10 Highest Paying Jobs in India for Women

Looking for the highest paying jobs in India for females? Then here we will find the best and highest-paying jobs for women in India.

10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Here are the 10 highest paying hobs in India that women can go for.

1. Executive Director

Their responsibilities include managing organizations and corporations. They account for 24% of the posts, and the profit is 75% of male income.


2. Pharmacist

These are people who sell medications and advise buyers on the administration and dose of medications. The female share in this type of activity is 43%, and the income is 75% of the male.


3. Lawyer

In this profession, the fair sex accounts for 37% of total employment, and income still retains its 75% of men’s earnings.

4. Manager of computer and information systems

Women who choose this profession should ensure the smooth operation of computers, network resources and other electronic systems. Their share of employment in this area is 28%, but income is not so high and makes up only 21% of the total profit of the IT sector.

5. Software Developer

In this area of ​​activity, women won 21% of employment, and their income level reached 85% of relative male earnings.


6. Therapist and surgeon

In these professions, 34% of women are currently employed, who receive 64% of the male remuneration in medicine.


7. Programmer

Women managed to penetrate into such a purely masculine sphere of activity. Here, their share of employment is 21%, and wages are inferior to the size of the male salary by only 7%.

8. Management Analyst

In this field of activity, ladies were able to win 47% of employment for themselves, and their incomes were less than men’s by only 14%.

9. Specialist in the theory and analysis of computers and systems

If a woman chose this kind of occupation for herself, then she is interested in delving into microcircuits of computer equipment and testing all kinds of data transmission systems. The percentage of women’s employment in this area is 28, and incomes are only 8% less than their male counterparts.

10. Occupational therapist 

The profession involves working with people with disabilities. Specialists teach them how to adapt and adapt to life, given their physical defects. 82% of female specialists work in this area, and wages are equivalent to men.


The time has come when prestigious work and a well-paid position become the main priorities in the lives of modern women and men. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing. Do not forget that in addition to income, work should bring moral satisfaction, as well as leave time and opportunity for simple everyday joys.

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