23 Good Business Ideas in Los Angeles for Profitable Startup

Looking for good business ideas in los angeles? Here you will have profitable ideas for your business in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is one of the best places to start a profitable business. So, what are you waiting for?

Good Business Ideas in Los Angeles

Virtual secretary

Having a secretary / or only when you really need it without having to hire anyone is an option that more and more companies offer. To do this, they put at your disposal professionals who are responsible for taking calls and managing all their work remotely.

Medical consultations online

Fear of displacement and large concentrations of people, more in healthcare settings, has fueled the growth of online medical consultations. In them, medical professionals solve not only questions that you want to ask but they are also very useful for monitoring a pathology and knowing the evolution of the patient after their treatments. 

Post-covid accessories

A whole series of merchandising products related to the pandemic and measures to avoid contagion fall into this category . We are not only talking about designer hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, but also masks of all kinds (some of them with a corporate image) or antibacterial covers and cases to store them when their use is not necessary. More sophisticated items have also been launched, such as molds to open doors and windows without contact or self-tanners that both serve to avoid the shadow mark that leaves the part covered by the mask and to get tan without having to go to the beach. 


Now that we have had the opportunity to spend more time than usual at home, we have been aware of how important it is to feel comfortable in it. In fact, home decor products are among the best sellers during confinement. But they have not been concerned only with the interiors. Those who have space outside, such as a terrace, patio or garden, have also taken advantage of these days to enable it or improve its appearance and thus have some contact with nature.

Recharge the mobile with solar energy

A case capable of recharging the mobile phone with solar energy was the entrepreneurial idea that won the prize for the best Entrepreneurial Project of the e2 Program: “Student x Entrepreneur” at the University of Cantabria (UC) in collaboration with the Santander International Entrepreneurship Center ( CISE). The project consists of a mobile phone case that is self-recharging with solar energy and that allows the device’s performance to be lengthened, a solution closely aligned with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 7.

Personal trainer

Now that most gyms have cut classes and seats and it seems healthier to practice sport in open spaces than indoors, setting up a business based on personal sports training makes more sense than ever. Physical education professionals can offer this service without the need to invest money or have facilities, since it can both go to the person’s home or take advantage of parks or garden spaces on public roads.

Safe spaces

In the startup Digital Miles they were already dedicated to applying artificial intelligence to the optimal management of spaces. However, the emergence of the coronavirus broadened its scope of action, bearing in mind that, if before they worked more for commercial clients, now their developments made sense for any company that had to adapt its offices or facilities to the new normality in accordance with the criteria of distance, control of capacity and distribution of spaces. In this way, they help companies to comply with the requirements for the prevention of occupational hazards while promoting the creation of safe spaces, a new business opportunity where technology plays an important role, but also imagination.


Considering that women represent almost half of half of humanity in the world (77 million more men in 2020), it is strange the few business solutions that are oriented to improve their particular problems. Hence, what is already known as Femtech, the sum of women with technology, becomes increasingly important and businesses like Clue succeed , to monitor the period and ovulation for women in search of fertility, or Endodiag , a company with a focus on women suffering from endometriosis.

Good Business Ideas in Los Angeles

The handmade continues to like

If in We are Knitters it’s been years since they managed to exceed 10 million turnover a year selling balls of wool for people from all over the world to dedicate to knitting, why couldn’t you do the same by making handbags, sculptures of esparto grass or anything else? Customers tend to value handmade items and are willing to pay more for them. Of course, for that, they must find out about your existence and the only way to achieve it is by digitizing the business, even if your service is purely artisanal. Companies such as Oficio Studio , a leather shop that practically makes all their sales online, or Javier Sánchez Medina are worth success stories in this line., a craftsman and restorer popular for his curious articles of esparto grass, from mirrors to animal heads, which he has baptized with the name of ‘ecological trophies’. 

Against the isolation of the elderly

The state of alarm with the consequent confinement helped Arsenio Vilallonga   to identify a business opportunity responding to a need evidenced by the crisis: that the vulnerability of the elderly or people with mobility problems increases with isolation. To solve this, it has launched a simple device on the market capable of connecting the mobile phone to the home telephone, thus avoiding trips to open the door or attend to delivery men, postman or other visits. Like Vilallonga, other entrepreneurs launch ideas that allow the autonomy of older people while providing security for their families, such as  CerQana , a help and location app for dependent people.

