20 Highest Paying Jobs in the World

If you want to start your own business and earn a lot of money, you need to know which sectors are stronger. If your passion is parallel with one of them, it may be time to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Reviewing the fastest growing small business ideas is the best way to understand which job you want to start or which job you want to be part of. If you’re wondering which markets are better than before, read on.

Highest Paying Jobs in the World

If you want to start a business where you can earn money, you can evaluate the investment opportunities below. These highest paying jobs in the world will be useful for entrepreneurs who want to start new businesses:

1 – Chicken breeding

Highest Paying Jobs in the World

People who attach importance to healthy eating day by day have started to prefer white meat instead of red meat. The consumption of chickens and eggs has been on a steady increase worldwide for the last twenty years. There is no doubt that this makes chicken breeding one of the most profitable jobs. Turkey close to 200% in the last 10 years about the growing poultry sector, growth momentum is expected within the next 10 years.

2 – Environmentally friendly construction

Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Engineers and contractors who build machinery and buildings by keeping the pollution level to a minimum can grow their work incredibly. Local and national concerns about global warming and environmental pollution create opportunities for businesses that want to grow. This includes environmentally friendly paint, building materials, or solar panel manufacturers and distributors.

3 – Baby products

the baby-ur-sell

The production and sale of baby food, clothes, goods and toys is one of the most profitable and money-saving jobs. Of the population aged 0-5 years of age in Turkey it is estimated to be close to 5 million. Since the population is constantly increasing, the demand for such products is increasing day by day. If you can position your business strategically, you can have a very profitable job.

4 – E-commerce

online-product-purchase of

With the internet becoming more common every day and the number of mobile users increasing, the e-commerce sector continues to rise among the top money-earning sectors.

5 – Metal product production

metal-plant LAN

Many industries need small and medium iron vehicles. The agriculture, construction and mining industries are the most important consumers of iron equipment. Enterprises producing domestic metal and steel, as well as industrial manufacturers of devices specific to sensitive jobs, are the ones with the most stable growth rates.

6 – Mobile health


Today, people have started to pay more attention to their health, and they are periodically concerned with their health. If you provide people with services related to health, medicine, nutrition, and also assessment methods, you will earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. You can earn a lot of money with monthly and annual subscriptions if you develop mobile health apps / exercises such as weight loss programs for smartphones and tablets, menstrual cycle calculation and safe period, daily and weekly energy calorie intake or bodybuilding exercises.

7 – Customized food shops

food conservation

Large supermarkets are always popular, but consumers have started to show interest in customized food shops, and they do not hesitate to make large payments there. Your company can focus on domestic production, vegan / vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free, or simply healthy food. If you have always dreamed of having your own market, it may be time to attack.

8 – Social media marketing

The social-media-marketing

Smart investors increase their followers and earn a lot of money by sharing sponsored posts, links and tweets from their social media accounts. Many companies that do not have time to grow their accounts buy some of these social media profiles. You can share and earn money via Facebook, Twitter, G +, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

9 – Natural plants and organic foods

herbal medicine

People started to turn to fresh products produced from animals and plants instead of fast food foods and bottled beverages that are processed and protected by chemical materials. Plants used to treat various diseases and ailments are blended to produce medicines and herbal food supplements. Doctors recommend people to eat fresh vegetables, eggs, meat and fruits to make them healthier and more vigorous. That is why the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as natural herbal beverages is growing rapidly. Keep in mind that you need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to produce and sell herbal products.

10 – Sale of building materials


New buildings are being built every day. Fortunately, many of the new residential buildings are located in developing areas. You can earn money by entering the building materials business in the developing regions. If you don’t have enough capital to get a distributorship license, you can sell materials to end users such as carpenters, plumbers, welders, bricklayers and concrete brick molders, aluminum and glass masters.

Flooring, steel bars and beams, gravel, sharp square sand, wood and veneer, connecting rod, plastic pipes, sink and other plumbing works, cement, electrical installations, sliding glass windows and doors, iron doors and security doors, furniture fittings, industrial As a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor of bricks, iron thin sheets, asbestos roofing, emulsion paint and glossy paint, you can make fast sales and earn good profit.

