Job Search Tips During the Pandemic

8 Job Search Tips During the Pandemic (COVID-19)

While some fall into despair due to the unemployment and lack of money caused by quarantine, others set an example of perseverance and enterprise. We have studied tips on finding a job during quarantine, learned the key points of retraining and are in a hurry to share this information with you!

Job Search Tips During the Pandemic

Here are the 8 job search tips that you can follow during coronavirus era.

Now many violate the quarantine introduced due to the COVID-19 virus. Although the news of such people is usually described exclusively as malicious fools, in fact, everything is much more complicated. Many can not afford the luxury of a home holiday, which is unknown when it will end. We have to pay bills, buy food, someone has a responsibility to sick parents or young children – everyone needs financial support. I sincerely condole the unfortunate people who find themselves in such situations. But let’s think: is it possible to earn extra money without exposing yourself to the threat of infection and without violating quarantine? Can! But you need to consider some nuances.

1. Do not pop into the water without knowing the ford

Do not rush into the pool with your head into an incomprehensible sphere. For example, if you do not really know foreign languages, then you do not need to send a resume to a translation agency. Google translate will not help here, you can’t do it, they may not pay you due to poor work. As a result, you will not see money, and spend time, and even get into the black lists of employers.

Job search

Online poker is very popular now. This is really a good way to earn a couple of hundred dollars without much effort. Some have long turned poker games online into a constant source of income. But you can play only if you understand poker, if you well understand the probability of a particular combination falling out, if you studied the necessary literature. Poker is not for nothing called sport, separating it from gambling. Gambling is blind luck, the will of chance. And in poker, you need mathematics, bluffing, forecasting … Without these important components, you will become ordinary chips – the weakest players that seasoned poker sharks simply go bankrupt. Whatever area you choose, make sure that you are not new to it.

2. Points of contact

And although it is wiser to choose areas in which you have experience, sometimes you have to change qualifications. Retraining is not always a simple process. It is best to take it if you have knowledge or tools in another area that are suitable for retraining. For example, a translator can work as a teacher of a foreign language, even without a teacher education.

Today I came across the story of a professional tattoo artist, Chris Trovador. As you know, due to quarantine, the guy was left without work. It’s hard to get a tattoo if customers don’t come. In addition, it is simply dangerous to get tattoos during epidemics. Like any tattoo artist, Chris paints great. He began to sell his paintings, and also began to decorate custom-made customer shoes with creative drawings. And earned, and sits at home.

Chris Trovador

3. Generate ideas

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all the work that is relevant for the time of quarantine , mark those options in which you have a good chance of success. It is important to write down, as everyone’s thoughts are now rushing around, jumping from fifth to tenth. On the second sheet, write down everything that you know how or could do, even without experience. Now look at both the leaflets and find the same common ground.

I was struck by the story of a strip club, the owner of which managed to keep all his staff. The club’s cooks remained cooks, but the bouncers and dancers were retrained. The guards now work as drivers, and strippers deliver food to their homes … topless! Well, the last one, of course, is overkill, but appreciate the enterprise of these people and their willingness to deal with obstacles, and not just whining, sitting at home without money. Courier services and especially food delivery are now relevant. There were already cooks in the club, the girls were happy with the new side job, and the guards found something to do.

4. The world is not without good people

Also write down the names of all your friends who can somehow help in finding a part-time job. A million times apologize to them for their obsession, but become insolent and ask for help in finding a job. You will be amazed at how many people are now showing their best side, extending a helping hand even to their naughty friends. The modern person has a rather extensive list of contacts and you will surely find a friend who can offer you a vacancy in a suitable field for you. No wonder the wisdom says that it is better to have 100 friends than a hundred rubles. Friends will help you earn a lot more. But do not be selfish and help in return. 


5. Everything is online!

I constantly see comparisons of coronavirus with other epidemics and pandemics that have occurred in the history of mankind. Many draw literal parallels and scare us with all kinds of crises and total unemployment. Guys, let’s not forget that today there is such a marvelous thing as the Internet. The World Wide Web, of course, cannot provide everyone with remote work, but many people continue to earn income thanks to online services. The Internet is a great way to earn money during quarantine .

the Internet

Think about how your line of business can be turned into Internet earning? For example, a teacher can give lessons on Skype. Now building stores have closed, but you can open an online store. It’s also a saving. If earlier you paid both for rent of a trading floor, and for a warehouse, now you only need a warehouse. Many people only SEEK that they will not be able to earn using the Internet. If you have knowledge, then you can share it with the world. I saw YouTube videos of plumbers about replacing a crane with tens of thousands of views. Grandmothers, talking about the proper planting of potatoes and tomatoes, gain hundreds of thousands of views! Create a channel, monetize it and earn money. Yes, hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of views are not equal to a million dollars, but a couple hundred a month will not hurt anyone.

6. Trending

If you are looking not for long-term career prospects, but for temporary earnings, you must take the bull by the horns. You have to get into the trend. You can’t just blindly choose the specialties that brought income to the era of COVID-19. Pay attention to what people need now. You can give advice on overcoming problems during the quarantine period. Tell mothers how to educate children at home, show how to make repairs on their own, and so on. You can create groups in social networks on some special topic. For the same earnings at the time of quarantine. Gather information there for subscribers and publish with advertising something.

Online business

I have heard cues in the spirit of “It is vile and despicable to make money on the theme of coronavirus.” It is disgusting and mean to be scammers and rob people under the guise of medical assistance (as some scammers pretending to be doctors now do). Or to stuff people with false information about some shamanistic methods of diseases. Or to sell absolutely worthless amulets for a lot of money. You just combine business with pleasure: give someone up-to-date advice and provide yourself with food.

7. Active income + passive income

Active income is when you have done the work once and received payment once for it. Passive income – when the work was done once, and received payment for it several times. For example, the YouTube videos mentioned above are passive income. We’re making a video, uploading it, the amount for views is dripping every month. In the future, passive income brings more money than active. But it all depends on your efforts.

A good option to protect yourself from financial “swings” is to have both active income and passive. In case you lose the source of active income, you will still have cash income from passive income while you are looking for a new job.

8. Quarantine does not cancel etiquette

Many are now looking for a new field of activity and are talking with potential employers. 

When interviewing from home with the camera turned on, try to show your professional side. No need to lie on the bed in front of the camera in pajamas with a dull look. Wear something from a business dress code so that a potential client or future boss makes sure that you are responsible for your work.

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