16 Creative Small Business Ideas from Home with Low Investment

There are endless business ideas for you to start a business from home. Being at home does not mean you have no income. When you decide to open a home business, many of you may be ridiculed by neighbors or friends and label you as unemployed and lazy.

Wait a minute, have you ever defined ‘work’ as an activity to earn money ‘going home early in the evening’? If so, how narrow is that understanding for a young and insightful businessman like you?

Isn’t the basic definition of work that doing one particular activity for the sake of getting results in the form of money?

Well, let’s just say you live in an era of unemployment. You don’t need to hear what people make fun of, the important thing is that a promising home-based business in your creative hands can support yourself and your family.

In this article, we will share some of the creative and profitable small business ideas that you can start from home.

16 Business Ideas from Home

Here are profitable and creative small business ideas that you do from your home:

Online Shop

In the development of technology and the internet, online business opportunities are ranked on top. This ranking is not without reason, the online shop business is a business opportunity that is easy to run.

The ease of the sales system that allows you to continue to run this business may be quite reasonable. You can choose to be a dropshipper or reseller, and you only need to order consumer goods, then the supplier will package them.

Laundry Services

In this modern era where everything is moving fast, almost everyone chooses to entrust their clothes washing activities to a laundry service business, which is now widely spread in many countries.

Especially if your residence is close to the campus and employee mess, your business must have its own place in responding to consumer needs. If you’re lucky, over time, you can develop your laundry business into a big business.

Daily Catering Service

Have a hobby of cooking but not channeled it? Calm down, you open this business as a home business, you don’t only channel your hobbies but also make multiple profits.

If every day is always crowded with orders, you can be sure your business will grow in a short time. That’s because the catering business as a provider of staple foods will never die.

To get started, all you need to do is cook delicious food that people like. You can even do demos and promotions to potential customers around the location when you open a catering business.

Tailor Service

To start a business, try to use your various skills. There’s no way you were born without any skills. For example, if your skill is sewing, then start taking orders for small clothes with good quality that satisfy consumers.

Good results and able to make consumers feel compelled to praise your work, there is a gateway for your way to starting a business. Usually, consumers will review your work and recommend to friends and family which tailor is a good one.

This business is quite promising for your home business. For seamstress or tailor will always be a need for all of the time, such as booking sewing school clothes, party uniform, uniform specific company, and so forth.

Snack Production

Everyone definitely likes snacks, it can be while watching movies, accompanying the rain, chatting with friends, and any activity, this type of food is definitely needed. To convert it into a home business, you just need to study and learn.

Learning to make good food is not enough, you have to be able to market the product smartly. Use technology to attract consumers.

Marketing strategies using millennial methods are also very necessary, such as giving promo prices, asking for testimonials, and holding demos. Surely potential customers will be interested and try it.

Motorcycle Washing Service

Building a motorcycle wash service is a great idea for a home business in an age where people are fast and want to be right away. But before starting this business, something you need to consider is the availability of a large space.

If it turns out that your yard is not enough to accommodate several motorbike parking lots, maybe you can look for other ideas to build a home business. Or if necessary, rent a large place.

Affiliate Marketing

As a business with Passive Income, the Affiliate Marketing business is almost similar to one of the online sales systems, namely dropshipping. The way it works is by taking advantage of the coming commission for your success in selling certain products.

The capital is also not large, you only need a laptop or gadget, a stable internet connection, and some persistence.

However, for the business to run faster, try to consider creating a website specifically for the products you are selling.

Play Station Equipment Rental Business

If you have a slightly larger capital, this home business is also quite promising. Who is the human in this world who doesn’t need entertainment? For some people, sometimes entertainment doesn’t have to go too far.

Playing mobile games or play station is his way of entertaining himself. Near where customers live and certainly not as expensive as when traveling out of town, this fun entertainment is sure to have a lot of fans.

Ornamental Fish Cultivation

Many people can live because of hobbies. Combining a hobby with a business idea is a bit tricky. Are you interested in trying it?

Well, first determine what your hobbies are before deciding to commercialize time-filling activities that can bring in that money.

For example, if you have a hobby of collecting various kinds of ornamental fish. Because you want to build a business but without having to leave your hobby, you can focus on being a provider of ornamental fish that is looking for fellow friends or customers who have the same hobby.

To run it, you need a large enough capital and your ability to analyze the market.

Graphic Design Business

Your special ability to design products seems like you can compete in life as a home business. Those who don’t move fast will be left far behind.

Utilizing certain skills is not as complicated as imagined.

Just imagine the easy things so that the home business sells quickly and the next day it needs to be improved.

You can start by designing t-shirts, 3D animations, layout- in logos, business cards, and also advertisements. The point is just starting first, think about the result later.

Freelance Writing Services

Physical business is considered too draining and you can’t rest easily, so you can try this home business. The important factor is that you must be able to write and research data.

To write general articles usually tends to be easy and you will get income from there. Because the need for website owners for content is getting higher to compete with each other for visitors in cyberspace. It happens every day.

For those of you who want to know how your business can thrive or want to survive in difficult times.


Parcels are usually much sought after and needed when festivals are approaching, there are many kinds of parcels that you can make, and the most important thing is that you need high creativity so that the parcels you make are selling well in the market.


Want to try starting a business but don’t have the capital? So dropshipper is perfect for you.

This dropshipper is like you are joining a business while your position is to help sell other people’s goods. Dropshipper may not be much different from resellers, but this dropshipper has a different system, if your reseller has to buy the goods first then you can resell and the risk of unsold goods is also with you.


One of the most appropriate home business ideas is to become a Blogger, especially if you like writing, this will really help you to become a blogger. With a laptop and creativity, you can start this business easily.

If your writing has got a ‘place’ you can step a little to become an influencer considering this profession has much better income and this profession is also growing in recent years.


Did entertainment turn into a business? With YouTube, you can generate a decent income and of course, you can do that only from home.

Even successful YouTubers like Pewdiepie have turned their private rooms into studios. So you can also use the room in your house to become a studio and the room can be set according to the content you want to live with, whether it’s gadget reviews, beauty, movies, music, gaming, and so on.

Everything can be done easily without you having to leave the house.


This home-based business idea is not easy, it requires expertise and skills. However, if you are not skilled enough to make handicrafts that sell, you can come to the products directly from SMEs in the area.

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