Etiquette in Business Life

Etiquette in business life is the rules that everyone who works should know and obey. We need to know the rules of courtesy and etiquette not only in business life, but also in many places where we are collectively for a purpose. Business places are places where the etiquette and courtesy rules should be applied correctly. This is important in order to keep the work flow in a certain order in a crowded environment.

People must respect each other and follow community rules to work in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Especially if you have just graduated from school and are going to work for the first time, you should know the etiquette and act appropriately. In fact, all these rules are the rules that you have learned from your family, your environment and the schools you attended until you reach this age.

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We can list etiquette and how we should behave in business life as follows:

  • Be distance and respectful to everyone in your workplace. You should definitely address your colleagues as ” sir” , ” lady”  next to their names . When you treat everyone with respect, you are also respected.
  • While talking on the phone, be careful not to speak in a tone that will disturb your colleagues. Adjust your speaking voice.
  • Don’t laugh out loud and with laughter
  • Do not take fragrant foods to your workplace or eat in a way that disturbs your colleagues.
  • Be positive. Always be polite and friendly.
  • Do not call out to your colleagues from where you are sitting, even if you want something. Indicate your request by going to them or calling on the extension phone.
  • Do not make private conversations on the company phone. Make your conversations with your family and lover on your personal phone.
  • While doing your job, focus only on what you do. Don’t let yourself get distracted. 
  •  Do not be afraid to use courtesy and prominent words such as “Good morning”  , “ Good evening” , “ How are you” to everyone from the security of the company to the highest level. 
  • Always treat your manager with respect. Show this with your speaking style and attitude. 
  • While at first you are very distant and respectful with people you meet at work, you may turn to a friend or friendly attitude later on and relax in behavior. But remember that workplaces are always places where respect and distance must be maintained. 
  • You may need to alert someone. When you need to warn someone at work, whether you are a boss or an employee, do it alone and not in public.
  • In case you are not available, leave a message on your answering machine with your name, number and when you will be available.
  • Do not enter anyone’s room without asking for permission.
  • Avoid hand and verbal jokes. Do not prank anyone improperly in this way.
  • Be mature in accordance with your age, personality and character. Pay attention to your entry and exit times. Come to work on time.
  • Attend meetings on time. Don’t make anyone wait. People’s time is precious. Especially in the workplace, there are jobs that everyone is responsible for training and doing. 
  • Do not be busy with other things during the meeting. Do not make unnecessary drawings or play with office supplies.
  • If you are unable to hang up your private phone during the meeting and your phone rings, ask for permission and speak outside the door. 
  • When they introduce someone to you, stand up and shake hands sincerely. 
  • Never sit down or lean on your colleagues’ desk.
  • Adhere to the company rules set by the workplace . 
  • Always be serious and measured at work. 
  • Take care of your in-house clothes. You give a professional message by dressing well and your dressing style. When you wear well-groomed, clean and appropriate clothes, your reputation in people’s eyes increases. 
  • If you are a manager and owner, you should be the first to shake hands. 
  • When someone asks you for a job that you cannot do at the moment, let them know you cannot do it because you are engaged in appropriate language and polite. While rejecting the demands of the people, do not leave the manners.
  • Be careful not to use the forms of address you use against anyone at work and people you are close to in daily life.
  • Make sure that conversation topics are respectful.
  • Never lose your maturity and tolerance when someone makes a serious business mistake. Remember, the real characters of people appear in such difficult times.
  • Don’t try to listen to music the way you want at work. Imagine that your environment may be disturbed. If there is no general music broadcast where you work, the music you play can be a distraction for both you and your environment.
  • Follow the dress code set by the workplace. Generally, workplaces prefer to wear dignified, simple and clean clothes.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of both your personal and your environment. Try to keep your desk and your surroundings tidy at all times. An educated and good man can never be irresponsible about cleaning wherever he is.
  • Nobody’s desk, drawers and personal belongings are mixed up at work. Their belongings cannot be moved without their permission. Show the necessary sensitivity in these matters.
  • Sitting and posture are two very important indicators that determine the quality of human attitude. You should pay more attention to this issue, especially in crowded environments such as workplaces and schools. While sitting in the workplace environment, sitting on the chair, leaning back on the chair, shaking the chair or turning on the chair creates an image that is far from serious.
  • When you have a guest at work, or someone who comes to meet for a meeting, get up and give a courteous welcome using polite welcome phrases. It would be very kind to greet them at the door of your room and pass them to the door in the same way, especially if there are people who are older or higher than you in terms of location.

In addition to business life trainings , etiquette is a set of codes of conduct expected from employees by businesses.

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The Most Important Manners 

Etiquette is a set of behaviors and rules that people show in order to make life easier, organize relationships and determine where to behave, within the necessity of social life. The etiquette is the reflection of our character with our behaviors and movements. Although we have no criminal sanctions, what we show to others is respect, civilization and grace. Etiquette are generally accepted rules. It varies according to family structure and society. We can list the most important etiquette as follows:

  •  Use courtesy words like “good morning” , “ thank you” ,  “please” often. These magic words cause people to smile.
  • Listen to the other person talking. Speak by looking at your face.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue while coughing, sneezing, yawning. If there is no napkin, lean into the elbow.
  • When talking , address the other person as ” You”  . Just ask. Do not speak word of mouth in a crowded environment . Do not discuss private matters. 
  • Don’t get in the way when two people are talking.
  • Pregnant, elderly and disabled people should definitely be included in public transport.
  • People should not be addressed as “this”, should not be shown by pointing.
  • He should not spit on the floor or litter.
  • If the door is closed when entering someone, it should definitely be entered after knocking on the door and asking for permission.
  • When someone is called on the phone, they must first introduce themselves, then specify the name of the person to be interviewed.
  • He should wear appropriate clothes according to his environment. Stylish and clean clothes that are worn appropriately are a reflection of your character and arouse dignity.
  • Other people’s physical characteristics and behavior should not be fooled.
  • When someone is asked for help or when a gift is received, they should definitely thank them.
  • While eating, the mouth should not be smacked, it should be eaten with small bites.
  • Hands should be washed before and after eating.
  • Patients should keep their visits short, and no words that will disturb the patient’s morale should be said.
  • You should definitely be informed before going to visit someone.
  • Courtesy and etiquette betray our character personally. It is also an indicator of a society’s attainment to the level of civilization. You can get education to fully learn the rules in social life and gain prestige in the society.  You can getthe “ Etiquette “ traininggiven free of charge by the Institute .
etiquette in business life, the most important etiquette, etiquette and ethics training in the workplace, etiquette training, courtesy and etiquette

What are etiquette?

It is the set of rules that people show to be respectful to each other in the society. It guides where and how to behave. Etiquette provides order in society and makes life easier.

What does it provide to the person to obey the etiquette in business life?

Complying with etiquette in business life provides dignity. A person who knows where and how to behave wins the respect and love of the people around him. It enables him to take firm steps forward in business life.

What if we do not follow good manners in business life?

If we do not comply with etiquette in business life, we will be welcomed negatively by our colleagues and employers. People do not respect us. We also compromise our character by not following the etiquette accepted in the society. 

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