Extra Income Ideas in India

Extra Income Ideas in India: 9 Profitable Opportunities You can Go for!

This article will review extra income business ideas both online and offline that people can do in India. 

Here we will discuss a complete range of the latest business models and is suitable for all groups, especially workers, such as employees, housewives, and students.

The advantage of having a business or a side business is that it can be done on the sidelines of your main job or as a side job.

9 Extra Income Ideas in India

Here are the 9 extra income opportunities in India:

1. Selling on social media

Some so many people are successful in this business, the capital is not large because it doesn’t require a real shop that we have to rent tens of millions of, even if using a dropshipping system it doesn’t require product capital. Just select quality products, and learn online promotion through social media.

An example of a successful business through Instagram social media is vanilla hijab, with sales of more than 3,000 pics of veils per day using Instagram….,

They have millions of targeted followers on Instagram…

You can also sell at your own online shop…

Many social media provide special pages for online buying and selling, for example, Facebook. You can fill in the page like a professional online store.

Examples of trends are hijab, fashion, electronics. Determine the products you will sell, you don’t need to have a factory, or be busy making products, just find a supplier/vendor of your product, ask for cooperation, determine a sales system.

It can be a Dropship system, you don’t need to stock goods, the supplier will immediately send the ordered goods to the buyer on behalf of your online store.

This system requires the ability to market products, this system is also known as a reseller, the difference is if our reseller stocks goods.

Although this system allows you not to spend a penny of capital, the dropshipping system has weaknesses, including;

Small profit margin because it has passed several agents.

Do not know the goods we are selling and cannot check the stock and quality of goods.

Suggestions if you want to become a dropshipper, try to buy the item you are going to dropship first, see the quality. Sell ​​products that are easily promoted either through social media or through your online shop, for example, hijab, or fashion.

2. Selling Products on the Marketplace

Never heard of a marketplace, a place reserved specifically for buying and selling products online.

If you have digital products such as e-books, or other forms of application, you can sell them on ratakan.

A marketplace is a place on the internet, where many parties gather to process online buying and selling transactions.

One of the advantages of selling on the marketplace is due to the traffic of visitors who are looking for goods to buy or sell. Like a market.

Lots of marketplaces that have been used by domestic product sellers and have a good reputation and are widely known by online businessmen in the country for domestic and foreign transactions.

3. Selling online on your own website/site

This type is an advanced level of the first type of online business model. If your business is growing rapidly, and you want to further develop your products and product branding, then you need a website or website.

Namely a private online shop specifically for your product brand.

The levels of selling in an online business are;

Selling through social media (without capital) => selling through the marketplace (small capital) => selling through personal websites (technical capital to create a website).

That is the stage, from not having the capital to having your own online store. Creating your own website/website makes your product brand good.

The advantages of an online business with its own website are;

Your online sales business will increasingly professionally increase thrush.

Lifting your own product brand.

If you have trouble building a truly professional online shop, Shopify.co.id, webraktis.com, and sirclo.com provide solutions in creating an online store.

4. Join an affiliate program

This online business will need a nice site with high traffic if you want to create a website/blog that is aimed at an affiliate business. Write each article using the technique of providing information while offering a solution.

This article only reviews side business ideas, not technical ones. If you are serious and want to start an online side business, you have to learn the technicalities.

I recommend taking a course with a trusted expert. If you’re serious, you can buy an online guide.

The term is affiliate marketing, marketing, or promoting other people’s products. When someone buys a product from your affiliate link, you will get a commission from the sale. The commission earned depends on the provisions of each company.

The affiliate business model has 3 main stages;

First, you as the website owner register with the affiliate program provider, this affiliate program provider also has a website that has products and is sold online.

Second, if you and your website are approved, you will get an affiliate code from the program provider, and the code can be posted on the website which can usually be in the form of an advertising banner or link that you can put in the article.

Third, if your website visitors buy products from the reference link on your website, then you will get a commission that is automatically added to the balance in your affiliate account.

