10 Instagram 2020 Figures for Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

As the photo-sharing platform continues to grow, these 10 Instagram 2020 figures should convince you to develop an Instagram marketing strategy worthy of the name.

Whether it’s a photo of a brunch, a product, an event or a beach, we all ask the same question: is it Instagram-able? What will make me have more Instagram followers?

Instagram has grown steadily in recent years and continues to expand. The photo-sharing application which once only interested holidaymakers today brings together all kinds of influencers, advertisers and brands.

With the current situation, many people work from home or are inactive and use Instagram or TikTok to pass the time.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirms this trend: “The volume of live (live videos) has more than doubled in Italy, on Facebook and on Instagram, since the start of the confinement. And we are seeing similar peaks in other parts of the world. ” He also announced new features that we will present to you at the end of this article.

At this point, it is clear that part of your audience is on Instagram and probably also your competitors. But staying on top of Instagram trends (with a changing algorithm) has become a little more complicated. While your potential customers may be scrolling through their feed, the question for entrepreneurs is why and how should they invest in Instagram.

If your brand is not yet on the platform, these statistics from Instagram studies should convince you and give you some food for thought. Take advantage of the situation to launch your business on social networks and quietly build your audience. 

Let yourself be enlightened on the importance of Instagram with these 10 key figures for 2020.

What is Instagram?

instagram stats

Instagram is the 6th most used social network in the world. Dedicated to the image, this network highlights the photos and videos posted by its users in the form of posts on their profile or stories visible for 24 hours. Created in 2010 and bought by Facebook in 2012, the Instagram application is mainly used now for his stories and to follow his favourite influencers (fashion, beauty, sport, cooking, etc.). Brands also use this network extensively to advertise and attract their users.

While a recent survey (source: Diplomeo) named it the preferred social network for young people aged 15/25 in the USA in 2020, Instagram is not yet in the top three of the most used networks in the world in the Digital Report of We are Social.   Indeed, while Instagram is now more used than Facebook in the USA and despite its global influence, Facebook is still the most popular in certain countries of Asia or Africa. The Whatsapp, Wechat and FB messenger conversation tools also surpass the king of trendy photos for the moment. But your Instagram followers can be very good relays for your business, this social network having the best engagement rate currently.

Instagram Stats

Let us now shed some light on the importance of Instagram with these 10 key figures for 2020.

1. The number of monthly active Instagram users

Among all the Instagram figures, this is symbolic: In June 2018, Instagram reached one billion monthly users. For Instagram USA figures, it is 28 million unique visitors per month and 11 million per day in the USA (Statista 2019). It’s a great performance for an application whose main function remains photo sharing.

Another interesting Instagram statistic, more than 500 million users use the platform daily. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social apps in the world. Just over 5 years ago, in June 2013, Instagram had more than 130 million active users. Today it has 10 times more.

Instagram is a social network that allows users to share and edit both photos and videos. It ranks third behind other social networks Facebook and YouTube in terms of active users (BDM 2018). Previously mainly used by teens and millennials, Instagram continues to develop as a popular social network and there is no indication that the trend can be reversed.

If you are still wondering whether or not you should invest time and money in the platform, the data concerning the monthly active user number should inspire you. Our team has also written a guide to quickly get 10,000 subscribers.

2. Instagram figures show its power

With a billion active users per month, it is not surprising to learn that Instagram is also the social platform with one of the highest traffic rates behind Facebook and Twitter (Similarweb 2019).

These statistics indicate that more than 67% of American Internet users will go to Facebook at least once a month. Instagram figures show that this percentage rises to 24.8% with the photo sharing platform. Dream figures!

There are many strategies to develop your audience and reach these potential customers. If you’ve neglected your Instagram pro account so far, this is probably a good time to take a look at it and get started and grow your Instagram followers to build a community. You will find some tips on using hashtags in this article.

3. Average age of Instagram users 

71% of monthly active users on Instagram are under 35 (Hootsuite, 2019). This Instagram statistic from a study concerns the global distribution of users in January 2019. The largest age group covers those aged 25/34, followed by users aged 18 to 24. Are your target audience for more Instagram followers, more engagement and more sales in these groups?

If your target market is for teens or young adults between the ages of 18 and 35, you know that Instagram is the right platform. With this key information, you can produce content that fits the needs of your audience, adapted to Instagram and accompanied by the right caption.

4. The number of photos and videos posted each day on Instagram

Another mind-blowing Instagram statistic: Over 100 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day. Do you realize the number of publications of cats, dishes, clothes or selfies of stars in duckface that are done per minute? Maybe a little too much 🙂 

But the publication of photos and videos has evolved over time. Most publications are now done through stories. The duration of an Instagram story can vary and is visible only 24 hours. The user profile is now used mostly in an artistic way, with posts that represent the life or personality of the user or influencer. Some even use the same posts or color codes to establish regularity in the posts on their pages. Stories are more used to share the present moment or to make a diary of all the moments that users want to share with their Instagram followers.

