future jobs in demand

Top Future Jobs and Professions in Demand

Looking for future jobs and professions in demand? Then here you will find the most popular ones that will brighten your future.

With the rapid introduction of technology into our lives and the transition to the digital world, many things change from our habits to our professional preferences. Professions that have a future are shaped not only with the development of technology but also with their economic, social, scientific and cultural changes. Along with the new digitalized world and artificial intelligence concepts, their understanding of the profession has also changed.

Future Jobs in Demand

When you asked young people what they want to be, you would get the answers of doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers. Together with the digital world, these professions were replaced by professions that we are foreigners but have a future. Let’s get to know these professions together. Who knows, maybe young people who have taken the university exam will be an idea at the stage of choice!

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Financial Manager

It analyzes the financial activities of a company or business and follows the stages of preparation and management of financial transactions. The financial market will become more and more important in the future, as it is among the popular professions of this century. Financial managers are the indispensable staff of a company.

Data Security Specialist

Today, children are opening their eyes with technology as soon as they are born. This situation has a lot of positive aspects as well as negativities especially on the young generation. Children and young people will need more protection. Cyber ​​attacks will also increase with the digitized world. It will be the job of data security experts to prevent these attacks, secure important information and data, and destroy inappropriate data, and demand in this area will increase.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

With the concept of artificial intelligence entering all areas of our lives, there is a great need for people who will work in this field. With the increase of this need, artificial intelligence departments started to be opened in universities. It provides benefits in many different fields from the health sector to industry.

Digital Content Specialist

With the rapidly growing technology, we meet many of our needs through digital platforms and e-commerce sites. All the explanations, articles and articles on the sites you see are from the hands of a content specialist. So how do you become a digital content expert? Even though there is not a university department for this profession, training is organized since it is among the professions that will come.  You can take the “Content Editor” course, which is the first stage of the work given by the  Istanbul Institute of Business. Afterwards, you can take “Content Expertise” training and proceed with professional steps in this field.

Data Mining Specialist

By creating the necessary business strategies, it performs the necessary analysis and modeling to ensure new customer acquisition, customer loyalty in order to increase the profitability of the data in the company database.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anyone who wants to grow their business by increasing their profitability as they exist in the digital world is starting to get support from the expert of this business. It has already managed to be among the most sought-after positions by companies. In this field, you can get detailed information about the business by developing the “Digital Marketing” training provided by Istanbul Business Institute.


The epidemiologist conducts research on the disease, health conditions and accidents that occur in the community. It investigates how often these events occur in society and how they occur. According to the results of the research, it provides information to take necessary measures to prevent the society from encountering the same disease and accident. It is thought that it will be the most profitable profession among the professions with a future.

Mobile Application Designer

Develops games and applications for mobile platforms. As people’s interest in mobile platforms increases day by day, the need for this area is also increasing.

Industrial Data Scientist

It enables the production process to start as a result of data collection, preparation, analysis and results achieved. It has taken its place among the professions that will come with the development of e-commerce.

Social Media Expertise

Social media is of great importance both for mobilizing the masses and for effective advertising. To increase the awareness of brands and businesses in this field, expert social media experts are needed. In this field, by getting the “Social Media Expertise”  training given by the Istanbul Institute of Business, you can learn all the technical details of the business and develop yourself for the profession of today and the future.

Robot Coordinatorship

Many jobs are done by robots now and in our future life. Of course, in this process, someone will be needed to maintain and repair the robots. There will be a need for robot coordinators who can develop robots and gain new abilities.

IoT Expert

A concept known as the Internet of Things. IoT ensures that everything in our environment is connected to the internet. Therefore, there will be a great need for experts in this field.

future jobs, popular jobs of the future, jobs, content expertise, social media specialist, digital marketing specialist

Other Most Popular Future Jobs and Professions in Demand

Unlike the ones described above, we can count many professions in the ranking of professions with a future. It is certain that some profession groups will make a lot of money and demand a lot. Among the most popular professions of the future, we can list:

  • Data Analysis Specialist
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics Specialist
  • Digital Path Controller
  • Robotic Coding Specialist
  • Occupational Therapy Specialist
  • Software specialist
  • Brand Consultant
  •  R&D Developer
  • 3D Printer Engineer
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Ergonomics Engineering
  • International Finance
  • Internet Journalism
  • Electronic Communication Engineering
  • Capital Markets Expertise
  • Circuit Design and Production Expertise,
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Guidance and psychological counseling
  • Food Chemist
  • Logistics Specialist
  •  Actuary
  • Business Intelligence Expert
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Front end Engineers
  • Web Designer
  • Three Dimensional Graphic Animator
future jobs, popular jobs of the future, jobs, content expertise, social media specialist, digital marketing specialist

Required Features for Future Jobs and Professions in Demand

Let’s say you have chosen a profession from the professions group with a future and started to receive all kinds of education on this subject.

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In addition to training, you should also have skills that you need to develop personally. You should educate yourself on this. Developing these skills will enable you to advance with certain steps in the profession of your choice.

  • Be Focused on Solution: Focus on solving the problems you face. Sometimes, even if very difficult and complex problems arise, try to solve them without giving up. Do mind exercises to find solutions to problems.
  • Think Different and Creative: Think differently when approaching events and solving problems Find creative solutions and suggestions. People who offer creative solutions that think that no one can think are highly preferred in business life.
  • Analyze Events: People who analyze and filter events and find point-of-action solutions are always sought after.
  • Be Social: In addition to being solution-oriented, it should be strong in your social relationships. You should be a good listener, be able to empathize and do your best work.
  • Have Academic Equipment: You should be well equipped in terms of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. People with these abilities are the first choice for jobs with a future.
  • Have General Skills: People who have developed themselves in terms of social, analytical and mobile skills are also preferred.

What do future job and professions mean?

Professions with a future are the groups that are developing in the coming years and whose needs are increasing with the developing technology. As these professions are new and developing and there are few personnel in this field, they are in the profitable group. The understanding and need for profession also differs in the digital world.

What is recommended for young people who will prefer Future Jobs and Professions

Young people who will pursue a career in this field that will prefer professions with a future, firstly complete your academic career in this regard in the best way. Get support from training according to your specialization areas. Improve yourself constantly, do the best you do.

What should he pay attention to when choosing a Future Jobs and Professions in Demand?

You should pay attention to whether your profession matches personality traits and whether it carries academic and necessary skills. The fact that the profession group you choose is a job you can do continuously affects your family and social life. It is an important factor affecting your lifestyle in your income level.

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