14 Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment

As we all know that today everything becomes easy, including how to get money from the internet. We can enjoy the internet not only as a means of entertainment but also for seeking knowledge and earning money even without investment.

For those of you who are often looking for ideas to get money from the internet, of course, you know this. So, if you are looking for ways in India to earn money online without investment. This article is for you.

Making money online has various ways. But there are several best ways to make it easy and make money according to your needs and desires.

Here are the 14 ways to earn money online in India without investment:

1. Writing Articles

One of the best ways to get money without capital in India is to write articles. We all have smartphones these days so the capital you need is only the ability to write. By writing articles, you can earn up to hundreds of thousands of rupees.

However, it depends on the quality of your article. If you want a career as an online article writer, you can offer your writing services on various platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

2. Join the Google AdSense Program

When you have a hobby of writing, instead of writing on people’s websites, it would be better if you started your blog and joined the Google Adsense program.

Adsense is a Google service for displaying ads on a website, where the ad comes from a person or company who wants to do promotions through Google AdWords according to certain keywords.

Here, advertisers will compete to place ads on the best part of your website. To take part in this program, you only need to create a website with several published articles. Then register your blog or website to place Adsense ads. You will be contacted by Google Adsense via email, whether accepted or rejected. 

3. Become a Dropshipper

Online Business does not necessarily need investment. To start an online selling business, you can use the dropshipping method. Dropshipping is a way to sell online without having to provide the goods.

It means you are selling other people’s things. You can register as a dropshipper at several suppliers. Later, they will send orders to consumers using the name of your online shop.

4. Selling Photos and Videos

Do you have hobbies in the world of photography and videography? If you have the ability in that field, then that is a great opportunity.

You can make money from your photos and videos. To make money, you can sell your photos and videos through stock photo provider platforms, such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto, Free Digital Photos, and others.

The benefits that you will get are in the form of commissions from your work that are downloaded or purchased by other people. The amount of the commission also varies, starting from 20% to 45% of the selling price.

5. Playing Games on Smartphones

Games on smartphones are usually the best solution to reduce stress after work or something. However, playing games on a smartphone can also make money.

Today, there are many platforms that offer services for playing games on smartphones and also pay you. Different platforms have different criteria to earn money by playing games.

6. Become an Influencer

To become an influencer, you don’t require any investment in India. You just need creativity. Because you have to create a variety of interesting content for social media users.

For social media users to be interested, then you have to create two interesting pieces of content. The first is to present good photos. Second, make humorous content.

For starters, all you need to do is use a smartphone. After your followers increase and there are many endorsement offers, you can add a photo and video equipment for your next content. In this way, you can easily make money from the Internet.

7. Free Cryptocurrency

Well, the first way to get money from the internet is the easiest to do by looking for free cryptocurrency providers who are happy to give you several cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency that you get is the same as digital money when you exchange the bitcoins at the rupees exchange rate or according to the currency you want.

If you often use the internet as a means of making money, of course, you know how to get money from the internet with bitcoin and others.

8. Youtube 

Making money on YouTube doesn’t mean you only need to upload a few videos. If you want to make money from YouTube, you must continue to upload good quality content to your YouTube channel and build a large audience and subscribers.

There are various ways to make money and make money from YouTube. In general, YouTubers make money depending on advertisers, sponsors, affiliate marketing, and others.

9. Facebook 

As we all know, most businesses today use social media as a place to promote and sell. Currently, you can buy or sell something online with just one click order.

Maybe you are familiar with Facebook users and the various features of social media are very unfortunate if they are not used properly to get money from the internet.

You can easily find the Facebook group feature in the form of a marketplace according to the type of product you are selling.

10. Instagram

To get money from the internet with social media Instagram is almost similar to using Facebook.

But for Instagram social media itself, you can use it as a place to introduce yourself, and promote yourself until you become an Instagram celebrity or commonly called a celebrity.

Celebgrams themselves get the easiest money, with a large number of your Instagram followers will make it easier for advertisers to find you to promote their products through your services.

11. Take advantage of the Free Marketplace

A marketplace is a place or place for people who want to carry out the buying and selling process, be it in the form of services, real products, or digital products.

Through the free marketplace facility, you can make the best use of it to earn money and make money selling online. If you have your product, it’s time to take advantage of the free marketplaces available.

You can sell your product there. If you don’t have your product, you can also take advantage of the drop ship feature in the marketplace.

12. Blogging

Maybe you thought for a moment about what is a blog. The blog is a medium for conveying, channeling, and expressing your thoughts online in the form of writing or images.

You can use various free blog platforms providers such as Blogspot, WordPress, and many more to create blogs and make money from the internet.

After working for a few months you can apply for Adsense and once your application gets accepted you can earn money. Also, you can sell affiliate products on our website.

13. Affiliate Marketing

Many businesses that have an online presence, sell their products such as physical products and services by offering affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing is simply a marketing strategy that directs potential customers to the original online seller (affiliate) and earns a commission each time someone referred by you buys on the affiliate’s site.

Previously, affiliate programs only allowed marketing using their website or blog, but now this can be done easily using social media accounts in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

14. Fill out the Online Survey 

Several companies are willing to give you money if you fill out the surveys provided. The goal is that companies can find out what the public thinks about the products they make.

Some companies also provide payments in the form of rewards or points that can be exchanged for money. One of the conditions that you must fulfill in online surveys is to have a PayPal account. This is because many companies provide paid surveys and accept payments via PayPal accounts.

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