How to Start a Perfume Selling Business

The perfume business is always on the move because its products are regularly used by both men and women. The variety of fragrances and prices allows buyers to purchase from the simplest perfume to the most refined and sophisticated. And it is thanks to this versatility that it has become an essential product in personal care and hygiene . Regardless of taste or preference, the imported perfume market offers a wide range of products for all consumers. So buying original perfumes to sell is one of the profitable businesses with the greatest opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Recognized brands such as Carolina Herrera, Lacoste, Chanel, Dior, Paco Rabanne and Dolce & Gabbana make the resale of perfumes an important source of income with a high profit margin. So if you are interested in buying perfumes to resell here we will give you some tips to start this business. Next, we will show you where to buy original perfumes and how to start a perfume sales business . Let’s go for it!

Where to buy original perfumes to sell

How to Start a Perfume Selling Business

Before you venture into buying wholesale perfumes, it’s important that you learn to identify counterfeits . Since as they are exclusive products, many imitations appear on the market. Therefore, here we will give you some tips to distinguish between original and fake perfumes :

  • Look at the packaging details . Imitations often have print defects or changes in packaging color.
  • When shaking an original perfume, the bubbles disappear in approximately 10 seconds. If the bubbles last longer than this time, it is surely an imitation.
  • The manufacturing batch number of the perfume box must match that of the package.
  • The perfume bottle atomizer must work perfectly and not break down.
  • An original perfume should not cause allergic reactions or itching . So if this occurs it may be a poor quality alcohol imitation.
  • As a last tip, find out about the characteristics of each product and the peculiarities of the brand. You can find this information in the catalogs and official pages of the brands.

Since you took note of these tips, let’s review some of the channels where you can buy original perfumes :

Official brand stores

This is always the first option and one of the most reliable. Since buying perfumes directly from manufacturer brands guarantees an original and quality product. However, you should keep in mind that if you make bulk purchases there will be no price changes and these will be retail. Many of the most famous brands have their own stores in the main cities of Latin American countries. And they even have e-commerce pages to make purchases online.

Some of the most recognized perfume brands have websites where you can locate their points of sale in Latin American countries and the world .


Carolina Herrera:

Paco Rabanne:


In addition to the official brand stores, there are wholesalers specialized in selling imported perfumes . These shops have a wide catalog of products of all prices and brands. This option is a good way to find original perfume providers that often handle the dropshipping model . In other words, a business can buy only the products it previously sells from them. Some online wholesaler stores are: , and .

Online buying and selling websites

Many of the best-known e-commerce websites are excellent channels for purchasing original perfumes online. This is the case of Amazon, eBay and Mercado Libre . Where you can find distributors of imported perfumes as well as products sold by the original brands. You must be careful when purchasing through these channels and make sure that it is the original product. On the other hand, the store , which has points in Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru, has also become a frequent means of searching for perfumes. Its catalog includes a wide variety of products for men and women, as well as promotions and launch perfumes.

How to start a perfume sales business

How to Start a Perfume Selling Business

If you got this far it is because you have realized that buying original perfumes to sell is a profitable business . However, it is important to consider some aspects when starting your venture. After finding the best place to buy perfumes, you should prepare to be a good seller. And also to be a good advisor to guide consumers to buy what they are really looking for.

Whether you want to set up a perfume store or do it independently by the online media, keep in mind the following:

Know the brands and fragrances

If you know someone who moves in this market, you can request their advice to guide you on how to invest in this business. So you can also learn about negotiation techniques to buy, taxes and legal aspects of the business .

In addition to this, research about the different types of fragrances . Remember that sensory is key in this business. So you must know how to distinguish between floral, citrus, oriental aromas, among others. Also, the more knowledge you have about different brands, the better. So you can provide more complete and personalized advice to your buyers.

Know your clients

How in every business it is crucial that you know and do a study of the target audience . This way you will know who you are addressing and what is the best way to meet their needs. You will also discover how to present your business to attract clients on special dates such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc. You will also be able to know which channels are the most suitable for selling perfumes.

Selection of providers

Finding the ideal place to buy original perfumes can be a difficult task. Well, you need to be sure that you will have reliable and quality products . Research the reputation of your suppliers and make sure it meets all the requirements for the distribution of these products. This in case you do not make the purchase with the official brands.

Redirection system

Some of the suppliers and wholesalers specialized in this market only work under this modality. In other words, they only ship in the United States. So you should consider hiring a forwarding company that is responsible for collecting your purchases and sending them to where you are . Therefore, we recommend that you search for suppliers from your country or your continent. With that you can reduce shipping costs and taxes.


Without advertising, it is almost impossible for a business to grow and succeed. Regardless of the channel you choose to sell, it is essential that you work in offline and online advertising to promote your business. Try to develop a business plan and a marketing plan to set specific goals and objectives. This will help you steer your venture in the best direction. In addition, you can propose some digital marketing strategies to have a presence in online channels . So you can attract more potential customers and generate more sales.

Where to sell imported perfumes

How to Start a Perfume Selling Business

After considering all the above points you are ready to decide how you want to sell your products and the type of business you are going to run . These are some of the options:

Perfumes by catalog

A good way to start your business after buying original perfumes to sell is to offer them by catalog. Here, the idea is to get in touch with a brand or perfume company that handles the catalog sale model . Where you manage your portfolio and sell it to your database of potential clients. Here you have the freedom to choose the mode of sale , so you can devise a whole strategy to make money. Some of the most recognized brands that handle this model are Avon , Esika , Natura , among others.

Physical store

Setting up a perfume shop is the most traditional way of being part of this business . Make sure you plan everything well and have the necessary budget to execute it. In a physical store you can offer consumers more than perfumes. You will have the possibility to offer them a sensory experience so that they can delight in the different fragrances. Decorate your premises according to the season of the year or special date and build colorful shelves and gondolas to attract attention.

Social networks

Social networks have become a quintessential online sales channel. And it is not for less, since platforms like Facebook and Instagram have the option to configure catalogs and organize inventories . Also, they offer you the possibility of linking your catalogs with an e-commerce. Another option is for you to easily display your products through the Facebook Marketplace or the Instagram photo carousel.

Online store

Having an online store is one of the most profitable ways to have a perfume business . Well the investment and maintenance costs are lower compared to a physical store. An e-commerce platform with an integrated payment system allows users to purchase your products without leaving home. In addition, you can work a whole digital advertising strategy to promote your business.


An online business model in which you will incur less expenses and you will not have to take charge of the inventory of products . It is very similar to catalog sales because here you are an intermediary between the supplier and the end user. You can use your own online store and adapt it to this business model. The buyer uses your store to buy original perfumes, you send the purchase data to the supplier and the supplier sends the product to the customer.

Final words

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a new business to invest or simply want to increase your income, the sale of perfumes is a great opportunity . Buying original perfumes to sell is a business that lasts over time. However, discipline, commitment and planning are indispensable for its growth and success in the market.

If you decide to venture into the sale of perfumes try to do a good market research to meet the audience and find the best suppliers. We hope this article is of your help and you can broaden your vision about the business. Leave us your comments about it, we would love to hear your opinion on this topic.

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