Kumon Franchise Opportunities, Cost and Steps for Opening Franchise

Educational center franchises like Kumon Franchise have grown over the years and have positioned themselves at the top of profitable franchised businesses. Since investment in education will always be a priority in the lives of people and of those who are increasingly looking for options to train in different fields.

The Kumon franchise is proof of the success of this business model. Since its birth revolutionized the way in which children learn and appropriate knowledge.

It is an educational method created to develop the learning capacity of students by encouraging their self-taught potential. Through programs that help them think for themselves.

As well as to develop their ability to solve exercises by finding the answers autonomously. These programs are based on study sheets and are personalized according to the needs and knowledge of each student. Regardless of their age or grade level, allowing them to advance at their own pace

Currently, the Kumon method works with math, English and reading programs and has been so well received that it has franchises around the world. For this reason, today we will dedicate this article to tell you how to open a Kumon franchise and start your own educational center.

History of Kumon Franchise

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Kumon was born in 1954 as a teaching method created by the expert teacher in mathematics Toru Kumon. Who worried about the difficulties of his son Takeshi with this matter, devised a series of materials to encourage him to work independently . And thus contribute to the improvement of their learning process. Toru prepared daily math study sheets for the boy to solve. Which was a success, as Takeshi’s performance improved dramatically. Because of this, he invited other children to study in the same way and the results obtained were excellent. Since all the boys also showed considerable improvements in their performance.

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Thanks to Toru’s enthusiasm for helping as many children as possible to develop their potential, the first Kumon math center opened in Osaka in 1955 . Since then its expansion has not stopped and it was in 1974 when it arrived in the United States with its first headquarters in New York. Then, in the 1980s, Kumon reached European soil, opening markets in Germany and the United Kingdom. Also, during that decade the first English program was created under the teaching method .

The internationalization of the method arose with great success and today it has a presence in more than 50 countries around the world , thanks to the Kumon franchise model. Including Spain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Throughout its growth and consolidation process, its mission has been to foster autonomy and trust in its students

How much does a kumon franchise cost?

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Now that you know a little more about Kumon’s journey and his educational method, it’s time to talk about costs and requirements. In the first place, to acquire this franchise no training in pedagogy or teaching is required . But if it is essential to have a vocation and passion for teaching , as well as empathy with children. In addition, it is necessary to have a university degree and basic knowledge in mathematics, Spanish and English. Next, we will see the value of the investment to acquire a Kumon franchise and the benefits it provides to its associates.

Kumon franchise cost and fee

Among the estimated costs to open a Kumon franchise is the initial investment that ranges between € 15,000 and € 25,000

  • Entry fee
  • Conditioning of the premises
  • Furniture
  • Permits for starting the business

In addition to this, other current costs related to the rental of the premises and the hiring of assistants are presented . On the other hand, the brand does not charge monthly advertising fees and royalties grant the right to full and continuous support.

Kumon franchise benefits

Kumon has been recognized multiple times for its successful and profitable franchise model. Well, it has more than 25,000 franchised points around the world, of which more than 1,500 operate in South America. In addition, it offers multiple benefits and advantages to its franchisees, such as:

  • Support and advice from a coordinator at the beginning of the project and during its development.
  • Aid for the rental and labeling of the premises.
  • Materials included in the cost of the investment.
  • Support prior to opening, at no additional cost, to choose the location and adapt the premises.
  • Marketing trainings
  • Support after opening in customer service, student orientation, among others.
  • Supply of educational and promotional material.
  • National and international congresses.

Kumon franchise: is it profitable?

We already saw that the Kumon franchise offers average investment costs that include multiple benefits for the franchisee. In turn, it actively promotes the economic growth of entrepreneurs . In addition, it ensures that each of your units is fully consolidated in the chosen location. And it also provides all the necessary tools so that the risk in the business is minimal and the investment returns quickly. Likewise, it guarantees franchisees safe income.

In addition, the franchise works under an innovative business model with imminent success, proven in different parts of the world . That to this day continues to grow and is an inevitable reference when it comes to profitable franchises.

Steps to Invest in A Kumon Franchise (Opening a Kumon Franchise)

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After doing a sweep through the history of the Kumon franchise and knowing its investment costs, benefits and profitability, we will talk about the steps to acquire it. As we mentioned, this franchise has a strong presence in Latin America and Europe. 

The process to invest in the franchise is similar in the countries mentioned , so let’s see one by one the steps to follow:

1. Application submission

The first step is to make the formal request for information about the franchise through the Kumon website in your country of residence. There you must fill in the contact form with all your information so that an advisor can contact you and thus start the process.

2. Presentation of the franchise

Once the request is received, a Kumon franchise advisor will contact you to make an appointment and schedule an informative talk . In which a presentation of the business model will be made and all doubts will be resolved.

3. Selection process and interview

Subsequently, the selection process will begin in which you will answer a series of tests of basic knowledge in mathematics, reading and English . Then, you will be interviewed by the Kumon team and attend financial simulations.

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4. Selecting the location

As soon as you successfully approve the previous step, the location of the Kumon franchise will be defined . There you will be presented with the different regional options for opening the new business.

5. Training

It will continue with a training program in which you will receive training in pedagogy, administration and marketing . In addition, you will have the opportunity to make a business plan for your educational center.

6. Signature of the contract

After completing and successfully passing the training, you will sign the Kumon franchise contract with all the agreed conditions . And to give continuity to the process, you will receive the support of specialized personnel.

7. Setting up the premises and dissemination

Here you will make the choice of the ideal place , which has to be approved by Kumon and be suitable as agreed. For this, the purchase of furniture, installation of equipment, organization of educational material , etc. will be managed . Likewise, you will be given support to implement dissemination strategies for the new business.

8. Opening and inauguration

Finally, you will own a Kumon franchise and you are ready to go live with your new school. For the opening, an opening event will be held, which will be carried out with the support of the corresponding regional office.

Final words

Since the inception of the Kumon franchise more than 5 decades ago, the teaching methods to enhance the skills of the students have not been the same again. Thanks to its innovative programs, not only millions of children have managed to overcome their academic difficulties in certain subjects. Rather, thousands of entrepreneurs fulfilled their dream and started their own educational center.

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