What Is Innovation, Types of Innovation and Examples of Innovation

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After the internet and other technological developments in our age, we can see that many innovation studies have been carried out in order to facilitate daily needs. Moreover, these examples are increasing day by day. We can say that the creative innovation process proceeds in the form of creating ideas, choosing ideas, developing and implementing the idea.

First of all, ” What is innovation? Let’s explain the question. Innovation meets the word innovation literally and contains both a process and a result. In its simplest definition, innovation is developing and implementing new ideas. In fact, innovation is not often an invention. It usually takes an existing product or service and adds new features and makes it available to people again. Innovation focuses on facilitating existing troubles. The main thing is that the feature added to the product or service is unique and offers convenience.

The creativity of innovations also emerges because of their authenticity. Thanks to the original ideas, it is possible to solve problems that have not been solved before or to respond to needs that have not been met before. In other words, the innovation process itself is a creative process. This creativity aims to transform knowledge into economic and social benefit. It creates meaningful difference points by challenging traditional concepts for products and services against existing alternatives.  

Another feature that makes innovation valuable is the meeting point of different areas. Because different perspectives must come together for creative innovation ideas to emerge. The results of such an inclusive approach have positive consequences for all societies. Creative innovation is an important approach that aims to benefit the whole society in every sense for precisely these reasons.

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Types of Innovation

Here are the types of innovation that you should know about:

Product innovation

It is seen as the most common type of creative innovation. It indicates improvements in the performance characteristics of the product. Product innovation is a great way to increase quality and product reliability to gain competitive advantage or maintain your position in the market. Product innovation ideas can be entirely on a product that has never been seen, or it can appear as an enhanced version of an existing product.

Service Innovation

It can be explained as the type of innovation that expresses the process of developing and implementing the service concept in a new or existing market. One of the steps that lead a business to success is the value it gives to the customer. Your effort to serve your customers in the best way; it’s a great way to generate more value for them and generate more revenue for your organization. Of course, this is only possible with service innovations that make your customers’ lives easier and meet their needs and expectations.

Process Innovation

Process innovation can be done by applying a new technology or improved method to a process and is usually done to save time, money or serve customers better. It often involves new techniques, equipment, or software, and may require a cultural or structural change. In process innovation, the end product is generally unchanged, but the method of uncovering the product is developed.

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A process combines the skills, technology and structures used to produce products or provide services. Process innovation often refers to the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method. It may also be indirectly related to the company’s products and services.

Technological Innovation

Technological innovation can be defined as a critical success factor for increasing competitiveness in the market. It includes new or improved technology, such as new machine type or conversion of a type of technology into a product, processes or methods of service delivery. Automation systems that provide higher production rates, lower unit output costs, more efficient use of materials and consistent product quality are targeted with this type of innovation.

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Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is a fundamental change in how a company adds value to its customers or captures it from the market. The practice is usually on the development of new pricing mechanisms, revenue streams or distribution channels. To create new, viable business models, businesses often need to change the basic decisions in which they operate. 

Marketing Innovation

The main purpose of this innovation is to open new markets and increase its market share. In order to talk about success in the name of an innovation, people must first discover and benefit from this innovation. Marketing innovation; at this point is of critical importance. It is important to be able to communicate effectively with customers. Due to the constantly evolving technology and customer preferences, new marketing innovations are needed to promote both new and existing products and services. In fact, we can say that creativity is rapidly increasing among marketing innovation examples with the competition that comes with e-commerce .

Social Innovation

It is a type of innovation that includes new applications or technological innovations aimed at meeting social needs better than existing solutions. There are many reasons why social innovations are important, such as improving working conditions, providing more education, developing the community, or making the population healthier. Therefore, it can be said that social innovations are necessary to expand and strengthen civil society.

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Creative Innovation Examples 

  • As the most creative innovation example of the last period, we can show the rockets produced by SpaceX and designed to send them to distant parts of space. Why we show these rockets as an example of creative innovation; It can be used over and over and can be used for long distances. In other words, innovation in an existing product. Thus, rockets that can be used easily only by making maintenance have become less costly.
  • The company called Uncharted Play has innovated a product that will be very useful for powering small devices, especially in places where electricity usage is limited. He designed the soccer ball that produces electricity. This soccer ball takes advantage of kinetic energy and converts it into electrical energy. If the ball is played for 30 minutes, it is among the information that the led light is on for 3 hours.
  • Supports that can produce electricity depending on the heat are another creative innovation product. These bases can generate electricity from both hot and cold glasses. And while you are drinking your beverage, you can charge your mobile phone with the electricity produced in these pads. 
  • Towels, which are among the frequently used items of our life, should be personal and should not remain moist. Because health-threatening microbes can grow. they may not be fully sterile, even when changed frequently. Here, smart towels are a type of creative innovation that supports human health with their ability to dry quickly and maintain their softness.
  • Smart wheels, which are among the innovative innovation examples, can even be life-saving. Because the wheels of the cars wear out because they provide contact with the ground, and if it is not paid attention, there may be irreversible problems due to problems with the wheels. Smart wheels eliminate a big problem by showing how much wheels wear and how long they need to change.
  • The creative use of technology in the production of clothing, nano-technology has created the ground for the creation of creative innovations by ensuring the production of non-polluted clothing and fabrics. With this creative innovation, fabrics stay clean with their waterproof dirt-repellent properties.
  • Infants who sleep in baby carriages can wake up after a shock. To prevent this, the entrepreneur named Owen Maclaren took a creative innovation step and designed the wheels of strollers like plane wheels. Thus, strollers that can move more comfortably and shake less were produced.
  • On rainy days, you cannot sit because the benches are wet to sit down when the rain stops. Benches have been developed that can be used by bringing the dry side underneath to the top by turning the arms next to them to the creative innovation. 
  • Nowadays, the need for sockets has increased as the use of technological tools has increased. Most people try to sit near sockets to charge smart phones in places they go. For this, elongated sockets that make life-facilitating effects were developed. Thanks to these sockets, you can grab the socket and pull it wherever you want and sit where you want.

What is innovation?

Innovation literally meets the word innovation and contains both a process and a result. It usually takes an existing product or service and adds new features and makes it available to people again. The main thing is that the feature added to the product or service is unique and offers convenience.

What are the benefits of creative innovation types?

Innovation is innovative and makes a difference in many ways. It enriches products and services, eliminates negative and unnecessary details, and increases the benefit. It enables companies to integrate quickly into the market and strengthens the bond between the customer and the manufacturer.

What are the main types of innovation?

Innovation practices appear in many areas. We can list the main types of innovation as follows. Product innovation, service innovation, process innovation, technological innovation, business model innovation, marketing innovation and social innovation.

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