10 Innovative Startup Ideas in the USA That Make it a Better Place

Looking for innovative startup ideas in the USA? Then you came to the right place. Here I have mentioned great and innovative startup ideas that you can use in the USA to get successful.

The USA is a place of opportunities and starting a business like these is quite easy. Check out the business ideas and select as per your choice and suitability and make a change in the world.

Innovative Startup Ideas in the USA

Here are the 10 innovative startup ideas you can use in the USA for a successful startup business.

Collaborative Spaces Offering a Virtual Membership Service

innovative startup ideas in usa

Remote venture companies can join collaborative networks with virtual membership.

An Australian firm offers a network of offices for startups and individual entrepreneurs to work with. This firm called Fishburners already has real co-working offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Shanghai. But for only $ 29 a month, entrepreneurs can participate in a virtual program.

Thanks to this program, startups, and entrepreneurs join collaborative communities online, receive newsletters, and gain access to training and events. On the other hand, businesses and entrepreneurs who pay $ 20 more per month can also use Fishburners’ collaborative office once a month.

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The idea is to support entrepreneurs and venture companies operating in remote areas by allowing them to join a wider network. Of the 100 trial-stage startups that purchased and subscribed to the virtual program, half of those in the slums and 35 percent of those operating in rural areas survived.

You will be able to camp in the ocean with the Underwater Tent

innovative startup ideas in usa

The dome-shaped habitat allows divers to relieve the pressure they are subjected to, eat, and even sleep underwater.

Ocean Opportunity, operating in the United States, allowed divers to camp underwater with the portable tent it designed. The dome-shaped tent called Ocean Space Habitat can be set up underwater. After the tent is shaped like a skeleton, it can be fixed. The air bubble created inside it can be filled with oxygen as well as offering a place to sit. Thanks to the portable underwater habitat, fishermen can stay in a dry area for 4 to 6 hours and remove their gear, eat and rest, and get rid of the high pressure they are exposed to in deep water for a while.

The tent was designed by diving expert Michael Lombardi and Winslow Burleson, Professor of Nursing at NYU Rory Meyers School of Nursing interdisciplinary lab NYU-X. The product patented by Lombardi has already been put on the market.

Map Software to Find What You Are Looking For in the Market

innovative startup ideas in usa

Developed by an Israeli startup company, the plugin gives retailers a new perspective on their shopping habits.

Israeli startup firm Orient has developed mapping software to help people find their way inside buildings. This plug-in, which works like a GPS but can only be used indoors, enables people to find their way or what they are looking for in almost every building such as shopping malls, stores, hospitals.

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The plug-in is sold to developers for a monthly fee. Suppose there is a mall where visitors are offered an application that allows them to find what they are looking for, thanks to this application, you will be able to find out the stores in the mall and even the location of the product you are looking for on the shelf.

The software, which determines the exact location of the person using the earth’s magnetic field and the sensors in smartphones, can do this with an error of less than one meter. Due to the stable nature of the magnetic field, this method is effective in every building. “Just as Google Maps controls which route people take to go from home to work, so our system will enable sellers to control and influence customers,” said Mickey Balter, CEO, and co-founder of Orient. says.

Data collected through the map service will be shared with vendors and other businesses. In this way, it will be understood where customers travel and where they spend time.

Thanks to these ideas, the Orient firm has already managed to raise over $ 2 million.

The hospital that Captures the Moisture in the Air and Converts it to Clean Water

innovative startup ideas in usa

Thanks to the solar-powered hydro panels placed on the roof, the moisture in the air are converted into drinking water.

Thanks to the system installed by Zero Mass Water in a hospital in Jamaica, drinking water is obtained with moisture captured from the air. While the environmentally friendly system works with solar energy, it also eliminates the need for plastic water bottles.

Combined with familiar solar panels, the panels consist of two hydro panels, one creating heat and the other capturing the moisture in the air. The water droplets obtained by condensation are collected in a 30-liter tank where minerals are added and sent to a tap for drinking.

Zero Mass Water claims they can produce a daily bowl of water with two hydro panels. The company also states that its systems will prevent over 100,000 plastic water bottle waste and water wastage in 15 years. The company’s hydro panels are already available for sale.

Hygienic and Affordable Pads are Produced for African Girls to Attend School

innovative startup ideas in usa

Facilitating access to sanitary pads can change the lives of girls living in developing countries.

Eco Sanitary Trading, operating in Namibia, a South African country, introduced affordable sanitary pads. Company’s Managing Director Naomi Kefas stated that girls from poor families realized that they missed school every month because they did not have the money to buy pads, and then they uncovered the aforementioned product. While visiting the city of Rundu, Namibia, a young girl came to Kefas and asked her to bring food and, if possible, a pad on her next visit. Kefas noticed the presence of girls who missed the school because they could not find a pad and said, “At that moment, I knew that I had to do something to change the lives of these girls.” says.

