Create and Organize Memorable Conferences

Organizing conferences is not an easy task, since it requires a lot of responsibility and time, but above all a good organization; always keeping in mind who the audience will be, what the objective to be achieved will be, which sector it will be aimed at, among many other elements.

Certain tips can be followed to organize a perfect conference, and this time I will give you some tips to make unforgettable conferences.


More and more people are joining the great initiative of organizing conferences since these presentations make the participants live a memorable experience.

The purpose of any conference is to achieve the objective that we have set ourselves from the beginning, always leaving a positive attitude, learning and, of course, an experience that everyone remembers.

It seeks to bring together an audience that has the same passion so that they can learn and discuss a topic, an idea or a matter that concerns them.

Although at first glance events of this nature do not seem so difficult to organize, in reality, they have an advanced degree of complexity, since they require enormous responsibility, a lot of time and dedication.

In short, if you are thinking of organizing your first conference, I tell you that it is worth doing it since these events provide many benefits; regardless of the type of conference that is being held and the purpose that is sought with it.

For example, for a company that wants to present its business, product or service, holding conferences is essential, since through it they make themselves known and people will know what they have to offer in a much more detailed way.

Also, we can show the product live and explain how it works, so that if the participants find it useful, it will be possible to ensure the first step of our objective, be it selling, showing a new product or service, etc.

But those are not the only benefits that can be obtained after conducting a conference, since the following also stand out:

  • Stay current in the business sector.
  • Meet and share with professionals in our field.
  • Be aware of possible competitors that we may have.
  • Offer useful content to our audience and get advice after discussions that may take place.
  • Take into account the results of the event and apply what has been learned in the personal project that we will carry out.
Successful conferences


When organizing a conference we want the audience to be interested in the topic, pay attention, understand the guidelines and achieve the objective that we have set ourselves.

For all this to be possible, it is necessary to carry out good planning so that we can conquer people through our words.

That is why below we have detailed several steps that can be followed when organizing a presentation so that it is carried out successfully.


Regardless of the event that is going to take place, be it small or large, it is necessary to plan it so that everything goes correctly; remember that the rush only remains fatigued, and things to the races never turn out well.

That is why it is always recommended to start the organization a few months before the day the conference is scheduled; the sooner the better.


The speaker is a key and fundamental piece of a good conference. There is no such thing as a successful conference if the speaker couldn’t reach people. Therefore, we consider that a vital issue is to have a good speaker.

There are companies like Aurum Bureau, which are in charge, among other things, of hiring the perfect speaker for your conference. Without a doubt, those who are not sure or have doubts about which speaker they should use in their conference can contact the services of this company.

In general, the Aurum Bureau contains a wide repertoire of speakers who are available for any event, according to its scope of application.

For example, one of them is Lecturer Neil Harbisson, the well-known sonochromatic cyborg. This artist is popular for having an antenna implanted in his skull and is officially known as a cyborg. He does not recognize himself as 100% human.

Without a doubt, this man has revolutionized the sector of conferences on robotics, artificial intelligence and other technology topics, given his condition and extensive experience.

Hiring a good speaker is critical. Therefore, an empathetic person should be considered, who knows and masters the area under which the conference will take place. Without a doubt, this will make your audience reach faster and create a sense of identity and trust.


The use of social networks can be very favourable for conferences. Spend a few minutes before the events, to write a tweet, or make a publication on Instagram, where the interest you have in your work is noticed.

This action will make people more interested in your conference since you are also demonstrating human quality and reliability. This will certainly increase interest in your work.

Also, it is important that while you are in the conference, you make a publication on your networks, using #hashtags and comments about the session.

Remember, social networks can be your allies or your enemies, always try to use them in your favour and you will obtain great benefits.


Apps cover a very large market today, and they can be used for almost everything. It is not an exception that there are very useful applications for events and conferences; which help and facilitate many options and improve the user experience.

There are applications such as Whova that help logistics and event management. Also, it improves public interaction with the event; which is something that is sought.

Among other applications that can be mentioned for these cases, Event Base stands out, a leading app in the market, used by very important brands such as Microsoft, Dell, among others.

The list of apps that facilitate the interaction of the public and the management of events are many, just choose the one that best suits your needs.


Using this recipe that we have given you, it only remains to say that the sum of all things gives us as a result: a guaranteed success. And for a recipe to be well executed it is important to have a specialist who has control at all times of all the details of your event.

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