5. Online business by opening digital courses

Courses are not only done offline, you can also do them online. We can pour the knowledge we have in the form of an ebook, audio, and video recordings. You can sell it all in a digital course.

The market is .perfect Generally it is very salable in the market if it is packaged and presented in an attractive, useful, and difficult to obtain knowledge. For example, a piano tutorial series on video, or a complete ebook containing the exercises a beginner piano player should do.

Digital courses are now increasingly sought after because people are increasingly busy just doing offline courses. This is an online business opportunity for those of you who are experts in certain fields and want to sell services by teaching them to others.

How do I open a digital online course?

Create your ebook or audio-video product, then enter the service provider sites to sell your product, remember to make your content radiant if there are stages, or make your complete guide content from az.

You can register at ratakan.com, clickbank.com, guides.co, or sell them on your own blog/website.

6. Online business ideas by creating an exclusive website

Still, like a digital course, if you put your knowledge on a website/blog in the form of a complete guide, then you can create an exclusive website/blog, where each member can register to become a premium member to get access and get guidance on the complete website.

The key to this online business is that your website content is really useful for readers and is reviewed by real experts in their fields.

If you are interested, how to create a blog/site with the wordpress.org platform, create complete content in their fields and by an expert, install the plugin member.wishlistproducts.com (paid) or s2member.com (free).

7. Online business by becoming a domain seller

First, you have to hunt for a domain name. Buy as many unique domain names as you can and then sell them at a higher price.

How is the concept of the transaction?

The domain that you have collected then you market the domain name with an auction system. Good domain names can go anywhere from $ 500 to $ 100,000 and more.

8. Work as a YouTuber

Youtube since its first launch in 2005 until now has shown an extraordinary graph of development, the most popular, youtube is used as a medium to popularize itself as a place to go to the world of celebrities. Not just like film and soap opera artists, Youtube can be done by all people, the term is a YouTuber.

Where do YouTuber earn income?

Google Adsense, yes they get income one of them with Google advertising.

Create quality and quality video content, then monetize your video with Google Adsense advertising.

In addition to Google Adsense to earn money, YouTubers can also endorse famous products/brands, this can be done when you are already popular, which is marked by the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

An example of the most successful YouTuber today is PewDiePie. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg from Sweden, and it has reached 6.65 billion total viewers with 32 million subscribers. He gained fame through making videos that show him playing the game and giving funny comments about the game.

Kjellberg has broken several YouTube records, such as the jump in subscribers from 12 million in August 2013 to more than 20 million in January 2014.

Domestically, for example, Raditiya Dika, or the first child of the JOKOWI president, Kaesong Pangarep.

Create YouTube and follow Adsense publisher advertising, and get income from YouTube

To become an Adsense publisher, currently, it’s tricky, strict assessment from Google regarding quality content is the cause. But don’t be discouraged, being an AdSense publisher is very promising, we can monetize videos via YouTube which we often call YouTuber.

Or monetize a blog that is already busy with visitors.

How to ;

What needs to be done are three things in becoming an income-earning YouTuber,

First, create a YouTube account, then create a free or paid blog. Fill in video content on youtube, and article content on blogs.

Second, netting as many readers as possible through good video optimization.

Make the video content as good as possible so that it can help readers solve problems, or keep viewers entertained.

Third, sign up for Google Adsense. monetize your videos and your blog.

Want to seriously learn to be a successful YouTuber to make money.

If you want to accelerate to become a YouTuber, you have to eliminate several steps in learning. For example;

  1. Focus on content creation no longer bother thinking about video templates
  2. Learn from proven experts
  3. Have a suitable community.

9. Selling software products

This is an opportunity for programmers, creating application software, then selling it. known as SaaS ( Software as a Service ).

A successful example today is Slack, a chat service site with a company value of $ 2.8 trillion in 2015.

The target is smartphone mobile phone users. Can be a game to be played on a smartphone device.

It’s fairly easy to make, you just have to buy a template from an application, make a few changes to the text or design. This process is called re-skinning.

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