Investment and Business opportunities in Managua, Nicaragua

As an entrepreneur you will always seek to multiply your money quickly and safely, so you should think about Business opportunities in Managua, Nicaragua.

Managua is a city not only beautiful, but with a growing economy and with great support for new entrepreneurs.

Today I will talk to you about the opportunities of investing in this city, I will also give you several ideas for you to decide to invest.

These are the points:

  • Introduction about Managua, Nicaragua
  • Investment opportunities in Managua, Nicaragua
  • Profitable business ideas in Managua, Nicaragua
  • Invest in Managua

Meet Managua, Nicaragua

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua. It is a city marked by two earthquakes that destroyed much of the old colonial city, but that gave way to the metropolis that it is today.

Its national symbols, the figure of its historical reference and the memory of its heroes are all over the city.

Ancient Managua was a city with vacant land and government buildings, but with public investment, corners have been embellished, parks have been restored, and more and more recreational sites. For this reason, Managua is an attractive city.

In the central part of Managua, there are buildings that survived the 1972 earthquake, among them: the Palace of Culture, the Plaza de la Revolución, the Casa de Los Pueblos, the Rubén Darío National Theater and the Parque Central.

The gastronomy of Managua is varied. Their dishes are characterized by having corn, legumes and meats.


The soils of Managua, Nicaragua, are very fertile due to their volcanic origin. Coffee, beans, corn, peanuts, and red sorghum are mainly grown for livestock feed.

They also have good potential for growing sesame, soy, sugar cane, melon, pineapple and mango.

In the report of the National Institute for Development Information you can review the characterization of Managua according to the IV National Census of Agriculture-IV CENAGRO.

The main industrial and commercial activity of the country is concentrated in Managua. Mainly beer, textiles, footwear is produced and coffee is processed.

In the metropolis, commerce stands out for being the city with the largest number of shopping centers, supermarkets and traditional markets in the country. In addition, it is the headquarters of several national companies.

Due to public investment for the beautification of the central part of Managua, tourism has been on the rise.

The development of buildings has been sought through the impulse of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction (CNC).

Investment opportunities in Managua, Nicaragua

More and more doors are opened for entrepreneurship and investment in Managua, Nicaragua.

In recent years there have been a large number of entrepreneurial fairs that highlights the ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurship in this city.

Currently in Managua, as in the rest of the country, the creation of new companies and investment for the development of the city is being promoted.

Proof of this are the large number of public and private, international, national and municipal institutions that promote entrepreneurship.

At the international level, the Center for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises in Central America, CENTROMYPE , which contributes to the productive development of companies.

Among the services provided by CENTROMYPE are: training, diplomas and financial cooperation.

In Nicaragua is the Ministry of Family, Community, Cooperative, and Associative Education, MEFCCA . This institution has projects and lines of work that promote the creation and development of micro and small companies.

MEFCCA has a Department of Coffee and Cocoa that is in charge of supporting coffee and cocoa producers.

On the other hand, there is the Grain Department that is responsible for promoting and developing technologies for better production of these items.

There is also the Superior Council of the Private Company, COSEP , which unifies the efforts of the private sector in Nicaragua. This institution promotes the development and strengthening of companies.

Private sector institutions that promote entrepreneurship

The organizations that I will describe to you promote entrepreneurship in Nicaragua, and because Managua is the economic center of the country, their main interest is in this city.

These are some of the institutions:

  • Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce and Services, CCSN: stimulates productivity, development and business competitiveness. It has the Comprehensive Training Center , CFI, which provides training, seminars and workshops to entrepreneurs; the Business Development Center , CDE, which advises on different company activities and links you to sources of financing; the Nicaraguan Center for Mediation and Arbitration , to resolve conflicts nationally and internationally.
  • Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua, UPANIC, groups producers from all over the country.
  • Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction, CNC, brings together the country’s construction companies and promotes the development of this economic activity.
  • Nicaraguan National Chamber of Tourism, CANATUR, helps boost and strengthen tourism in Nicaragua, especially Managua.

Profitable business ideas in Managua, Nicaragua

The first step to start is to have a feasible idea, for this reason, I will describe several that will help you multiply your money quickly.

1.- Construction companies

If you have large capital, you can start operations in Managua by mounting a construction company.

But if you only have the knowledge and the desire to undertake and you are concerned about financing, don’t worry, you can go to the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction (CNC) to get financing and advice

They will certainly help you in your endeavor.

2.- Creation of textile companies

Create threads, fibers or fabrics of different colors and textures for making clothing or upholstery.

However, you will have to analyze the competition and create your distinctive seal to offer a unique product according to the needs of the managüense clientele.

3.- Community Manager

This is one of the profitable businesses in Managua, because you do not need large capital to start operations.

Get up to date with technological tools and use them to improve the image of your customers, through social networks.

Remember that more and more companies are opening their doors in this city and this service is a good way to make yourself known and offer your products or services.

4.- Artisan coffee

Managua’s soils are very fertile for coffee cultivation. You could use this to create one of the most profitable businesses in Managua.

Financing and advice in different areas, you can get it in the companies that I described in the previous section.

Without a doubt, with enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance, you will be able to position your artisan coffee brand in a short time.

5.- Fruit pulp

Due to the volcanic characteristics of the soils in Managua, the cultivation of fruits such as melon, pineapple and mango is getting better.

Use this to your advantage and start a business where you sell the fruit pulp to other departments in Managua.

This business is very profitable, because you do not need a large investment to start. You could even start from home.

6.- Beer company

In Managua, barley is produced, which is the main ingredient for making beers.

Create yours, just make your own formula with a distinctive touch from the competition.

Remember that selling beer is a profitable business in Managua and in almost every city in the world. Take a risk!

7.- Restaurant

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, but also the industrial and commercial center of the country, so a restaurant will always be a profitable business.

It offers typical and international food with a distinctive touch. Study the competition, make a difference and make your restaurant a unique experience in attention and good dishes.

8.- Souvenir shop

Tourists will not leave the metropolis without first bringing a souvenir.

It is located in a good place and a good location and offers flannels printed with emblematic places of the city, key rings that say «Managua», decorated vessels, among others.

9 .- Night tour guide

Offer your services as a tourist guide to show the charms that the city has at night.

Take them to visit the bars, the pubs, to enjoy the night shows and to see the eruption of the Masaya Volcano, through a viewpoint.

Invest in Managua

Managua is a city in full economic growth, whose institutions are joining efforts to grow investment and entrepreneurship.

Investing in profitable businesses in Managua is a sure way to grow your money, you just need dedication and perseverance.

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