How to Start a Sandal Business?

If you are looking for how to start a sandal business then this article will give a complete guide on sandal business.

Sandals are part of the everyday outfit of all people. Whether to use at home, in summer or on the beach. It is a must-have shoe in the closet for both women and men. The models and designs of sandals are very varied: they can be in leather, elegant, youthful, in fabric, colourful, with ornaments, etc.

This makes it a very broad segment with an opportunity for entrepreneurs who can offer a quality and innovative product. This is independent of the large sandals manufacturing companies already positioned in the market. Well, thanks to the versatility and demand of the sector, starting a factory of personalized sandals is an opportunity for entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach.

Therefore, in this article, we will share some tips so you can start a sandals business. Whether you want to have your own custom sandals factory or buy them wholesale to resell.

Equipment and materials to make custom sandals

If what you want is to have your own factory of personalized sandals you must know what machinery, equipment and materials you are going to need.

1. Cutting machine

This is the most important equipment for manufacturing, as it serves to cut and shape sandals. It is known as a sandal cutting machine or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) rubber sandal cutting machine and can be of two types. One is the manual that has an approximate cost of 600 USD, and the other is the automatic one that costs around 2,600 USD.

2. Pressing machine

The pressing machine or hydraulic pressing machine is the one that will be in charge of joining and fixing the sole of the sandals. You can find it in the market for prices from 650 USD onwards.

3. Sublimation printer

Sublimation is the technique used to personalize sandals by printing various designs on the textile. There are different types of printers and their costs vary depending on the use, functionality and ink system. In this case, it is better that you get advice from someone who is knowledgeable on the subject so that you can acquire the one that best suits your needs.

4. Soles for sandals

For the manufacture of sandals, rubber soles, EVA rubber soles, microporous soles and esparto or cassava soles are common. The latter is mostly used in espadrilles.

Regarding which one you should choose, it is common to think that the best is EVA rubber. However, if you cannot find a good supplier you are exposed to purchasing regular quality materials. A good option is a microporous sole since it is very resistant to high temperatures and is ideal if you are going to start your custom sandals factory.

5. Fabrics

The styles of the sandals can go beyond the typical “houndstooth”. Especially in women’s designs, so you can use fabrics to line, adorn or decorate sandals.

Sandals Suppliers

The option of looking for sandal suppliers is a good alternative if you do not want to dedicate yourself to manufacturing. In addition, it is a faster way to start your custom sandals business without incurring greater expenses for machinery and materials. Here you can choose to buy wholesale the sandals made in white colour ready to sublimate. And hire a third party specialized in textile design and customization on your own.

One place where you can buy sandals ready to sublimate is at, a brand specialized in the distribution of supplies for printing. Which has an international presence so you can make the purchase for Mexico, Colombia and El Salvador. Other online sites where you can find sandal suppliers is on or Mercado Libre. Also, you can use local directories to find manufacturers directly in your region.

Where to sell custom sandals?

Knowing which channels to offer your products is essential for the success of your personalized sandals factory. A profitable business, in addition to quality and good service, depends on the means in which it has a presence. Currently, it is clear that, in addition to the physical store, digital channels are one of the best options to promote and sell products or services. Below, we list some of the means by which you can sell custom sandals.

Physical or local store

A local is a traditional way of selling a product. There, you will have available for your potential customers the entire catalogue of designs and sandals. And they can also try the sizes and buy several units if they prefer. Ideally, the factory should be located on the premises. So you can do the entire production and manufacturing process in the same place where you offer your products.

Remember to consider all the investment costs before thinking about starting your custom sandals factory in a local. These include monthly rent, public services, an adaptation of the premises, supplies, etc.

Online store

Having an online store means having the doors of your business open 24/7. And of course, lower assembly and maintenance costs. With an online store, your customers will be able to pay directly on the website and purchase your products from anywhere at any time of the day. In addition, it is the first step to dabble in digital media.

You will be able to promote your personalized sandals store online through paid Google ads or organic SEO positioning. That way you will be visible to hundreds of potential customers who are looking for a custom sandals business.

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Social networks

The use of social networks has transcended beyond entertainment. It has become one of the most important sales channels on the internet. In addition to being one of the most used platforms by users to find out about companies and businesses. So you can promote your personalized sandals factory in the Facebook Marketplace or assemble the photo catalogue of your products on the Instagram carousel.

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Costs in a custom sandals business

This is an issue that addresses many of the people who are starting a custom sandal factory. As well as what is the profit obtained for each product sold compared to the investment. Here are some estimates of the costs and benefits that you can achieve if you become a benchmark in the sector:

  • Common stamping on sandals: The production cost is about 2 USD. If you sell at $ 5, you will earn about $ 3 for each product sold.
  • Photo stamping on sandals: The production cost is 1.5 USD. If you sell the product at an average cost of $ 6, you will earn $ 4.5 for each product sold.
  • Rhinestones or strass print on sandals: The production cost is approximately 2.5 USD. If you sell each product for $ 8, you will make a profit of $ 5.5.

Final words

A custom sandals factory is a venture that does not require a high investment and can be lucrative if it is planned properly. It is important that you research the market to find out what is the best time of year to sell and the types of designs preferred by the target audience. Also to get to know your competitors and familiarize yourself with the best suppliers of supplies for your business.

Keep in mind that good planning, investment in marketing strategies and innovative products with quality materials are key to achieving a profitable business.

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