21 Profitable Lifestyle Business Ideas with Low Capital and Greater Returns

Are you going to start your own business? Then these lifestyle business ideas may help you to start your business in the lifestyle and lifestyle industry.

These businesses have great potential to earn profits because of their high demand in the market. As we all know everyone likes a great lifestyle and a trendy lifestyle.

As people are becoming more urbanized they want to adopt the lifestyle of the people they live with. It can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to come up with an idea to fulfill the lifestyle needs of people.

In this article, we will talk about some profitable lifestyle business opportunities that an entrepreneur can choose to start their own business.

lifestyle business ideas for you

21 Lifestyle Business Ideas

Here are some of the best lifestyle business ideas:

Lifestyle blogger

You already have the skills to analyze trends and observe the smallest details but you don’t need a large capital to open a lifestyle business, you can start by creating a lifestyle blog that can make money from the internet.

As we all know blogging is currently is profitable and most famous business in which many people are getting success. If you have expertise in lifestyle, you can too start this business with small capital.

Lifestyle News and Magazine

Having sufficient capital and skill in writing a magazine publishing that only focuses on the latest styles and trends, that this can be your dream business.

Your main task is to keep lifestyle fans up to date with the latest news and updates in the industry.

Creating products with your own brand

Having your own clothing brand is a dream for aspiring lifestyle business entrepreneurs, some people think it’s very difficult because we don’t have a lifestyle background.

Don’t think that making your own clothing brand is difficult because there are many services that you can use and you can hire designers, convection and so on.

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You should also pay attention to the issue of your business financial statements.

Baby and kids lifestyle

What parent doesn’t want to see their child wearing cute and adorable clothes? Well, this one is also unique, a children’s clothing business that also never ends.

Especially by utilizing the technology and the sophistication of the current global era. You can also do this business online. The birth of a baby that is eagerly awaited by both parents will also provide great benefits to the entrepreneurs.

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You can also add business opportunities to provide gift wrapping services. Lots of people want to visit a newborn baby while bringing cute baby clothes or accessories.

Casual lifestyle

This business opportunity is very closely related to everyday life so you will be able to work freely.

Because consumers have diverse lifestyle desires. Well, from that side that will actually provide many opportunities for you to always be interested and responsive to new styles.

You can add to the work by mixing and matching styles. This will actually really help our business to be more known.

Well, those were some references to various kinds of lifestyle that you can use as a generator of interest in glancing at lifestyle business opportunities that will never die with time. Hopefully useful for business lovers who are always logical.

Modeling and Fashion Shows

This business opportunity serves as a distributor or intermediary for people who have special talents such as photo models, dancers, advertisements, etc., to the production house.

The income received is based on a commission that has been mutually agreed between the model and the head of the agent so that if you already have the ability to choose people who have special talents this can be a profitable lifestyle and fashion business for you.

Please remember, this business may require large capital, but profits are also very high.

Export and import of lifestyle Products

If you have a large capital and knowledge about the export and import business, you can start importing lifestyle products from various countries.

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Of course, with a fairly affordable price and delivery using media that is not too high in tax costs or you can also look for local goods that have the opportunity to be sought after and in demand by people abroad.

Lifestyle Consulting Services

You can also become a lifestyle consultant for companies engaged in lifestyle and related industries.

If you have expertise in your field then you can also work with bigger clients like actors, sportsperson, etc.

Fashion photography

Photographers are the profession of choice for most people. With so many conveniences to take pictures both through mobile phones from the simplest to the highest for resolutions and various forms of digital cameras.

So if you really have a hobby or when you study majoring as a photographer, you can join leading magazines, lifestyle advertisements, art photography, and celebrity portraits.

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The lifestyle business is very profitable but also very competitive. But that doesn’t mean new entrants can’t penetrate the industry. With creativity and hard work, you can be successful in this business even though there are many competitors.

Sports Lifestyle

The types of lifestyle that are most in-demand in this field are jerseys, jackets, and sportswear.

This lifestyle business opportunity is extraordinary. You can continue to follow the trends that are currently developing. Like selling football shirts for supporters of your favorite team.

T-shirt distribution

For the lifestyle business, this one is no less tempting. Imagine, the t-shirt business distribution seems to have never been heard of declining or dimming its image, every year it always increases.

T-shirt business distributions are promising everywhere. When you continue to follow the latest trends, then no doubt you can reap consumers who never run out.

There are many fans of T-shirt distributions, especially young people. They always want to look different and up to date. This is the reason why this business is always alive.

Start Writing a Book on Lifestyle

Taking an idea from an inspiring book from achievements as CEO of a successful online lifestyle retailer from the simple thing of selling books on eBay, you know who?

This could be an idea for you to write a book about a lifestyle that interests you.

Start a Wedding Dress or Suit Rental Business

At this time beautiful wedding dresses are in great demand. But because the price is not cheap, it makes people want to rent it, at least once in their life.

Well, this business is starting to attract the attention of many people because it is profitable. Namely by renting a wedding dress for the bride and wedding suits for men. Or it could be by renting traditional clothes.

Designer Clothing Rental Business

Taking a business idea from Rent Runway, a New York start-up that opens a business to rent expensive designer clothes for the public, this could be an idea for you if you want to get serious about the designer clothing rental business.

There are many designers in your country, you may know.

Become a lifestyle YouTuber

YouTube provides several opportunities for people to generate profitable income.

Come on, show your best talent in the lifestyle world by posting videos on YouTube, such as tutorials, opinions on lifestyle or designers, and others.

Start a Podcast about Lifestyle

Hobbies are chattering and love the field of lifestyle. Launching a podcast can be both profitable and rewarding for you.

Why not capitalize on your passion for lifestyle by running your own podcast and focusing on lifestyle. There are not many niches in this field, you know, let’s start right away.

Starting an Online Business Boutique

An e-commerce website is not difficult to manage and much cheaper to run than owning a building materials store.

Start selling some items in your own online boutique, choosing your own brand and making stock will certainly be more fun. Or you can sell it by becoming an online reseller at a brand that is already known to the public.

Starting a Clothing Franchise Business

There are a large number of clothing retail business franchise opportunities to explore, in many parts of the world. Just define the target market. Whether it’s a women’s lifestyle business idea or a men’s lifestyle business idea, children’s clothing business, pregnant women’s clothing, Muslim clothing, formal or casual clothing/distros.

Many choices and you need to just prepare the funds.


A job as a fashion designer is a suitable business for those of you who have expertise in clothing and lifestyle.

Your fashion can be made into a business that lasts a long time, and you don’t have to go to high school, sometimes you just need talent in this field to shine.

a fashion designer can be a profitable business in the lifestyle and fashion industry as it is already a growing business in many parts of the world.

Open an Accessories Shop

If designing beautiful accessories for bags, belts, hair, hats, glasses, clothes and shoes is your passion, then open and prepare the best lifestyle accessories in a professional way.

Trust me, your accessories shop will definitely not be considered nuts.

Build a Lifestyle-Based Web Design for Retailers

The current era of e-commerce is very competitive. If you have web design skills, why not hone your hidden talent in the lifestyle niche by offering web design services to retailers.

Of course, this opportunity is a big challenge for your business. How? Feel challenged?

Now you know some of the amazing lifestyle business ideas that may help you to start your startup business in your area and expand when you are ready.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading.

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