9 Best Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Looking for inexpensive marketing ideas for small businesses? Here we will tell you about the best inexpensive marketing ideas that you can use in your small business or start-up.

Running a business or e-commerce store requires a lot of attention nowadays. These inexpensive marketing ideas will help your content marketing perform and increase sales quickly.

The following are inexpensive marketing ideas that are suitable for small businesses.

9 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Here are the 9 most prominent and popular inexpensive ideas for marketing for small-scale businesses.

Use Influencers

For Example, you just launched an e-commerce store and want to drive more shoppers; an effective marketing strategy to use is influencer blogger.

If you already have your own sales website, it’s a good idea to adjust it to the target customers.

Don’t forget to repost photos or reviews that have been made by the influencer you choose.

When the fans of the influencer you use are curious about your product, the promotion will automatically spread everywhere.

Create a Customer Loyalty Program

No matter what type of business you have, a loyalty program for your customers will encourage them to buy your products again and again.

Customer loyalty is of the utmost importance to the success of your small business. Loyal customers help businesses grow faster to acquire new customers.

Offer Special and Free Vouchers

Promote on your site that there are attractive vouchers that customers can use. This aims to help increase sales and encourage people to subscribe to your email list.

Tactics like this will get an emotional response from customers to buy products on the website that you offer.

Pamper your customers to attract other buyers, it does require sacrifice and the right calculation so that there is no loss in sales.

Create rewarded video content.

Social media has a very big influence on spreading information to many people. Many social networks with various benefits have been widely used by almost all people in the world. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to YouTube.

The idea to introduce the product can be done by creating video content with prizes that can be published through Youtube.

As is well known, social media such as YouTube has become a medium for accessing anything, from entertainment content to various information.

Prized video content can be presented with a variety of creativity and also with various social media options in publishing it. So not only through Youtube, but this can also be channeled through other social media such as Instagram which of course also has a big enough impact as well.

Tweet a resolution

Not much different from what has been described above, social media has indeed become one of the most powerful tools in the marketing field.

Another thing that can be done to increase public interest in a product is to tweet a new year’s resolution. Resolutions regarding the new year can be made interestingly and can also be associated with the product.

The thing that must also be considered is to resolve with interesting points. So that the readers of these tweets feel interested and even willing to buy the product.

Providing Educational Content

The turn of the year should be a moment of reflection and introspection and the turn of the year demands that we make new resolutions.

This is our positive hope to become a better person in the new year. Not only for personal interest, but also for other big things such as education.

This shouldn’t sound boring. You can get customer engagement from “Educational content” in the form of any services related to your business and can be related to the new year.

The fast development of the digital world demands many changes and adjustments in all fields including Education.

Making Flash Sale

Offering instant discounts to get new customers interested in the products offered can also increase customer engagement.

With a discount, they can try what the company has to offer with less risk. Plus, if the discount is for a limited time, new customers will have a reason to try your product shortly.

Flash Sale or this flash discount is also very suitable to be applied at the beginning of the year when the number of customer interest is soaring high. They will look for products that do offer massive discounts even for a limited time.

One of the advantages that companies can feel by holding this flash sale is to make customers think positively about your business.

With the discount, it makes the customer feel better. Research shows that when people receive a discount, they are happier and more relaxed.

Hold a Repost Giveaway

Another thing that can be done is to do a repost giveaway. This activity is carried out to make the dissemination of information related to these marketing products much wider.

Using social media as intended is a place for people to share information with friends. This repost giveaway activity is usually carried out through social media Instagram, where customers will get prizes from this repost activity such as price cuts, buy 1 get 1, and so on.

Conducting a Prize Survey

One of the best inexpensive marketing ideas for small businesses that can increase customer engagement is surveys. This strategy can be a good idea to do at the start of the new year because it can generate feedback for both the company and the customer.

By including the title “prize”, it will make customers more enthusiastic to contribute in filling out the survey. You can also give the prizes according to things related to your business.

Surveys can be done online by distributing questionnaires. Thus the company can retrieve useful information for the progress of the company.


There’s nothing wrong with trying to apply the inexpensive marketing ideas above to increase engagement during the new year.

Because it can have an important influence on the company, it also makes relationships with customers closer and more useful.

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