Kid Focused Business Ideas: 15 Business Opportunities Focused on Children Audience

Looking for kid focused business ideas or business opportunities focused on children’s audience? Then you will find the most profitable ideas that you can for your business.

When starting a business of this type, it should be borne in mind that it seeks not only to attract the attention of children but also of parents. Check out these interesting options to start a venture.

Reader, if you are thinking of starting your own business, but you do not decide for something, in particular, we tell you that products and services aimed at children can be one of the most profitable sectors of the market.

When starting a business of this type, it should be borne in mind that it seeks not only to attract the attention of children but also of parents. Dads will always lean towards companies that offer quality products and services at good prices.

15 Kid Focused Business Ideas

Here are the successful kid focused business ideas to target the children audience.

Manufacture and distribution of personalized baby items

A business dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of personalized baby items can be an interesting idea to start your own business. There are already several antecedents of quite successful stores of this type and it is an area in which the competition is not so close.

Consider the following:

The idea is to find an original style and articles that allow each baby to shine uniquely.
If yours is clothing, you can make baby clothes with their name or with funny phrases or words.
Then you can add images, prints and any custom illustration that will help expand the client’s options.

Organization and assembly of children’s parties

These types of businesses are also quite profitable today. Every birthday is a special moment in a child’s life and the family wants it to be unforgettable.

You can offer animation services, painted faces and even personalized piñata design.

Online toy store

Offering products online has also become quite popular as a business lately, with online stores being another excellent idea to start a business.

An online toy store, which allows parents to get the most products, of good quality and at good prices from the comfort of their home; It will position any store of this type.

The main thing is to get the best suppliers that offer legal and quality products, as well as completely safe, that allows us to offer the best offers to customers.

Specialized classes for school reinforcement

If you love children and want to earn money, a good option could be to give specialized classes to the children, nephews or cousins ​​of your acquaintances, who did not understand what they have learned or want to reinforce their knowledge.

Children’s soccer academy

If soccer is your passion, you have a vocation to teach and you believe that you can instil what you know in children, setting up a soccer academy is the perfect business, since soccer is the sport par excellence in the world, so, With this business, there is no loss.

The stuffed pillow.

Jennifer Telfer invented  Pillow Pets,  which were the first stuffed animals to serve as a pillow. They are also pillows that become soft toys. This entrepreneur made a $ 100 million market with this idea.

The baby mops.

Since the children are going to crawl unless they clean the floor of the house. This is how the idea of ​​Baby Mop was born, which is clothes with fringes or “mops” that collect dirt. Something cruel? It may be, but it’s also funny.

Organic food for babies and children.

The population is increasingly aware of the importance of healthy eating for our children. That is why today an organic baby food business can be very profitable if we know how to focus it correctly in our neighbourhood or city. This is how the Big Dipper was born, an enterprising woman who left her job to give shape to this idea that today is expanding throughout the United States.

Application for kangaroos.

In the same way that applications such as UBER have been born that have revolutionized the taxi market, why not make an application in which we have available kangaroos on the screen? Of course, when it comes to children, parents would not leave their children with just anyone, so there would have to be extreme control over the candidates that we allow to register in the application. I am not aware that this idea is already invented.

Stores with all kinds of products for children Low cost.

Newborn products are often expensive, so more and more parents are looking for second-hand products online. An online store that meets these needs at a low price would be in high demand today, especially in baby clothing.

Fake tattoo in case of loss of the child.

The business of the Tattoos company lies in the sale of transparent stickers on request with a message and a phone number to call in case a child is lost. The standard message says: “I’m lost, please call 6xxxxx “.

Alarm and locator in case of loss or kidnapping.

I am not aware that until today there is a company that has taken advantage of the rise of technology and mobile applications to design a small device in the shape of a bracelet or pendant that alerts parents by SMS in case their child leaves a perimeter that we have defined. In the case of kidnapping, the first minutes and hours are crucial to avoid possible irreparable damage.

Clothing to distinguish twins or twins.

Snug Attack sells a collection of specialized children’s clothing, where its range for twins and twins catches the eye. Parents like to dress their children the same, so with these clothes, we can at least distinguish them by varying only a symbol or letter in each of the garments.

Simple product to change the child’s bathing experience.

This simple but practical invention will prevent shampoo from falling into the baby’s eyes when we are washing it.

Wardrobe backgrounds.

It was a complete success invented by Sarah Buckel, a very flirtatious entrepreneurial girl who wanted to decorate the interiors of cabinets and lockers herself and looked for a way to do it with magnetic linings instead of stickers. After the success in sales, she diversified her business towards all kinds of products focused on magnetic ornaments for children and adolescents.

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