To find yourself among these hundreds of millions of publications and not miss anything that really interests us, it is important to follow the right hashtags or influencers in our niche or our centers of interest. 

Other Instagram figures to look for: the peak hours on Instagram. At what times of the day are there the most Instagramers? Find out according to your niche, to know when to publish on Instagram.

5. Instagram figures on its use by companies

As Instagram becomes more and more popular, Instagram figures reveal that 80% of users follow at least one brand (Mention, 2018).

Another Instagram statistic says that 7 out of 10 hashtags relate to brands. In addition, 80% of companies consider engagement on Instagram to be their most important metric. Although a very important performance indicator, the engagement rate is not easy to measure. With the evolutions of the platform, it is not easy to follow the updates and to know what information to take into account to evaluate the engagement of the users towards your brand.

In the USA, brands also use Instagram a lot to partner with influencers. Instagram represents a great promotional opportunity for businesses. Not only does the application cover a huge market, but it is a potentially interested audience, which you can reach with few means.

6. Instagram’s impact on brands

83% of Instagramers say they discover new products and services on Instagram (Facebook 2019). This means that they are using the platform as an inspiration. These Instagram figures also indicate that the simple fact of being present on Instagram allows a brand to create a positive impression with the potential buyer.

Instagram is no longer just an inspirational search engine but it now bridges the gap between consumers and sellers, with options such as Instagram Check out . The potential impact of Instagram for entrepreneurs is really growing. Instagram can play a role at each stage of the customer journey. Consumers seek inspiration on Instagram or seek specific products before purchasing. It is all these steps that entrepreneurs can influence by exploiting the possibilities of Instagram.

7. Instagram statistics on the use of stories 

In August 2016, the platform launched Instagram Story. This major feature allows users to take photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. From the launch of this option, people started sharing a lot more than before. 500 million accounts use Instagram story every day (Mention 2018). And another interesting Instagram figure, 1/3 of these most viewed stories come from brands.

Before Instagram stories, people shared their most important moments. But these moments don’t necessarily happen every day. Instagram then launches this masterstroke, which allows users to publish their daily life without having to keep it permanently on their profile. By observing the Instagram figures, we understand that the tool is also a superb opportunity for companies to increase their visibility.

8. Instagram follow brands

50% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. These Instagram figures mean that companies have a great opportunity to develop the number of their prospects. Whether you are a small local brand or a global business, you can strengthen your brand through Instagram.

With a professional Instagram profile, companies can add their contact information, which is not possible with personal accounts. If you have an Instagram pro account, you have access to Instagram statistics, which give you valuable information about the impressions and reach of your posts, as well as interesting details about your audience. This helps you know which content your target audience prefers so they can add to your Instagram followers. Whether it’s food, fashion or any other niche, you’re sure your brand will find Instagram followers.

9. Instagram figures show the importance of engagement

These Instagram figures should further strengthen the interest of companies for this social network: the Instagram engagement rate is increasing for brands. The percentage of interaction with sponsored content is 3.48% on average. In general, the interaction rate is 60 times that of Facebook. 

If we know that engagement rate is a very important measure, there are still questions about what it is exactly and how we measure it. The Instagram engagement rate represents the degree of interaction your Instagram followers have with your content. This can take the form of likes, comments or sharing. It is its visual nature, the trigger of emotions, which makes Instagram the social platform with the highest engagement rate. How to increase your Instagram engagement? Simply by exploiting the different types of content, such as photos, videos, live videos, Instagram stories, or IGTV. These functions allow creativity to be developed, thanks to a wide choice of formats. If you have a business,

10. Instagram influences the customer journey

We have already mentioned the impact of the platform on brands but let’s go a little further with these latest Instagram figures:

Instagram helps 80% of consumers decide before buying a product or service. (Facebook 2019). Instagram users say they buy a product seen while browsing the platform. With the opening of a business account, you will be able to open an Instagram Shopping store and thus increase your chances of making a sale. If you haven’t yet included Instagram in your social media marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a big opportunity, especially if you’re targeting millennials.

Latest Instagram statistic: according to Hootsuite, 31% of Instagram USA users can be reached via an advertisement.

There are a variety of techniques to influence the buying process via Instagram. Whether it’s Instagram ads, interacting with users through creative stories, or incorporating relevant hashtags into your posts, every action can make a difference if you do it right.

Latest Instagram features announced in March 2020

Instagram aficionados have already noticed for a few days the Story Insta “Home” that we can all use to post our daily life in confinement. But Instagram has announced new features, such as “co-watching” where several people can have a video chat while watching content from the platform together. This feature will certainly occupy many of our American compatriots.

The platform also launched a virtual sticker to support associations in need. Other functionalities will aim to communicate better on the COVID-19. Instagram is also committed to erasing the fake news circulating on its platform concerning the health crisis.


Over the years, Instagram has positioned itself as a powerful marketing tool available to companies looking to extend their visibility and reach. We hope these 10 Instagram 2020 figures helped you understand the value of Instagram marketing and that you will now promote your business there.

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