Digital Marketing for Beginners: Complete Guide

Whether you’re starting a new business or having been selling your product for a long time, having a brand or product on the Internet is a must.

The best marketing move for digital shoppers is to invest in ads, which will give your site a great opportunity to appear on the front pages of all search engines.

Many start-ups often ask such questions: How to increase revenue, how to compete with competitors, how to attract new customers? The answers to all these questions lie in developing the right marketing strategy and implementing it.

Internet marketing will assess first of all the owners of the companies who want to market their own product research and recognition of the need for ROI- in, return on investment / to determine the profitability of the investments will be justified, that is,   Google AdWords in profits from the advertisements ratio adjustment for. the calculation is made by calculating all expenses incurred for profitable sales ․

For example, you have a product that costs 1000 drams, in 2000 AMD AdWords – because you sell your item 6, 12000 drams, ad spending on the 2000 AMD. Your investment profitability is 50% and is calculated as follows: (12 000 – (6000 + 2000)) / (6 000 + 2000).

Forms of Digital Marketing

We will now try to explain more clearly the main steps of internet, internet marketing, which will help you to attract new customers and develop your business for that you need:

  • Website
  • SEO:
  • Blog:
  • Brand:
  • Email tools:
  • Conversion tools
  • Accounts or accounts on social networks 


A specialized and coordinated website / Ubicross / is required for the development of your business . Because of this, you will tell about your brand on the Internet, present your suggestions and contact information. We will support you in creating a website, we will offer you easy-to-use free tools, after which it will be a very important step to turn on Google Analytics, which will examine the effectiveness of consumer activity on your website.

Google’s SEO ranking or rankings

You’ve probably searched for your business digital. You will definitely be interested to know what to do if your site is not in the search engine, how to fix it?

First, look at what it means to  SEO- in ranking- or position .

SEO is the search engine optimization, SEO is the complex application of some means to increase the number of effective consumers in search engine rankings when searching for certain products in consumer search queries.  Ranking is a process in which a user receives a response to a query in a search engine. The system first receives the survey, studies it, sorts the data it has, that is, analyzes it, gives the result, which can be a page or pages where links are placed in a certain order .

 Typically, the higher a site’s ranking in a search engine, the more interested customers visit your page through the search engine. The value of the search engine’s effectiveness is assessed by targeted customers, taking into account how long it takes for the site to reach this advantageous position.

Taking all of these signals into account, Google responds to all inquiries by prioritizing the most up-to-date website and the highest quality content.


We have already mentioned above that content or content is very important for the position occupied by the site in the search engine . The more often the keywords appear in your quality and useful content, the more likely it is that your site will be displayed during search engine rankings and appear in higher rankings.

The best way to boost your brand reputation is to blog. It will record a high rate of attendance on the site and attract people. You can use many free tools to blog.

If you publish at least one or two articles a week, it will improve the site’s visibility and strengthen customers’ trust in your brand or service.

An article can be written independently or hired by a specialist. When writing an article, it’s important to always remember about SEO .

After creating the blog, readers can be offered to subscribe to the news ․ This will help you gather leaders and keep your customers informed of your new range or offers.

/ The leader is the potential consumer , ready to buy a certain product or service. It is known that before making a purchase, a person is always interested in the data about the product he is interested in and the reactions of other buyers about the given product. Here, the action is clear: if a person shows interest in a certain product, it means that there is a desire to buy.


A brand is a product or service with its characteristics, complete expectations, feelings and emotions that these companies generate among their consumers. It is a combination of company name, logo and design.

The brand will make your business more professional and help attract new customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple and free way to communicate with real and potential buyers.

Use Email Tools automatically (there are free versions) to send your brand offers or news to your subscribers.


Conversion is the ratio of the number of consumers who have made a purchase of a product or service on your site to the number of users who have visited your site through advertising links, ads, or promotional items.

Because of this, for example, you can add a floating message to your website to start collecting visitors’ email addresses. By sending your offers, you can increase the number of your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are not only platforms for communication and exchange of pictures, but also very effective tools for business development. Social networks allow you to increase traffic – English – traffic – traffic, traffic, volume of information provided via the Internet, over a period of time, improve the leading position of the site – to attract new potential buyers.

Facebook, Yandex. direct, Google can become very important platforms for business development in certain places, including Armenia.

For any business, existing social media accounts or accounts play a key role in finding real customers and attracting your website.

These marketing steps will help you grow your business in an unlimited area of ​​the Internet where there are no time zones or barriers.

We wish you a huge increase in the volume of your business.

We are sure that you will succeed in everything.

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