11- Consulting

consulting-of-establish enterprises

Whether you’re specialized in security, SEO, marketing or human resources, this industry grew by 11.4% in 2014, and growth is not expected to slow down for a long time. Changing laws, the need for search engine optimization, as well as the need to represent themselves with any evolving mobile device, cause businesses to face problems. Businesses need help and are ready to pay for it. You can earn good money if you can offer this kind of expertise.

12 – IT support services

Internet Safety

Yes, computer technology in general is undoubtedly one of the business areas that make a lot of money, but computing services perform much better. Whether on-site management systems or system design, sales growth in this area increased by 15% compared to last year. Since virtual crime and DDOS attacks are on the rise, companies are increasingly concerned about data protection, violations and security. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies flock to IT support companies.

13- Accounting services


Accounting is one of the sectors that are not affected by recession. If possible, build good business relationships with people you trust and who know you personally. Although it is advantageous to have experience in accounting, you do not need someone to open an accounting firm. Instead of doing the wrong thing, you can hire a licensed professional. But keep in mind that you still need to carefully dive into turbid waters, as you will still need to take on a lot of responsibility.

14 – Architecture companies

landscape architect

Believe it or not, this industry, which hit the bottom until a few years ago, made a quick return. This sector has grown by 14% over the past 12 months, with no signs of slowdown, from landscape architecture to surveying, cartography to technical drawing services. With the help of architects, the real estate market, which has recovered from itself, has a huge impact on this increase.

15- Smart home systems


Along with smart phones, the invasion of smart products has accelerated our lives. Smart home systems also have a large share in the smart products market. It is an area that those who want to make a lot of money should not ignore.

16- Saving devices


Depending on the development of technology, the need for energy is increasing day by day. When energy production does not increase in parallel with the energy need, energy becomes more expensive. Puffy bills also lead people to save. For this reason, the energy saving devices sector is a major attraction for those who want to start a business. In fact, some dealerships offer business opportunities with very attractive prices and high profits.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for innovative ideas? Then this article appeals to you. The 15 business ideas we share can help you build successful and profitable businesses.

This list does not consist of random ideas, but innovative steps that have been evaluated in today’s market conditions and have not been tried before.

Realizing any of these innovative ideas now will be an important step to achieve success before the market is satisfied. The list contains a title that you may need in your business life and appeals to everyone.

Below you will find an idea that can be useful in any field, from internet sales to opening a shop or starting a mobile dining business:

17- Subscription Boxes

If you’ve heard nothing about subscription boxes so far, you’re probably living in the cave.

In summary: The customer becomes a member of your service and you collect the different products and send them to the customer on a monthly basis. This method is generally used in games, stationery or confectionery, and the contents of each box remain a surprise. It is a very fun concept and therefore its popularity is increasing day by day.

This business idea is ideal for new entrepreneurs. There are many types of products that have not been used yet. You can research the gaps in the market and use the subscription system.

18- Food Service

With the increasing number of people who work long hours and care about their health, food service is on the rise. The variety of ready meals is too large for new entrepreneurs. It is important to make the right choice to stand out from the rest.

Here are a few ideas you can consider:

  • Vegan Nutrition
  • Gluten Free Foods
  • Famous Paleo diet among athletes
  • Local Production Products
  • Raw Foods
  • High Protein Foods
  • Suggested Meals From Dietitians Traffic

These services generally work in the form of membership and provide regular returns.

19- Virtual Reality Accessories

Virtual reality is the most advanced gaming technology today and we are at the ideal time to enter this area and sell its accessories. Virtual reality products are already very popular in the market. Virtual reality accessories are still growing. You do not need to be a technology genius to be successful in this field. Simply design stickers for protective containers or virtual reality glasses with different designs. 

20- Online Education

Even if you only look at language learning apps or online classes, you can see that this field has grown enormously in recent years.

If you find an area that is not yet entered and in demand, you can both support the education of people and earn money.

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