How to Build a Successful Startup Research Paper

Building a successful research paper is quite a difficult task, but this guide on how to build a successful startup research paper will make it easy for you.

The trend of increasing importance of startups companies in the global economy shows not only a strengthened business environment for them but also a confidence in new entrepreneurs.

Build a Successful Startup Research Paper

Here is a complete guide on how to build a successful startup research paper.

Startup Business Design

Design is a powerful tool that enables companies to discover their unique differences from

competitors. When people were talking about new things in the 1990s, they meant technology.

When people discuss innovation over the decade, focusing on design. The change of meaning is emphatic variable times and a different phase in the design period.

If the design was hiding the marketing too, branding in the past, plays a very important and important role in all phases of business valuation, development, quality control, and profitability in current startup industries.

Since composition is a flexible business that can respond flexibly to changing market trends and consumer needs, it is a place where each entrepreneur, with his or her own ideas and skills development, can be actively involved.

Startup Business Model

To be successful in a new innovation environment, the first thing must be embracing an open business model.

This is because in the fourth area of ​​the Industrial Revolution that is reflected in art a combination of technology and markets across the IT-based industry, for successful business growth based on an open creative combination of technologies and markets through open innovation or an open business model.

Unlocking innovation happens as an open and creative connection between technology and the market. In particular, if the person who is doing the technology is different from the one using it technology to produce a product or service and to offer it to the market, this phenomenon is called open new.

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In addition, in the new market, where a new combination between technology and the market is constantly forming, requiring the continuous emergence of new creative combinations between technology and society.

Factor You Should Consider Before Building a Research Paper

Although a certain direction of business understanding can influence a person’s readiness persistence in business practice, previous research has shown that certain business activities are more likely than others to lead to successful startups.

Determination and persistence in business operations may not lead to a successful business venture if persistence is just that it leads entrepreneurs who are more likely to be involved in unsuitable activities.

If you are a potential entrepreneur you spend a lot of time planning but there is no time to find potential, new customers the business may not be built. Business functions are, therefore, an important variable for mediation between entrepreneurial thinking and the first successes that follow. Although the solid work of success in scientific genius is rare, there is much conceptual work demonstrating the pre-implementation process.

Some models are based in one way, such as the motivation model, cognitive, or network model. Multiple models are built in different ways. It’s very common, and there’s a temporary element to the models.

Some authors explain that the process of setting up a business involves the making of numbers of actions, with high variability in rate and sequence of activities. And some the authors acknowledge this variability, still understanding the subsections in the pre-implementation process.

Tiessen argues that the individual tendency is appropriate for the goals of self-employment but disrupts the process of resource acquisition where effective collaboration with other people exists.

Some variables may be very important in one category and may be significant in another. Because For example, entrepreneurial psychology has been found to be very important in forecasting opportunities to start a business rather than its success.

Starting construction also requires entrepreneurship, qualifications that are available to good entrepreneurs as well entrepreneurs. There are many different definitions of entrepreneurial spirit at a higher education institution. However, it is described as “new”, “risk-taking and uncertainty”,  and “capture and seize market opportunities”.

Research Method

The Unity Analysis Program (AHP)

The process of analytic hierarchy (AHP) is a valid method for the study of social sciences. AHP The method is used most often not only in business decision-making decisions but also a variety of different research systems.

The AHP, introduced by Saaty, is a statistic, the basic, objective-major, decision-making tool. Research Framework and Unique Materials

Important aspects of the success of creative enterprises are built on purpose to outline initial success factors.

The research framework was designed as a two-dimensional architecture which includes elements and achievements and attributes, preparing for the good and successful business of startup success leaders. In the first case, we identified four success factors, namely, “business”, “new”, “Technology”, and “Economics”.

Research Process

This study aims to find out what are the key elements of creative innovation in the Korean market again the most important thing for designers or design professionals in the design phase of construction.

Powerful For analysis, we compiled a list of questions depending on the quantitative analysis used the AHP process for analyzing startup success factors.


We did this research to find out what the key successes of the renaming business are to show the required resources for these items.

The invention of the design reflected that idea a transaction is the key to the success of a startup, and the start of technology means sustainable investment is a very important factor, followed by a sales perspective. These results explain why Korean adolescents avoid the initial establishment, that is, because of a lack of ideas.

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