How to Start a Staffing Agency for Nurses

We will give you information about the stages of the staffing agency for nurses Establishment you intend to open in this section. We will share with you our professional opinion about what stages are waiting for you when opening your business, what documents are required and what you need to do.

you can do many operations to provide you with information on this site, but do not forget the bureaucracy in American is a very slow process you will lose time and money you can do without professional support.

We’re trying to have our site up to date information as possible, but as you know in American a country where legislation changes very quickly. For this reason, you can send your questions about the subject to us from the communication section.

How to Start a Staffing Agency for Nurses

Establishment of the staffing agency for nurses takes an average of one week, and after this period, the companies become able to issue invoices after obtaining the necessary permissions. Entrepreneurs who want to invest in this sector must first decide which establishment method to choose. There is no obstacle for them to choose any type of organization by law. After this stage, they should prepare the documents of the type of organization they prefer.

We advise you to get professional support for the organization. A mistake made during installation may leave you in a difficult situation later.

General Permits and Applications

In order to be able to open a business in general terms, firstly, it is required to apply for the Tax Office at the stage of establishment, the chamber of commerce or vocational for elective companies, and the chamber of commerce for capital companies. If the staff is to be employed, SSI applications will be made. For the Workplace License, permission will be obtained from the municipality.

  1. Tax Administration
  2. Social staffing agency for nurses
  3. Municipality /   Office Opening and Working License
  4. Chamber of Commerce / Professional Chambers
  5. American Business Association

Which Documents To Be Applied To Open A Private Employment Office

  1. a) TC identity number declaration of the authorized person (on the Application Form), a copy of the work permit document taken from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to work in the office for foreigners,
  2. b) A copy of at least a bachelor’s degree learning document belonging to the authorized person, an example of a diploma translated into American by sworn translators for graduates from abroad,
  3. c) The document took from the trade registry office or commercial courts stating that he did not declare bankruptcy or concordat of the authorized person carrying the merchant title, declaration for those who do not carry the merchant title,

Statements/declarations regarding the absence of a criminal record

  1. d) Declaration and CV of qualified personnel in accordance with the criteria set out in Article 7 of the Regulation on Private Employment Offices and technical equipment (web page and e-mail address on the Application Form),
  2. e) A document indicating that they have a physical location and/or website that has the conditions for negotiating with the job seeker, which is allocated for the intermediation of finding work and workers.
  3. f) Trade or tradesman registration newspapers regarding the establishment and changes, establishment contract or substitute document (including real persons) for legal entities that do not qualify as a company,
  4. g) Signature circular of an authorized person,
  5. h) Solid and indefinite bank letter of guarantee (in accordance with the sample prepared by the Institution) or cash in American Lira

Post-Installation Costs

The costs that the companies that will do the Private Employment Bureau business will pay in general are as follows. These costs differ according to the company’s profit and loss and business volume.

  1. VAT every month
  2. Insurance premium if you have employees every month
  3. Your BAĞKUR premium every month
  4. Quarterly or monthly withholding
  5. Temporary Tax every three months
  6. Yearly Income Tax or Corporate Tax in a year
  7. Your legal book approvals every year
  8. Your membership fees for one or two professional chambers per year.
  9. Monthly Financial Advisor Fees

We tried to provide information for the establishment phase in general. The point that should not be forgotten is that each initiative may show some differences, and this initiative should be examined at the beginning stage and road map should be drawn accordingly. Our expert financial advisor solution partners will help you if you request in this process, such as capital amount, partnership structure, method of establishment.

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