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The name of the affordable sanitary pads produced is “Perfect fit”. Domestic production pads are absorbent and can be easily carried in pockets and taken to school. Organizing research trips from their own budgets to South Africa, Kenya, India, and China, the team spent two years researching to develop this product.

A team of 26 people, almost half of them women, produces these pads in a factory in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. The company continues its production with the financing and grants received from the Namibia Development Bank.

Artificial Intelligence that Evaluates the Working Employee in Seconds

innovative startup ideas in usa

The German startup firm quickly evaluates the employee’s working style using artificial intelligence and the LinkedIn site.

German startup firm Bunch has developed a system that automatically evaluates the working style of job applicants. The application, called Emma and run as an add-on in the Google Chrome browser, scans profiles on LinkedIn, evaluates posts, suggestions, and dozens of other indicators, revealing a behavioral model.

The AI-powered algorithm compares LinkedIn data with millions of data from Slack Messages, Glassdoor, and other profiles on LinkedIn. Thanks to these data, the applicant is personally categorized and characteristics such as adaptability, attention to detail, or honesty are revealed. Employers, on the other hand, with the help of these data, can decide more easily whether the person they will hire will be suitable for them.

This technology was developed by the initiative firm Bunch, founded by corporate psychologists, data science experts, and software developers in Berlin. Charles O’Reilly, Professor of Corporate Behavior at Stanford Business Department, developed the behavior model of the system used by Bunch.

The Google Chrome extension named Emma can be downloaded for free. Job seekers can also use this app to see how their profiles are rated by potential employers.

Public Workspace

innovative startup ideas in usa

WeWork company decided to develop the co-working space idea and open its offices to the public.

The new idea of ​​WeWork’s co-working space and offering both shopping and catering services came to life. The idea, which started to be implemented in the Flatiron neighborhood in New York City, United States, allows anyone to rent a table or meeting space. The office space with nearly 100 seating areas, which can be rented instantly or on the website, is called “Made By We” and allows group meetings between 4 and 10 people.

Made By We also has an area where clothing, food, and similar products produced by the “We Community” are sold and has a cafe inside. According to the firm, this idea not only describes a field of work, but also the community.

Set Manufactured with 3D Printer Can Increase Biodiversity and Reduce Pollution in the Seas

innovative startup ideas in usa

Supported by the giant car manufacturer Volvo, the set supports by imitating the living space in the sea.

Cement tiles, specially designed and produced with a 3D printer, are used in Australia to preserve biodiversity in the ocean. The tiles are particularly irregularly shaped to mimic mangrove trees. Although these mangrove trees offer an ideal environment for marine life, their number has decreased rapidly in recent years. According to Reef Design Lab, the company that brought the project to life, oysters, mollusks and other sea creatures create new habitats in artificial cracks between the tiles obtained with the aforementioned method. The material used to manufacture the set consists of water-resistant cement and recycled plastic fibers.

The set was designed at the Sydney Marine Science Institute with the support of the world giant car manufacturer Volvo. The firm behind the project developed this idea after learning that old tires and other plastic waste were thrown into the ocean.

The 50 tiles installed in Sydney Harbor, Australia, have been called the “Living Set” and will remain there for the next 20 years, according to the Sydney Marine Science Institute. Scientists plan to examine how natural life will respond to this effort.

A firm that allows customers to design their sunglasses

Spanish environmentalist sunglasses company plans to bridge the gap in recycling

FOS, the sunglasses company in Barcelona, ​​Spain, allows its customers to design glasses produced entirely from recycled materials. Customers can create their unique designs by using different amounts of colored transformation plastics.

Sunglasses are designed to be environmentally friendly. The company will repair these glasses, which are produced from a single material including hinges and screws when needed. The aim is that the glasses can be recycled completely and unlimitedly. Asking customers to return the glasses they will not use them, FOS plans to recycle these glasses.

The firm also set up workshops where customers could design their glasses in less than an hour.

Fingerprint-Reading Debit Cards for Contactless Payment

innovative startup ideas in usa

NatWest bank in the UK has begun testing for customers to pay with their fingerprints, to be used for purchases over £ 30.

British NatWest bank has launched a pilot application for cards that use fingerprints instead of PIN codes. The bank stated that this application was first in England. Later this year, 200 people will be given biometric cards by the bank and these people will go to bank branches and register their fingerprints. Ultimately, people will be able to register their fingerprints without going to the branch.

Gemalto, the digital security firm that designs the cards, states that fingerprints will be stored on the personal card, not in banks. The card can also be used for PIN code and contactless payment methods.

At this point, the bank does not plan to use the product across the country. Studies for this technology are currently underway in other countries. Gemalto company is also working with the Italian Intesa Sanpaolo for biometric contactless payment card with Mastercard.

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