How to Start a Small Stationery Business

Today, when we hear about profitable businesses, we imagine that they only refer to those related to technology or online media. But this is not entirely true, because investing in a classic business that in turn has a touch of innovation and creativity, can also be successful. This would be the case of starting a small stationery store that, like all businesses, has ups and downs. And they are often overshadowed by the rise of document digitization and computer modernity.

However, stationery stores respond to the constant demand for school supplies , office supplies and paper-based products . In simpler words, it is a business that never goes out of style. So in this article we will give you a guide on how to start a small stationery , whether you want to do it from home or in a place with a reduced budget. So without any further, let’s get started.

How profitable is the stationery business?

Profitability of this business

If you are here it is because you may be wondering “how to put a stationery in my house and make it profitable?”. Well, there is no standard answer to your question, since all businesses are different and its success depends largely on the administration and management that is given to it. However, variables such as location, product variety, differential value and innovation are determining factors in achieving profitable stationery.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that part of the process of how to put a stationery is to carry out market research . In it, you must identify the competition around your business, as well as the target audience and the potential sectors that you can supply.

Regardless of whether you want to start a stationery store at home or in a rented space, this can be a very profitable business if you plan it in the right way. And if you also have a large stock of products with which you can satisfy market demand . Remember that the profitability of this business is deeply rooted in the location and profile of your potential customers. This is because the profit margin varies if you sell your products near government offices, companies, schools, universities or if you supply in bulk to a few customers.

How much does it cost to put a stationery?

How much does it cost to set up a stationery store

Thinking about how to start a small stationery involves analyzing the initial investment cost . It should be clarified that there is no budget or fixed investment, as this depends on many factors. The first of those factors is whether you are going to set up the stationery in a local or if you are going to do it from your home .

Opening a small stationery store in a local implies considering the value of at least the first 3 months of rent within the initial budget, which is a slightly higher investment compared to starting the business at home. Another factor on which the budget depends is the target audience. This means that you must be clear about who the business is aimed at, which, in turn, will help you define the type of products that you are going to handle to build your initial inventory.

Based on the above, we highlight the importance of conducting market research regardless of the location and business model. Also, it is essential that you have a list of the most demanded products in a stationery store . So you can have an approximate idea of ​​the amount of money to invest.

This investment can range from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 for inputs and initial stock . Additionally, if your market requires it, you should consider the cost of a copier and a computer (in case you don’t have one). This cost can be approximately 600 USD, but it will really depend on the characteristics and functionalities of the equipment.

Finally, you should also consider the costs of the procedures and legal documents necessary to start a new venture in your country of residence.

What does it take to put a small stationery?

What is needed to put a small stationery

After conducting the market study and setting the budget, it is time to answer the following question: what do I need to open a stationery store? Here we will give you a series of steps so that you finish clarifying all your doubts about how to start a small stationery.

1. Carry out the legal procedures

It is not a secret that for a business to emerge successfully in the market, it must comply with all the legal procedures corresponding to starting a business . Regardless of whether we are talking about a small business or a natural person, generally, these procedures involve choosing a company name and registering the business with the Secretaries, Inspections and / or other Bodies in charge of regulating the business sector in your country. As well as managing operating licenses and authorizing some documents as appropriate.

2. Define the location

This step is key if what you want is to set up a small stationery store in a local . Before choosing the place for your business, be sure to analyze the area and the commercial movement around it . This way you can identify how big your competition is and the types of profiles of your potential clients. Don’t forget that a location close to universities, businesses, or office buildings will expand your sales opportunities.

On the other hand, if you decide to start your business at home , you can take a tour of the sector to recognize other businesses, offices or neighboring schools. Here you have the advantage of having a better knowledge of the movement in the area, which will be very useful when planning your business strategies.

3. Select suppliers

A vital aspect of starting a small stationery store is finding and choosing the right suppliers. Here the key is to target several suppliers that handle wholesale prices and with which you can guarantee quality and diversity of high-turnover products.

It is common for stationery stores to have as main suppliers the different brands of school and office products. Another option is to look for wholesale shops specialized in the sale of these products. If you prefer this option, make sure it is a business with experience and reputation in the national market.

4. Build the starting inventory

Once you have the suppliers, the next step is to supply your business. Here we share some of the products with the highest demand in stationery stores :

  • Notebooks, notebooks and diaries.
  • Pens, pencils, pencils and mechanical pencils.
  • White and colored sheets.
  • Colors, markers and markers (permanent and erasable).
  • Paper of different textures (crepe, china, iris, foamy, cardboard, parchment, etc.).
  • Erasers and pencil sharpeners.
  • All kinds of adhesive tapes.
  • Staplers, punches and clips.
  • Conventional rules and for geometry.
  • Scissors and cutters.
  • Plasticine, glitter and paints.
  • Fine paper, art and design.
  • Stick and liquid glue.
  • Basic, scientific and graphing calculators.
  • Folders and envelopes.
  • Suitcases, backpacks, pencil cases and lunch boxes.

In addition to the initial stock of products, you should also consider the supplies for setting up your business . These include:

  • Shelves
  • Shelves
  • Printer / Copier
  • Computer with internet access

5. Promote the business

We have reached one of the most important steps on how to start a small stationery. Even in the case of this type of business, it is necessary that you promote it so that you can reach your potential customers . Remember that at this time no one knows your business or what you sell.

You can make use of physical, traditional and also online broadcast channels. As traditional media, it uses print advertising and distributes flyers throughout the area. You can also have a small opening where you offer promotions and special product combos. Another way is to visit schools, offices and companies to present your product catalog.

Regarding online advertising , one of the most effective ways is to create business profiles on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook . You can pay for advertisements on these platforms so that more people can make your fan page visible . In addition, create interesting content related to the philosophy of your business and the variety and different uses of the products you sell.

As an additional tip , we recommend offering personalized attention to customers through email and WhatsApp . And also, offer them the possibility of separating the products by these means and picking them up at your business or receiving them at home.

Advantages of starting a small stationery

Business advantages

To finish this guide on how to start a small stationery we share some of the advantages of this business:

  • It requires a minimal investment to get started.
  • You will work with products with high turnover and regular consumption.
  • Being a market with high demand, you have a wide range of suppliers.
  • Starting with a small stationery will allow you to gradually grow as you recoup the initial investment and gain recognition.
  • The business model of a stationery store is very flexible, since you can expand the offer and articulate other services such as a photocopier, internet cafe, writing works or exclusive materials for a certain sector.


If you want to start a business with little investment and with a high probability of sales, starting a small stationery is an excellent option. As we have seen, the requirements are minimal and the initial capital is lower when compared to other businesses.

Do not forget that the success of a stationery depends on the market research, its location, the variety of products and the means of promotion and dissemination that you use. So it is important that you make a business plan and analyze in depth if this business is for you. We are very interested in your opinion so tell us in the comments if you would like to start a stationery business.

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