Alternatives to the residential model

Another thing that the pandemic has highlighted has been the need to find alternatives to the traditional residential model for older people. Senior cohousing, as a way of life in community, now stands as a winning solution. It consists of creating collaborative housing where people who have reached a certain age can live in a community sharing common expenses and services. 

Online training

If you are an expert in a certain subject, you no longer have to wait for an institution or company to hire you to live on your knowledge. Online training has grown significantly in recent years, more with confinement. There are companies specialized in “putting into orbit” your online training business, such as Jekill but, with a little patience and determination to learn, you could also set up your own online academy because the main capital that is needed, that of specialized talent, is already available.

Agency for freelancers 

More and more professionals are choosing to settle on their own because they do not want many ties or condition their lives on a job or a certain city. Technology allows it. Those who are known as digital nomads, that is, people who take advantage of the Internet to carry out their occupation and / or to sell their knowledge to other people or companies working remotely from anywhere in the world belong to this group. Connecting these professionals with companies that need a specific service through a platform or an agency is an interesting business.

Yoga online

Yoga is one of the best practices to feel good inside and out. However, many people do not practice it because they do not know what type of yoga to start with (vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha …) or where to do it. 

Micro SaaS

According to the entrepreneur Tyle Tringas, a micro SaaS (software as a Service) business is “a SaaS business oriented to a niche market, managed by a very small person or team, with small costs, a limited focus, a small user base but very dedicated and without external financing ”. 

Good Business Ideas in Los Angeles

New Materials

Javier Peña, general director and scientist of Elisava , urges recycling so that man can once again integrate into nature. All this requires a profound change in mentality that starts with the knowledge of who we are and what surrounds us, starting with the materials, present in all the environments in which we move. Along these lines, at the school he runs, some students have created Clint,a new versatile and recyclable material made from the textile residues left in the filters of the drying machines. Clint is one more step towards a new circular economy model in industrial laundry that transforms a waste into a new material and moves towards zero waste. Similar to cardboard, Clint is manufactured from lint, that is, from the recovery of the solid textile residue captured directly in the filters of the drying machines. 

Create and energize online communities

It consists of creating an online community around a specific theme, getting renowned members to join them to increase the cache of the participants and, from there, start charging any interested party who wants to be part of that ‘select’ ‘club that you have generated. 

Food Trucks

You need a small van, a specific product to offer, an adapted kitchen and a license to operate and operate your Food truck business, an initiative that is increasingly joined by entrepreneurs or people looking for a self-employment solution. As a main advantage, in addition to low investment, there is the possibility of easily transferring the business to events of any nature related to leisure and gastronomy.

The world of collectors

Those who think that the irruption of technology in all areas has destroyed the value of certain collections such as philatelic are wrong. The fondness for the old and for monopolizing multiple versions of the same object continues to give rise to new businesses where platforms such as all collection arise which, in addition to being an online community for the sale and purchase of antiques, art, books and everything type of collections, also serves as a barometer to know the market interest in your collection and the price paid for it. It is known by him, and although it is hard to believe, that philately gains ground and increases its sales by 36% during 2020. On Whakoom you can find hundreds of thousands of comic sheets in more than 30 languages ​​and with all the information you need. 

Neuroscience to hire: you just have to play

Verified neuroscience games assess the cognitive and emotional strengths of job candidates, and data science algorithms select them for a job. The pymetrics is designed to reduce bias games having the structures of traditional evaluations introduced blind auditions to mitigate biases voluntary and involuntary. “Candidates move on our platform anonymously, and the prediction algorithm does not use demographic information to assess profession matches,” they say.

Good Business Ideas in Los Angeles

Incentivize so that we are all more sustainable

Light is a mobile application that encourages people to be more sustainable in their day to day. To do so, it launches sustainable challenges in exchange for receiving rewards in the Light Market. The co-founders are Santiago Jiménez and Carlos Rosety , who began to give shape to the idea two and a half years ago and today lead a startup that is cool to be sustainable and also works very well.

Digital Mentor for Employees

Next Play uses AI-based software to unite employees and their mentors, compile statistics, and offer a custom app for each company that creates reminders and helps organize meetings. Additionally, NextPlay partners with universities to build industry-leading professional development ecosystems by creating new opportunities to learn, engage alumni communities, and measure their impact. 

Charge to sell your notes

It was the idea of ​​the Wuala startup , where the most applied students have the opportunity to earn money by hanging their notes on the platform. This is how they have managed to gather thousands of users from the main universities.

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