How to Make Money from Google News

If you have a blog or a news website you may wonder how you can make money from Google news. We all know that it is a large news platform where there is an opportunity for any news website to get thousands of visitors every.

Every news blogger wants to get traffic on his blog and if the most trusted platform on the web is recommending your articles then it is very beneficial for the website.

But how do you make money on Google News? The answer is simple, google news has billions of users, and when you submit your website to google news, you receive traffic that will generate revenue for you. However, we know that getting revenue depends upon various things such as clicks, topic, and country.

Don’t leave the article here, there are several things to know before you submit your website to Google News.

What are the basic things that you should know before you submit your blog to Google News?

The following are basic things that you need to know in order to get approval from Google News:

A Well Organized Website

Well organized website means that you have a good structure on your website and each article should be placed in appropriate categories. A well-organized website gives users the best experience and easy to locate different things on your website.

It will improve the overall engagement of the users which means people will stay more on your website if you have good structure content.

Also, the content itself should be structured well so that users can read the content easily. For that, you use proper heading tags so that users can locate them properly.

Updated Content

On a news website, you need to post content regularly so that Google will know that you post content on a daily basis because the validity of news articles is mostly less than a week so you need to consistently post new articles.

Publishing your article daily might give you a good ranking in Google News and make a brand image in the eyes of users. It also connects you with the users because you consistently post content on your website.

AdSense Approval

In order to make money we know that you should have AdSense approval on your website. For making money on Google news you also need a website that has AdSense approval.

So whenever a user visits your website and clicks on any of your ads whether the traffic comes from Google news or from organically you will get your revenue.

A Nice Theme

A nice theme will allow your website to load faster and give the user a great experience because the way the content is showing will also impact the engagement of the user.

So, use a trusted and lightweight theme that will attract users and also improve your search ranking.

Step for submitting your website in Google News

Submitting the website in google news is quite easy, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the publisher center of Google News
  2. Log in with your email id in which you have submitted your blog to Adsense and Search Console
  3. Click on Add Publication
  4. Setup the category of your website
  5. After that, you need to set up the sections in which you mentioned the category name and their links
  6. Upload logo for the Publisher Handel (You can also preview the changes you make)
  7. Now submit your website and wait for the approval of Google News

Once you get approval from Google News your articles will show automatically on google news.

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