules. (Like the Lotus Gold Support Fund, the Zarafshan Omid Iranian Investment Fund, and the Gold Coin Coin Investment Fund) . In fact, without having to worry about buying gold, you can invest in it, from gold to coins. This will calculate the value of your capital based on the price of gold. This method is one of the best investment methods in Iran.

Investing in coins

What has always made coins look like one of the investment markets is that it has a high ” liquidity ” property. Buying coins requires less capital than others.

That’s why many people buy gold coins to preserve the value of their money, but to make a steady profit from it requires knowledge and skills that not everyone can afford.

Buying a gold coin commodity deposit certificate is also a much wiser tool than buying and maintaining a physical coin. Also, in the coin futures market, which is a component of the country’s capital market, gold coin futures contracts can be purchased.

Buying gold coin futures contracts in the futures market is different from buying physical coins, for example, you can use the leverage in that market and buy more coins with less money.

Investing in the capital market

Investing in the capital market can be done in two ways, which we will describe below:

Direct investment

In this way, the investor personally enters the stock market and trades and therefore needs sufficient knowledge, knowledge and experience about the country’s market, industry and economy. In the direct method, the investor has to buy the desired shares through brokerage firms.

Indirect investment

Among the types of indirect investment instruments in the stock market, we can mention the investment fund (securities, stocks, gold, etc.) and specific portfolio management. In this way, the investor invests in one of these funds and baskets by examining the return and risk status of the various funds and portfolios, as well as the history of the managers of these funds and portfolios, and does not invest directly in themselves.

The most important difference between a fund and a portfolio is in investor ownership. In the fund, investors’ money is collected as a whole and each investor benefits from the total capital of the fund in proportion to his share of profits and losses, while in your portfolio you still own your assets and can only buy and sell.

You leave it to experts. This method of investing in both general cases (fund or basket) For people who do not have enough knowledge and expertise, the best way to invest in the capital market.

Capital market investment features

You can invest in it for any amount and you can do it from anywhere in the world just by having an internet connection and a laptop, mobile or computer.

Information transparency in the stock market is one of the most important features of companies accepted in this market. The information of companies in the stock market is examined in terms of reliability and timeliness.

You do not need to have difficult conditions or advanced features to buy and sell stocks online, only knowledge and skills are needed.

It is possible to cash out capital quickly in most cases, and it is not possible to sell stocks only when the symbol of a company is closed for reasons such as holding a meeting, adjusting profit, and temporarily closing.

In this method of investment, two types of profit or income can be received, the profit due to changes in stock price (capital gain) and the profit due to receiving dividend profit, so while keeping your stock and its value is possible. Growing up, you also receive cash benefits.

” In terms of investing in the capital market, it is important to note that this type of investment is not a commercial activity such as buying physical and currency coins, but by investing in the stock market, it helps the country’s economy and corporate financing, and maybe it can He considered this feature to be the most important distinguishing factor of this investment method. The difference between promissory notes Games and investment can be precise and narrow. ”

Private equity

One of the lesser-known investment methods in Iran is investing in startups. Hazardous investment or bold investment is called investing in startups. In this article, startups mean start-ups, technology-based and scalable businesses.

Businesses that can make a huge profit for the investor shortly, given their “rapid growth.” Most of these businesses are characterized by rapid growth, which means a very high return on investment. VC “bold investments” or “capitalist entrepreneurs” (Venture Capital)It is a long-term “shareholder-based” investment that takes place over some time in private companies with high growth potential to start, grow, or grow a business.

Commercial Real Estate Investments

One of the most lucrative investment types of today is commercial investments. Buying a shop with a high rental income and located on a busy street is another logical option for investment.

Shopping malls, business inns, streets or squares visited by the majority are among the frequently preferred places for such investments. If the area you are planning to rent as a shop or office is in a crowded and central region, this investment can make you gain earnings for many years.

Land or Field Investments

Investment types and returns may also vary depending on the duration of the investment you are considering. If you are considering a long-term investment, you can use your luck in the past, especially for a land investment, one of the types of investment preferred by our family elders.

For this type of investment that can be used on land or fields, lands that are far from the city or in rural areas are generally preferred. Both the suitability of its price and the possibility of appreciation in the coming years are among the most important reasons for turning to such investments.

The demand resulting from the increasing population density in the big cities and the decrease of the residential areas ensures the evaluation of the land or field investments made both by large construction companies and individuals.

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