How to Be a Good Mentor to a Student and in the Workplace

A mentor is a person who acts as a mentor, role model, or startup. A mentor specializes in a field or domain and knows how to work well.

In fact, it can be said that a mentor is a person who has reached the level of a professor in a field.

Why should we have a mentor?

A mentor is like a football coach who looks at issues from above, explaining different aspects of work: human resources, financial resources, communication, long-term goals, short-term goals, obstacles, opportunities, operational plans, and so on. Makes. To be a good mentor, you have to act like a football coach.

“ Research has proven the value of having a mentor to improve the work experience. “

How to Be a Good Mentor

Be a great guide like a tutor when writing a dissertation

The mentors create a space for Manti to have a passage to the “past” and see where they are now, where they want to go, and what is the best way to get there.

Mentors offer their personal views, advice, and information to enhance their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

The mentor helps Manti take a big step towards achieving his goals and improving his professional and personal life.


Start working in advance and don’t miss opportunities and remove obstacles along the way one after the other. In fact, there is a common workspace between the mentor and the mentor that the mentor plays the role of the accelerator.

Mentor and Mentee have a friendly relationship, and Mentor’s role is not only to provide advice but also to follow Mentee to the end of the road in this shared space.

For example, suppose you want to buy a house, here the real estate consultant is aware of the information and the ups and downs of that area and the houses, he knows the price of the area well in the previous and current years and he can also know the price. Predict the growth of the area for you and ultimately help you make the best purchase. Save and save your money at the same time.

In this scenario, the mentor is the real estate consultant who needs complete information about the price of the property, access to public transportation, in order to be able to provide the right guidance to Manti and provide him with a cost-effective and appropriate purchase. Understand access to cultural venues, access to school, or ease of access to entertainment venues. The real estate consultant should also be informed about the traffic and congestion in the area and have different plans for his client to choose the most suitable property from a few good properties.

Consider another scenario: Imagine you are planning to start a business or professional, you just have that idea in mind and you don’t know where to start and what path and what to do, in Here, Mentor appears as a miracle worker and shows you the roadmap because he has already gone all the way to success, failed and is now on a great path to a goal.

In order for your business to thrive, it needs to have different aspects of financial resources, human resources, interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships, and sponsors, financial and spiritual support, and so on. Mentors can provide you with these options. Slow down and accelerate your goal. Therefore, in order for a person to be knowledgeable and omniscient in his field of expertise, the mentor must be able to consider the various dimensions of the problem and have a plan or plan for each of these dimensions.

A mentor is preparing guidance to people in many different areas, for example, Mentor in business, education, marketing, Mentor in setting up a business or Internet startups and so on. Each of the mentors in the field of specialization must have reached a high level of awareness, and this is not possible except to try and obtain various information and act on it. A good mentor is like a step-by-step guidebook.

What is mentoring?

A mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee, and a mentoring relationship can be short-lived, and when a project is stopped or completed, the relationship ends. Or that this relationship has existed for many years.

Mentoring is more than just “advising” or providing pure knowledge and experience. Rather, by motivating and empowering Manti, mentoring should help him identify his problems and goals and help him find solutions. Mentoring does not mean that the mentor will do the work for you, but it does mean that the mentor must provide different ways of doing work or different plans to the “mentor.”

So in order to be a successful mentor, we need to be able to offer different and great paths for the same purpose and to provide unlimited motivation and strength. In a word, be “a guide to everything.”

Why should we have mentors?

Mentoring is a relationship in which a person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to help others progress in personal life or professional life such as work.

Mentors should be considered as a new member or new staff to help Mentee become aware of the area and its procedures, policies, personnel, financial and support resources, or information resources and core equipment. In other words, it helps Manti stay in his new position for a long time and be promoted in that position.

Mentoring can serve as a neutral factor in providing a solution to any concerns or problems that have arisen for a person and giving him or her the ability to create new strategies for success.

A mentor who knows the vision and scope of work well can circumvent many repetitive and useless tasks and processes and provide the best processes to achieve the goal. So having a vision for the goal and setting the goal is the secret to a mentor’s success.

Let’s take a look at an interesting scenario: Mentor is like the head coach of a football team that informs its players about the way they work, plans different plans for them, and warns their players in situations where they feel threatened. Give them the opportunity to defend their field and territory, and at times to reach the goal, they put them at risk and send an attacker to the target field.

A coach is with the players from the beginning to the 90th minute and does not leave them alone. He also has plans for his players’ ethical issues and personal life, such as diet, bedtime, and more. It also provides a good team of medicine, psychology, physiotherapy and bodybuilding for his team to manage all aspects of the job well. The coach is in a shared workspace with his players and helps the players to achieve the goal.

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