Emotional Intelligence in Corona Days

As the world, we are going through a troubled process now. Emotional intelligence is the most important part of this troubled process. Because of the epidemic we are experiencing, people’s feelings have changed differently. What did we do in this period of emotional intelligence? What did we experience when the vast majority of our life was spent at home? What did the normalization process finally bring us?

Nobody knew that a great disaster awaited us in 2020. According to many people, the year 2020 was expected to be good. However, the process did not develop at all. The virus epidemic spread throughout the world. There is no longer any unwritten and scratched topic about coronavirus. Everyone added and evaluated their own comments. Some saw it as an epidemic, while others thought it was a biological weapon. However, there is only one fact that every day the situation has deteriorated.

It has been about 7 months since the outbreak started. Although there are regional improvements, there is still a virus threat in the world average. The second wave panic has already started in China, which says it has defeated the virus. During this time, people had to stay at their homes within a certain time. Especially in many countries such as China, Italy and Spain, serious restrictions came. Almost everyone’s life has come to a halt.

In this period of our lives, emotional intelligence of people gained more importance. Anxiety and expectation in people increased constantly. Corona told people certain things. However, people went through a serious and difficult process. In this period, we need to prepare ourselves for certain conditions in order to feel more comfortable and hold on to life. The main ones are factors such as psychological and emotional intelligence. In this article, we will make suggestions that you can distract yourself and gather yourself. First of all, what is emotional intelligence ? Let’s look briefly at its definition.

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is called the person’s ability to perceive, manage, direct, understand, understand, and measure the capacity and ability of his or her own emotional symptoms . It is expressed in English as EQ (Emotional Quotient). It is widely used worldwide under the name EQ . The concept of EQ varies from time to time. The concept is constantly updated and changing.

EQ is divided into two according to psychologists. The first is emotional intelligence, and the second is emotional knowledge. EQ is different from mental intelligence. IQ measurement assessment is made. Knowledge and intelligence difference IQ is also quite clear. However, this difference seems closer in the EQ system. In fact, the difference between knowledge and intelligence is said to be vague.

According to experts, EQ is as important as IQ. People have the opinion that they should not only be evaluated according to the IQ test. The most successful people are not just smart people. It would be more logical to explain the situation with an example. For example, you will take an exam. You must be smart when you take this exam. And you shouldn’t have stress . If you are smart and stressed, then success will not come. In fact, IQ and EQ are two complementary concepts. There are several ways to prevent emotional intelligence.

  • Take control of emotions.
  • May humor be your key door in life
  • Stay away from stress and stay away from stressful environments
  • Give importance to emotional bonds and connect
  • Let non-verbal communication take place in your life
  • Resolve conflicts in a positive and reassuring manner

Our Emotional Intelligence During the Outbreak

When we set out from the above, we can say that our emotional intelligence suffered a little during the epidemic. It is a little polyannism to say we are very good, we are perfect. In the corona virus process experienced, people are inevitably damaged psychologically. However, it is up to one’s own will to overcome this process. It is certain that there will be brighter days for those who get through this process well. In addition, reading success stories in this period may motivate you. We can also include the best success films.

emotional intelligence, corona, corona virus, epidemic period, corona virus, what is emotional intelligence

We now know that the normalization process has started in our country and in many parts of the world. Emotional intelligence is also important in the normalizing process. A new process has already started for those who have spent time at home for 2-3 months. This normalization process also enabled us to make a transition to a new life. Under the name of normalization, the old period is left behind. While the epidemic period continues, we need to protect yourself both psychologically and physically.

It is also worth paying attention to several issues within the coronavirus. First of all, we need to keep our motivation high. Whatever happens, we have to think positively. We must share the same feelings with others. Having the same feelings, verbally or nonverbally, can psychologically relax you. Socializing and adapting it to the normal process is also extremely important.

Emotional Intelligence Suggestions for Coronavirus

I will present two different suggestions that will serve as a medicine for emotional intelligence. You can read or watch with these suggestions. I will recommend 11 books that give importance to emotional intelligence for those who love reading. When I look at the cinema side, I will make 11 movie suggestions.

I hope the suggestions to be made will make this process a bit lighter. I would also like to briefly explain how it is possible to raise emotional intelligence before moving on to recommendations. First of all, emotional intelligence depends on making a decision. The decision mechanism of man should work properly. It should know how to make the right decision by bringing together human intelligence and emotions.

There will be a certain improvement in the process for those who improve their decision making skills. It is necessary to understand and manage the emotions experienced correctly. It should not be forgotten that everyone is experiencing this process. Each individual experiences almost the same process. Corona virus has appeared in the same but different emotions in humans. The best thing to do here is to stay calm. The person who succumbs to his feelings cannot escape the situation he is in, or he needs to spend a certain time to get rid of it. Let me now share my suggestions on two different topics. Good readings and good looks to everyone.

emotional intelligence, corona, corona virus, epidemic period, corona virus, what is emotional intelligence

Book Suggestions About Emotional Intelligence

  1. Happiness Begins in the Brain / Daniel Gilbert
  2. Good People Who Treat You Well / Beyhan Budak
  3. Emotional Intelligence / Daniel Goleman
  4. Body Records: Brain, Mind and Body in Healing of Trauma / Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
  5. 7 Behaviors of Effective People / Stephen R. Covey
  6. Positive Psychology / Averil Leimon
  7. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 / Travis Bradberry – Jean Greaves
  8. Black Book of Psychiatry: Are You Ready to Burn Your Brain / Oytun Erbaş
  9. Start Small, Think Big / Steve Jobs
  10. Mindshot: Conscious Farming and Self-Healing Brain / Daniel J. Siegel
  11. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Yourself / Ferhat Jak İçöz

Movie Suggestions About Emotional Intelligence

  1. Looking For Eric – 2009
  2. Inside Out – 2015
  3. Jerry Maguire – 1996
  4. Welle Die – 2008
  5. Shawshank Redemption – 1994
  6. The King’s Speech – 2010
  7. Hitch – 2005
  8. Wall E – 2008
  9. A Beautıful Mınd – 2001
  10. The Iron Giant – 1999
  11. Angel A – 2005

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is called the person’s ability to perceive, manage, direct, understand, understand, and measure the capacity and ability of his or her own emotional symptoms. It is expressed in English as EQ (Emotional Quotient). It is widely used worldwide under the name EQ.

How should our emotional intelligence be during the epidemic?

When we are in the epidemic period, we need to pay close attention to emotional intelligence. While the corona virus is not over yet, we should not stress ourselves as individuals. We need to get away from the factors that will cause stress.

What can you recommend in coronavirus?

During the epidemic, activities such as reading books and watching movies can be done. Different activities can be done to relax in this process. Along with the activities you will do, your emotional mood may be more positive.

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