How to Open a Gym Franchise: Gym Franchise Business Plan

Looking for how to open a gym franchise in the USA? Or a gym franchise plan? Then you came to the right place.

Starting a new personal project, from the base, with practically nothing, can be a rewarding adventure and at the same time full of challenges and also full of difficulties. Opening a gym franchise in USA can be a good idea to start a business and start your own business.

We live in a country where the culture of the body plays a fundamental role, especially on certain dates of the year in which the registration fees of gyms skyrocket. We talk about times like Christmas and, especially in the summer, where we want to get a body 10 in a few months and that, dear friend, it is not possible.

However, despite these spikes in activity, gyms right now are an excellent business idea. As we have said, we live in a country where the culture of the body develops every month and day of the year. 

Therefore, it is a sector that is on the rise, more and more people worry about taking care of themselves, keeping fit and having more stable health. The introduction of new activities within the gyms, such as: Zumba, pilates, body combat, among others, has meant a quality leap in the offer of activities of these gyms.

How to Open a Gym Franchise

Today, at Cyzotech we are going to show you how you can set up your own gym franchise, what business plan you need and what requirements are needed to set it up.

Do not lose detail, join us!

What type of business plan do I need for a gym?

Before you want to set up your gym franchise in USA, before you start looking for the local type where you want to set up your gym or your suppliers, you have to be very clear about what type of business plan you are going to need to start your new journey. 

First you have to know in which sector you are going to move, know its strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps with that alone it will not be enough to get your business ahead. You must sit down, put your ideas on paper and thoroughly study the sector you are going to get into.

Next, we are going to teach you a series of guidelines so that you can devise the best business plan:

Gym type

Surely you have in your head the gym type, with the typical machines, treadmills or static bikes. But you have to run away from that a bit, from that old gym stereotype and propose something newer and more original that stands out from the competition.

A good idea would be to introduce new activities to your gym that are quite trendy right now, like zumba, spinning, or dance classes.

Analyze your potential client

If you want to set up a gym and fitness franchise you have to be very aware and analyze who your potential client may be. To set up a gym franchise in USA you have to be very clear, that quantity is not synonymous with quality.

Surely you have in mind that the more subscribers to your gym the more money they generate. But the truth is that, you have to look for quality clients that generate benefits for you and at the same time, that generate an effect by word of mouth.

Analyze the competition

It can be one of the most important points when starting to devise your gym franchise. Analyze your closest competition, the one in the neighborhood where you want to install, in the surroundings, what they have, what they don’t have, what prices they offer, etc.

Analyze what mistakes your competitors have made so that you don’t make them the same. Doing this exercise will bring you closer to the success of your business.

The investment

Surely the money does not exceed you, you have the right money to start this adventure, even, you will have to request a small loan from the bank. Therefore, it is important that you value and know what and what the initial costs will be in your new journey.

What requirements do I need to set up a gym?

When we are clear about what your business plan will be, the next thing to do is see what requirements you will need to open your new gym. 

The franchise gyms in USA not only if you stay in expert fitness. Here something else comes into play and it is knowing all the business aspects that will make your investment a success.

Therefore, now we are going to show you what requirements you need for you to set up the best gym of all, with the best premises and the best conditioning and to make a difference with respect to your competitors. Attentive!

Do you want to be an entrepreneur or a professional in the sector?

The first thing you have to do first of all is make an important decision. If you are a professional in the sector, qualified and experienced, what you need is someone or a group of people who support you at the business level. 

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If, on the contrary, you do not have any type of degree in this regard and you are the person in charge of putting the capital and putting all the knowledge of the business side, it will be convenient for you to surround yourself with people who are professionals in the sector and guide you the best possible way in the environment in which you are going to develop.

Decide what type of center you want for your gym

The world of gym and fitness is very changing and sometimes these variations can surprise you. In the gym franchises in USA , it is no longer enough to have the typical weight training room that we all know, in recent years new disciplines have been added that are making their way in the gyms.

Therefore, it is key to know all these disciplines (crossfit, HIIT, zumba or body combat) to study them thoroughly and decide if you want to incorporate them into your new gym. You have to decide if you want to incorporate these activities into your center, if you do not want to incorporate them and only dedicate yourself to traditional activities or instead focus your gym on events. 

Study the area where you want to be

It is another of the most important parts when it comes to wanting to open, not just a gym, but any business. However, in the world of gyms, the level of recruitment of members can make a difference. 

To do this, you have to analyze very well the area in which you want to open your gym and gradually discover, as you get to know the area, what type of center you want to open.

However, you have to take into account other details, such as the proximity of other gyms, what they can offer, the price of their fees, etc. 

Also, don’t forget to attract and get clients before your opening. If you want to set up a gym franchise in USA , it may be suicide to do so without first having an established customer base. So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot as you begin your new journey.

Raise capital

This is where the big issue comes in, the one that everyone wants to know and is sometimes scared when they find out the capital they have to invest. But do not fear, if you decide to start a gym franchise, the initial investment is much lower than doing it on your own.  

The franchise can guide you a little in terms of saving costs, especially in the first moments of your journey, which is the most complicated and when there are the most expenses.

Equipment for a gym

Make a difference and get the best machines on the market. You have a range of possibilities, from renting the machines, to having your franchisee find the supplier and supply them to you or go directly to you and buy them, it is something you must decide when you are clear about whether you want to join a franchise.

Always keep in contact with professionals in the sector, they can better advise you on which machines may be the best for customers.

Set up my own gym and fitness or franchise?

It is a very interesting question when you are on the verge of opening a new gym franchise business in USA, and knowing if it is a good idea to join a franchise or directly set it all up on your own. 

