Top 5 Trusted Free Customizable Blogger Templates

Whenever you create a free blog on blogger you need the best blogger themes which can enhance your SEO and increase user experience on your website.

In this article, I will tell you about the 5 best blogger themes which you can use on Blogspot or that can increase your blog appearance and will help in the search engine optimization.

Best Blogger Themes

These are hundred of best blogger themes available in both free and paid versions. Blog theme is very important. Proper navigation, fonts, layout, etc. make your blog look professional.

If the layout of your blog is not good enough, Google may decrease its ranking because longer load time or it is difficult for the reader to navigate things on your blogger blog.

Here is the list of  5 Best blogger Themes which you can use. These themes are Ad Ready, Full Responsive and customizable.

1. Smart Biz Template


It is a very popular blogger theme for business. It has a single-page layout.

Companies use this type of theme so that the customers can easily find details like contact numbers, company policies, products and services they are offering, etc. This theme is light weighted them and has fast load time as compared to other themes available on the internet.

2. Enside Template (One of the best blogger themes)


It is the best theme for a blog for both business and affiliate marketing.

Those who write articles for the education purpose and share their thoughts and views can use this theme. It is an amazing theme that has a clean and clear layout, nice fonts and responsive design.

It is compatible with every device. It has all the features like Post thumbnails, Email Subscription, social sharing, recent and top posts templates and more.

3. TrueBlog Template


It is a simple and fast loading blog theme and is best for a fashion magazine and news.

It has a clear and clean design. This theme is compatible with every device. Like all other themes, it has all feature and is easy to install and use.

4. Seo Rocket Template


Seo Rocket Template is the best theme for every category whether you are writing articles on Entertainment, Technology, Sports, etc.

It has a beautiful and clean design with page navigation. It has also a free version if you don’t want to buy the pro version.

5. Sora Front Template


This template was recently launched by Sora templates.

Sora Front Template has a slide show feature, social sharing, email sharing, Facebook page widget, etc. Even it has WhatsApp sharing feature. It is best for news blogs, photographers, etc.

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