Innovative Thinking: Definition, Characteristics and Stages

Innovative thinking is to realize their dreams, to produce ideas, to produce information in a way that will benefit society. Today, it is easier to access information with developing technology. Innovative thinking is necessary to solve the problems we encounter in business life and in our daily life and to benefit people. For this, it is necessary to be willing to change, creative and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Trying untested, generating new ideas requires creativity and imagination. If you have all this, you can start realizing our ideas and dreams without fear. Innovative thinking is thinking different from many people, seeing from a wide perspective and generating new ideas. Thinking with high imagination, taking this as a risk for the benefit of society. The goal is achieved by going through some technical and economic processes. 

Characteristics of Innovative Thinking People: 

  • They are people who use their intelligence. 
  • They adopt innovative thinking behavior .
  • They have the courage to take risks .
  • They are willing to change. 
  • They have an entrepreneurial spirit. It is common in new generation entrepreneurship .
  • They practice by working constantly.
  • They are open to learning.
  • They are open to innovations.
  • Creativity aspects have improved.
  • They also take into account other people’s ideas.
  • They control their ego.
  • They are highly motivated  people.
  • They are prone to teamwork.
  • They do not get stuck on failures, they continue to work.
  • They don’t let their emotions outweigh their efforts.
  • They are keen.
  • They constantly read and try to increase their knowledge.
  • Their observation skills are strong.
  • They empathize .
  • It is compatible with their environment.
  • It has an interrogative personality.
  • They are communication-oriented and use information unlimitedly.

Innovative Thought Examples

Innovation has been imperative to adapt to the rapidly evolving global world and technology. Thanks to innovative thinking, innovation examples have entered our lives in many areas. These are examples of service innovation , product innovation examples , marketing innovation examples, and creative innovation examples . Innovative thinking is at the top of all innovation examples. Let’s take a look at examples made in this area:

Environmental packaging design: Developed to prevent the harm of plastic products to nature. It produced naturally soluble packaging produced by the company Evoware. Awareness has increased to protect the environment. 

Bench dry in the rain: Benches in the park and garden are often wet during the winter months. You can rotate the dry side when you turn the arm thanks to the arm benches, which is a great example of innovative thinking developed on this subject. In this way, the wet bank is not seated. 

Easy to clean brush: Cleaning the hair on the hair brushes is not very pleasant. With a simple but great idea, cleaning the hairbrush is no longer a problem. When the part of the brush is pulled, you will see that the brush is clean.

Smart Wallet: Wallet has GPS features against forgetfulness or theft. In this way, you can determine where the wallet disappears. The wallet, which is also compatible with smartphones, also allows wireless charging.

Extension Plug Socket: With the rapid advancement of technology, the number of electronic items in the house has increased day by day. As such, the need for an outlet at home has increased. However, this caused trouble as the charging cables were not too long. You can use your phone lying on your bed with an extension cord plug and charge it at the same time. This product has already taken its place in construction markets.

Touch mouse : The touch mouse made for those who do not like clicking the mouse produced by Microsoft attracted great attention.

Solar blinds that produce electricity: This blind system, produced with an innovative thought, protects it from the sun while producing electricity. In this way, it meets the electricity needs of the place where it is mounted.

Paints using nanotechnology: Paints using nanotechnology have been produced with the rapidly developing technology. In this way, dirt-repellent fabrics, shatterproof glasses, long-term products.

Electric automotive: Tesla has achieved a development that will change the world in the automotive industry. It produced an electric automotive with ultrasonic sensor, digital braking system, rear radar system. Automatic driving features have been added, including parking and lane change. 

Ways to Increase Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking becomes effective with innovative ideas. To increase innovative thinking, you can follow these methods:

  • Get enough sleep and rest your consciousness.
  • Do relaxing activities. Listen to music, for coffee, do your hobbies.
  • Think simple, live simple.
  • Do lots of experiments. 
  • Research, read a lot.
  • Think about innovations that are meaningful and beneficial .
  • Organize your work environment so that you are motivated.
  • Take risks.
  • Motivate your team.
  • Try to find creative solutions from a different perspective.
  • Develop simple things, turn them into perfection.
  • Turn complex information into simple and useful. 
  • Extract meaningful new ideas from the complexity of information.
  • Give yourself the job you do in full concentration. 
  • Get ” Creative Thinking Techniques and Innovation” training. You can learn ways to increase the power of innovative thinking with online training provided free of charge by the Istanbul Institute of Business . 

Thanks to innovative thinking, new and original ideas are increasing day by day. The ideas that arise thanks to this idea enter our lives as innovation. The innovation process works as follows:

  • Creating ideas: Along with the problem solving process, creative solutions are tried to be created with the participation of employees. Enter the innovation process.
  • Choosing ideas: A common idea is determined with the participation of its employees. 
  • Idea development and implementation of the idea : Necessary tests and researches are carried out by proceeding with the idea collection and evaluation phase. 
  • Idea dissemination: Ideas passed and passed through the testing phase begin to spread. 

Innovative Thinking Stages

Different innovations can be developed by creating and applying creative and new ideas. To think innovatively, you must first evaluate the current situation you are in. You have to create a road map about how to proceed and proceed. And you must reach the conclusion by knowing what you want. Try these steps for innovative thinking:

  • Be motivated : Find out what motivates you and your team. This could be making a lot of money, getting attention or appreciation. Find your motive and gather strength. 
  • Set Goal: Find what you will produce, how you will produce information, plan when and how you will do it.
  • Gather information: Start collecting information to reach your goal. Collect all necessary data, ideas, and the subject you are considering. 
  • Be creative: Identify the problems you are facing right. Focus all your attention on the subject. Feature your creative side.
  • Leave to time:  It may not always be easy to come up with creative ideas. In this case, take a break to improve your mind. When you move away from the main subject and return to the subject again, you will see that creative ideas are sitting.
  • Prepare creative ideas: Generally, suddenly these unexpected moments come to mind. You will see new ideas coming to your rested mind when you are not going around the same problem and walking away.
  • Get ready to practice: You have found and matured your idea, everything fell into place. Now proceed to the application phase to reach your goal.
  • Decide and implement: Check out the final stages of your idea, and now be ready to take risks and implement. 

What is innovation?

Innovation means innovation and innovation in Turkish. It is the development and implementation of creative and beneficial ideas, and their commercialization. The goal is to achieve better and benefit.

Why is innovative thinking necessary?

Innovative thinking has gained importance with the developing technology. Innovative thinking is necessary to solve the problems we encounter in our daily and business life and to benefit people. For this, it is necessary to be creative and an entrepreneur.

What is required for innovative thinking?

Creativity and a different perspective are required for innovative thinking. Then, hard work needs to collect data. You must be motivated and take risks. 

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