Setting up your own gym allows you, in a way, to be your own boss of your own franchise and not depend on any external factor. On the other hand, if you are under the protection of a franchise, you do not start from scratch, because you take advantage of the image of that franchise, the choice of all the equipment or the acquisition of customers.

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However, thinking about opening a gym on our own can drive us crazy. A very large initial investment that we may not be able to cover with our savings, forcing us to resort to bank loans.

But, if you stop to think coldly, being with a franchise can save you a lot of head feeders. You cut costs considerably, reduce the risk of it not going well, and avoid common beginner mistakes.

On the other hand, if you are attached to a franchise, your freedom of movement may be reduced. You will have some limitations if you want to make some changes or innovate, and you could even get burdened by the famous «royalties» that franchises charge.

7 reasons to open a gym franchise

We have already taught you what business plan you can follow or what requirements you need to open your gym franchise in USA.

Now, we are going to give you 7 reasons why it is a good idea to open a gym franchise right now.

Low initial investment

We have already mentioned in previous points that the initial investment is nothing compared if you decide to join a franchise if you want to set it up on your own. You will save costs, they will help you in decision making, they will look for a room and they will be in charge of decorating the room. They are all advantages for this part, what if?

Gym image

There is nothing like having a brand that supports you from the first moment. A brand that is committed to you and makes things easier for you within the sector. For this reason, it is important to find a good franchise leader in the sector, with both national and international recognition, that will facilitate the task of attracting new partners.

Franchise support for your gym

Virtually all franchises have a team of advisers, including professionals from the sector, who can help and guide you in your new business. Surround yourself with these people, listen to them, ask them all kinds of questions, don’t be shy, that’s what they are for, to help you.

Your own boss

The really good thing about opening a gym franchise in USA is that you maintain that position of boss within the center’s work organization chart. In this situation, many entrepreneurs abandon the idea of ​​being “employees” to better manage their own business.

However, don’t think that a franchise can do this. You can make your own decisions about your gym and what happens inside it.

Smoother process

Setting up any business from scratch requires spending many hours, establishing meetings with professionals in the sector and a heavy investment. Under the protection of a chain of gyms, all this can be streamlined in a more efficient way, focusing on how you are going to create a fitness experience in your gym.

Avoid risks

Your gym will begin its journey under the tutelage of a franchise. Those fears of the beginning, of not knowing if you are doing it right, that risk that exists after making a large investment, with a franchise all that is reduced.

Belong to a franchise team

There are many benefits of being next to a franchise. For example, events, meetings, master class, growth opportunities within the sector or learning about the latest trends in the world of fitness.

The 5 best gym franchises in USA

To set up a gym franchise in USA , you first have to know what the sector is like, what types of franchises there are, what they can offer you or not, always within your possibilities and your business plan.

You are probably wondering what gym franchises exist in USA right now and how they work. It is very good to know the business plan or the requirements, but what you want to know is who you are going to give the reins of your new business to. 

So, do not lose detail because we are going to show you what, in our opinion, are the best gym franchises in USA so that you can choose the one that best suits your business idea.

Woman 30

Spectacular idea focused especially on the female sector. It has conditioning rooms with 30-minute circuits. It has a room where the machines are placed in a circular way, it rotates every 10 minutes from one activity to another until the 30 minutes are completed.

It is an innovative method of training that shows that the time factor is essential. You are facing a new, innovative franchise, with striking aesthetics, with a small initial investment and high profitability.


Franchise of gyms in USA founded in 2005 that has more than 38 establishments open throughout the country. It offers a first quality service to any part of the population. 

Currently, it has high satisfaction from its users, which makes Altafit one of the best gyms with the highest profitability in USA. Its main clientele is students and young people who want to be fit at low cost, that is the key to their success.

It has large fitness rooms, a wide variety of activities and personalized monitoring by the best professionals in the sector.

Body Design

You are probably facing the franchise that costs the least to set up. His idea of ​​a personal care space focuses on machines with electrodes that tone different parts of the body in about 20 minutes.

It is a relatively young franchise, founded in 2012, currently only has 5 centers in USA, but it is expanding within the sector and it would not be a bad idea to invest in it.

Body Factory

It is one of the oldest franchises, founded in 1991, and the one that gives the most profitability. Investing in this franchise is synonymous with being in a consolidated company within the gym franchise sector in USA , with fairly close advice that considerably reduces the initial risk.

Its facilities are usually very spacious and have both fitness and wellness rooms.

Brooklyn Fitboxing

It may be one of the gym franchises that has less gym, but do not lose interest, stay and we show you why you have to take it into account.

At Brooklyn Fitboxing, they offer a training system focused on different martial arts, such as Boxing, Kick-boxing or Muay Thai. All these training are carried out in rooms equipped for this, with bags, protections and a boxing ring.

As we said before, martial arts is experiencing a real boom. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to invest in this type of sports and trust a leading franchise in the sector.

Conclusion of Gym Franchise Business Plan

As we have shown you throughout the article, setting up a gym, either on your own or under a franchise, can be an excellent business idea.

Neither option is the best or the worst. You have to search and find the one that best suits your possibilities and your business idea. If you have enough capital to face a strong initial investment, you can embark on the adventure of creating your own gym.

If, on the contrary, you have more financial difficulties and do not want to be aware of banks, then the franchisee may be a good idea to start your new business. They will help you with the investment, location, opening and search for clients, etc.

In short, creating a gym franchise in USA , at the moment, is a very profitable and exciting business idea, where you can discover a sector on the rise and with a strong vocation for customer service.

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