10 Best Countryside Business Ideas and Choices

Many people prefer to go to the Countryside rather than live in the city and look for ideas for their startup business.

If you are creative, many business opportunities can be run and can be very profitable if they are carried out as well as possible.

Many people who live in cities can indeed find promising jobs. But not a few people who are looking for a living in the Countryside also have difficulty adjusting, considering that a high lifestyle cannot be achieved by simply relying on mediocre income.

Countryside Business Ideas

If we look closely, many business opportunities can be done in the village. Natural resources in the village are very abundant, you can also make opportunities that are minimal if you are creative.

List of Countryside Business Ideas

1. Mini/First Gas Station Business

In the village, many sell literary gasoline, which is usually mixed gasoline. They usually store gasoline in jerry cans and sell it at retail for more than Rp. 10 thousand dollars.

However, even so, people are aware of the dangers of mixed gasoline, so most people now prefer to fill it at the gas station.

Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to buy petrol in the village because there is no gas station or it is still rare.

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If you look at the high number of motorbike riders in the village, your chances of making mini poms are very big. Mini pom has the potential to be used as a source of business in the village because it is more practical and reliable.

The income that can be obtained from selling gasoline with a mini pom is also quite profitable with small capital.

The price range for mini poms is usually Rp. 5 million dollars only. If the price of gasoline per liter is Rp. 7500, then 100 liters costs Rp. 750 thousand only. If calculated, the total need to install a mini pom will not be more than IDR 8 million.

2. Village Chicken Livestock Business

The next best business choice when you have to live in the countryside is the native chicken business. In the village, many people like to raise free-range chickens. But usually, they only raise a few chickens for their meat or eggs.

In the village, people are rarely serious about native chicken livestock. Even though the potential for selling native chickens is enormous. Meanwhile, data in 2015 states that the need for native chickens is increasing and the market can only provide 25% – 30% of the need.

You can try free-range chickens using three methods, namely the umbaran method, the semi-intensive method, and the intensive method.

The umbaran method is a traditional method commonly used by people in Countryside. Where the chickens are left to find their food, and you only provide shelter when it rains. The owner usually only feeds the chickens twice a day.

If you use this method, you must have a large enough area. Then the chickens are fenced off so they don’t roam into the neighbor’s house.

Furthermore, the semi-intensive method, this method is used so that you can pay more attention to the chicken diet. Can monitor their health and reproduction. You need to make the coop that is wide, and covered with a net so the chickens don’t escape.

Whereas the intensive method is that you have to build the cage and let them continue in the cage. Of course, this method requires capital to make a cage and feed.

3. Cellphone Credit and Electricity Tokens Business

The credit and electricity token business today is very potential in Countryside. Given that pulses and electricity tokens are basic needs at this time. Also, the capital is not too big so that anyone can do it.

To sell pulses and electricity tokens, you only need to have a cellphone. After that, you can register to become a credit agent. You do this by finding a trusted credit agent or becoming an online agent like Tokopedia which also provides credit prices and electricity tokens at relatively cheap prices.

Selling cellphone pulses and electricity tokens is very common in Countryside. However, not much has developed. For this business to flourish, make sure that buyers give you cash, and regularly record each time you are a buyer.

Don’t forget to separate credit and other money, so that the benefits can be felt more quickly.

4. PlayStation Rental Business

The next best business option when you have to live in the village is PlayStation (PS) rentals. PS Rental is loved by children, especially teenagers.

Especially if the rental provides a lot of new games that are booming among young people, they will like it very much.

To get an overview of the PS rental business, make sure you first ask someone who has experience with PS rental.

Meanwhile, for the rental tools themselves, many now provide business packages. So that the price can be cheaper. The advantage of this PS rental is also quite large, the PS rental price is usually IDR 3,500 / hour.

However, make sure to be able to maintain good relations with residents. Don’t let school children play PS during school hours.

5. Business Tutoring

The awareness of the importance of education in the village community itself is starting to be high. So that many village people care about the education of their children, including the importance of tutoring or tutoring outside of school.

The goal is that parents in the village also want their children to qualify for their favorite college or have certain skills after graduating from a formal school.

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Therefore, opening this tutoring business is very promising. In this case, you only need one special skill. For example, if you are good at English, open an English course. Because this lesson is classified as a hated and difficult lesson, especially for children in Countryside.

You do not need to offer high rates for children who are going to study. In addition to practicing the knowledge that has been learned, consistent learning will create a promising income for children.

6. Grocery store business

The business of opening a grocery store can also be the best business choice when you have to live in the countryside. This type of business is the main necessity business that people in the village need.

Especially in villages where access to basic foodstuffs is quite difficult, of course, this can be an advantage for those of you who want to start a business.

However, several things must be considered before opening a grocery store. Among them are location, make sure to choose a strategic location when you are going to build a shop.

So that people can easily find a shop and access to the shop must be able to be passed by vehicles.

Also, make sure to determine the types of items you will sell. If your village is a village with a majority of farmers. Of course, selling price is not an option even though rice is a staple ingredient.

Usually, villagers prefer to drink coffee or other snacks that are hard to find if they don’t come to town.

7. Fish Farming

Fish farming is a business that is no less lucrative to develop in the village. Moreover, the natural potential of the village is still very fertile. Abundant water and a lot of lands are still empty.

The fish farming business will be very profitable, especially if there are not too many fish supply in the market. However, make sure to survey the market first.

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What is no less important when starting a fish farming business is the supply of superior seeds which will later become good fish. Feed must also be considered so that the fish you care for can grow well.

8. Oyster Mushroom Business

Oyster mushroom cultivation is no less good as a business option in the countryside. Because this business can provide daily income for you.

This oyster mushroom business does not require large costs, the ingredients to make it are also relatively easy to find. The ingredients include sawdust, bran, and lime.

You can also get more benefits if you find regular buyers such as bulk buyers. That way, your business can continue and you can still get profits.

9. Design and Printing Business

This type of business is very potential in the village because it is very rare for businesses like this to exist in the village. Remember, making designs requires special skills.

If you have this business, you can start by having a computer, printer, and paper only. If you are patient and patient, your business will grow bigger so that you can enter the photocopy business.

Services that you can offer are invitation card design services, typing services, even baligho or advertising design services.

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A business like this will be more developed if you are close to the village office, or school.

10. Online Business

The internet network has now been able to reach the village with fast signal quality. Therefore, you can try an online business.

With an online business, you can sell your goods or other people’s items with a drop shipper system. This system is very beneficial for those of you who want to get direct access to customers.

If you are not good at selling, another online business that is no less profitable is to create a website and link it to AdSense. So that the coffers of money will continue to flow every month.

If you find that creating a website is quite complicated and time-consuming, those of you who like to write can become a content writer.

Especially now that is the time to create YouTube content, for those of you who are confident you can create exciting YouTube content according to the passion you have. YouTube channels are now a very popular money-making field.

Even if you live in the countryside, you can create fun and useful YouTube content. For example, Youtuber content from China introduces their traditional cuisine through their channel.

Conclusion on countryside businesses

Those are the business choices you can make when you have to be in the countryside. Even if you live in the countryside, there is no reason for you to be creative. Because creative people will never run out of ideas wherever they are.

Building a business in a rural area can also employ other villagers. So that indirectly you can reduce poverty and unemployment in the countryside.

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