9 Profitable Future Technology Business Ideas

Looking for the future technology business ideas then you came to the right place. Here in this article we will talk about the 9 technology business ideas that can also be used in future for profitable businesses.

9 Future Technology Business Ideas

Here are the 9 future technology business ideas that you can use for your startup.

Auto-Adjust Pillow

Pillows are one of the products that were invented centuries ago and have not had any changes or improvements in their design ever since. We do not know what you think about reconsidering these simple objects, but a new Japanese initiative is dedicated to standing on the pillow. In return for their efforts, we came across this new pillow called Podoon.

Future Technology Business Ideas
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When you go to the side-lying position at night while lying on your back, your head position will increase. If the pillow you use at this time does not fill the gap formed, your head will remain down and your neck will be forced to stand curved. Podoon is designed to be shaped according to the sleeping position so that your neck can maintain its ideal position like the rest of your spine. Automatic pillow swells when needed, and descends if necessary.

Advanced Electric Scooter

As we said before, human beings are experiencing the golden age of spreadable technology. The fact that electric motors are smaller and stronger with each passing day, the batteries started to last longer, combining these two forces, and started the renaissance period for personal transportation vehicles. We are now facing more drivable technology than we can count, and new and more advanced options continue to be added to this stack every month. The subject of this week is the new and impressive electric scooter called Unagi. Unagi was designed with the most advanced technologies from start to finish. For example, its body was manufactured with strong and lightweight aluminum used in aircraft, while its wheels were developed to be explosion-proof. Unagi, which also has lighting at the wheel, can be seen as the most luxurious and good model in its field.

Three-Dimensional Ceramic Printer

In the past few years, the variety of materials that can be used in 3D printers has increased by creating an explosion. After the old days using only PLA and ABS, dozens of printer materials, including glass, plastic, wood and even chocolate, have come into our lives. On the other hand, clay is not considered to have found much place in this list. But this may change the course of Cerembot’s fathers. Cerembot is a 3D printer specifically designed to work with wet clay. The idea of ​​being able to bake the hardener after printing the desired material played an important role in the product’s emergence. Moreover, since the product is still wet and shapeable after it has been removed from the printer, you can also bake it by making the corrections you want. The best part of Cerembot is that it has no requirements like other printers, a fairly reasonable price. Currently, the price set for the printer, which can be pre-ordered at Kickstarter, is $ 200. 

Turntable Player Printable With 3D Printer

Created in partnership with Swiss audio systems manufacturer Lenco and Dutch 3D printer company RepRap Universe, Lenco MD is the world’s first 3D printer turntable player. Hoping to bring new lovers and create new things by bringing together the lovers of technology and technology lovers, Lenco MD designers introduced the first functional prototype in Berlin and was honored as one of the top three inventions at the event. ready-to-use entry. These inputs are plug-and-play and allow you to make improvements such as microphones or wireless speakers. While the product is still in development, it is hoped that in the future, there will be turntable players that can be shaped and shared as desired by users.

Biker Helmet with Augmented Reality Technology

If you are a biker who wants to add “Iron Man ” technology even if it is a bit in your life, Jarvis company that develops smart helmet systems can make your desire a reality. Launched at Kickstarter, Jarvis X and X-AR helmets will bring many features to your life, such as voice control, built-in speakers, anti-noise technology, and navigation information only available with the more expensive Z-AR. All these features are waiting for you in a helmet made of protective, carbon fiber material. These high-tech helmets developed are also voice commands to existing artificial intelligence such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant. Can connect with. The turn-by-turn navigation system can be used with voice control, as well as traffic and weather, whether it is a voice or a service both audibly and visually. Moreover, 

4-Axis Robotic Camera Assistant

If you are a photographer who is aiming better or if your video is a hobby, you may have found the innovation you are looking for. This new device, named Rhino’s ARC 2, can be defined as a robotic box that automatically focuses, guides, and allows the camera to zoom and move when needed. Thanks to its cleverly designed software, the device works fully automatically, making the desired moves one after the other. The creator of Rhino says that they use many different techniques for documentary, interview, wedding or YouTube videos. The purpose of the Rhino ARC 2 creation is to let the producers aside their camera movements and focus on the story they are telling.

Astronomical Table Decoration

In 2016, Clemens Steffin launched his project “The Universe in the Sphere ” at Kickstarter, introducing the sphere through which points are perfectly positioned by laser and each point represents a galaxy. Steffin’s next project was our home, the Milky Way galaxy, and its orb that contains the dots that symbolize each sun in the galaxy. Now Steffin has rolled up his sleeves to bring the sky as seen from our world to our table. With this new project, the creator also aims to teach 88 constellations to people. Stating that we can remember 3 or 4 of these constellations that we tried to learn as children, Steffin claims that almost everyone will want to have this knowledge. Steffin: “During our trip to the sky with my wife, Dr. We met Susanne Hoffmann. Hoffmann, an astronomer, specializing in constellations. Dr. was very impressed by this idea that we wanted to implement. Susanne Hoffmann has agreed to design for us. 

Light Portable Chair

Camping chairs are divided into two. Big, cumbersome but easy to install and small, light and frustrating to set up. Although both types of chairs have their own advantages, it is a pity that there is no option that has the best of both sides. So, you should either use a small and challenging chair every time you open and close, or choose a chair that you can easily install but load on your back. Of course, if the creators of BIP can implement their projects. This product is a smart design camping chair that can be installed in a few seconds. Weighing under 2.5 kilograms, BIP can carry more than 130 kilograms.

Automatic Eye Test

According to the article in the journal Optometry and Vision Science published by the American Academy of Optometry in the United States; One in every 90 people has a visual impairment that can be eliminated with the help of glasses. For many people with this condition, it is undiagnosed. Fortunately, EyeQue Visioncheck addressed this problem. The device is able to control the eye health of users with the application developed for a simple apparatus, smartphone and telephone. Thanks to the development of smartphones and making them available to almost everyone, the creative team found that they could find a way to get an affordable eye test. To test your eye health with EyeQue, simply use the touch screen to connect a small microscope to the phone and arrange the red and green lines. In this way, the application can evaluate the deviations and determine whether there are problems such as myopia or hyperopia in your vision. The application, which rates your opinion after each test, also allows you to compare it with the previous test results.

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