How to Set up a Restaurant in Canada

To set up a restaurant in Canada you need more skills in the kitchen, you need to build a pleasant space for the customers in order to fully satisfy the consumers. Behind a restaurant must be a strategy in order to achieve the objectives. Because beyond the financial goal that must never be neglected, it must seek customer loyalty and ensure that income for the future.

Type of restaurant

First of all, you have to know what type of restaurant you want to set up; classic, fast food, specialized or exotic. 

A classic restaurant fits many situations and may be the concept that gathers the most followers. Snacks can be the ideal solution for places where space is limited and can serve a lot of people in a short time. 

Themed restaurants are a way to distinguish, either through food by country or even by the type of food served.


The location can largely depend on what you want, if the idea is to serve lunch then the city ​​center or industrial areas may be the solution. If you want to serve more dinners, ideally located, you may choose to go through a more residential area. If the idea is to serve fast food, shopping malls may be the solution. There are restaurants that can be found anywhere within large cities, which will always demand whether they provide advantages to customers, or are simply unique. If you offer a very favorable price / quality ratio, word-of-mouth will probably be announced that will encourage business growth . The originality of the restaurant can also become the unique restaurant, either by location or by unexpected location chosen concept. For example next to a cliff by the sea, next to a famous site etc.


As for the menus, there are some ideas that you can use: menu, daily specials, reduced menu or extensive menu. The menu offers many ways if you use dishes of the day, that is, different dishes every day are trying to build customer loyalty, so people can attend this establishment every day and make their meals there, the meals are served with one more fast as the dishes have been cooked. A fixed menu, which highlights the house specialties, invites occasional use (occasionally). A fixed menu requires more time to prepare meals, since in principle the dishes are made at the moment.


The decoration should give the impression that it is an accessory aspect, because food is one of the main ones, the truth is that we like to be in pleasant places. It is a variable that has a decisive influence, since if customers enter and leave without consuming, they obtain nothing. Aside from the outer appearance, the space environment should be an invitation to sit down. In addition to the colors used. we must think about towels, tables, cutlery, flowers, images, smells, etc. 

The price level

The price makes the natural selection of customers, if cheap you can have all kinds of customers, if you have a high price it reduces the number of potential customers. The price often reflects the type of quality of the ingredients used in the preparation of the meals, or it may be a result of the location, the tourist areas . The bottom line is that thinking that gives you the best restaurants is always expensive.


Space is everything, it is almost impossible to make a restaurant of refinement in a few square meters, in most cases, I am more and more convinced that there are no impossible. The space and number of tables is limited by this detail, so the capacity to serve meals is directly related to the number of seats.

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