3 Golden Rules of Being a Good Content Writer

Online Content Writing has become a favourite profession in recent years as companies have gradually increased their orientation towards the digital market. While the trade volume in the e-commerce market was 2.8 trillion dollars in 2019, this figure is expected to increase to 4.2 trillion dollars in 2021. The growth of the cake in this market means the need for content to increase. The authors who will receive these items and the editors who will read and serve those articles need a good education. 

In order to get a share of this cake, you can take the Content Editor Training  given free of charge by Istanbul Business Institute . What do we see in the Content Editor course through the eyes of a student? What will this lesson add to us? What are the effects of this training and the certificate we receive afterwards on our life?

Under the leadership of the Istanbul Institute of Business, which provides many different and special trainings for free . He teaches Content Editor by Sertaç Yaprakıdere . The training, which is given in 2 periods per month, lasts 5 days, with an average of 1 hour per day. You need to pass the online exam held on Sundays successfully in order to check the subjects you see and get a certificate. 

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You must have 3 features to produce good content

Content Editor training provides information about the scope and operation of the course. Content Writing and Editing are defined and satisfying information is given about the fields of study and the industry. Sertaç Hodja explains the rule of conducting studies in this field and being a good content editor with the following sentence; “It is enough to read, write and research to produce quality and successful content.” 

Content producers are in serious need in a time when the web world is growing . You can come across dozens of sites providing this training in your research on the Internet about Content Editor. However, the number of online training sites that provide this training in good quality and well does not exceed the fingers of one hand. With the support of the Istanbul Institute of Business. The Content Editor course given by Sertaç Dalgülüdere is one of the quality trainings given in this sense. The course especially helps you to fully understand the concepts of Content Editor and Writing. In addition, satisfactory information is provided in many topics, such as the current situation of the online content industry, the conditions that the agencies want from the author candidates, and how you should follow when applying to these companies. 

Topics Seen Within the scope of the course?

  • What is Content?
  • What is Online Content Writing?
  • New Generation Business Model: Online Content Writing
  • What are the differences of Online Content Writing and Copywriting?
  • Where to Start When Producing Online Content? How to Create
  • Online Content – Problems of Meaning and Integrity
  • Common Mistakes in Online Content Writing
  • Online Content and SEO Techniques
  • Local and Foreign Agencies Seeking Online Content Writer
  • What awaits the Content World in 202019?

30 thousand 377 people have been trained within the scope of Content Editor course. Explaining that they have completed 40 semesters within the scope of the training, Dalgülüdere said, “In this context, approximately 25 percent of the content writers and editors working in the agencies that do content work in the market have received our training. My main goal in this lesson is that the digital world grows so much that the young people and citizens of this geography who read, discuss, write, research and get a share of this cake as much as possible. ” he speaks. 

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What Do We Learn In Content Editor Course With Numbers?

  • Worldwide e-commerce volume reaches $ 2.8 trillion.
  • E-Commerce volume is expected to be 4.5 trillion dollars in 2021. 
  • Approximately half of the world population (47.3 percent) is shopping from e-commerce sites. 
  • As of 2018, Google invested $ 10.5 billion in the data center it set up in the middle of the Arizona desert. 
  • The number of internet users worldwide has exceeded 4 billion. 
  • 3.3 billion of internet users are also social media users
  • About 100 online content companies operating in our country, large and small

Job Opportunity for 5 Best Writers 

At the end of the 5-day course in education, students are asked to do an exercise and homework. The assignment, which is intended to be prepared using the information and teachings given in the course, has two benefits. First of all, by practicing the content, the expert is provided to show you all your shortcomings about the content you wrote. In this context, all the pros and cons of the content you write are addressed, and you are given a relevant feedback in your article. Thus, at the end of the training, you can easily see the point you have reached regarding the content and you can reach your road map more easily to complete your deficiencies. The second advantage of the assignment is opening a business door to you. Receiving Content Editor training, Those who successfully complete the exercises and assignments given by the teacher, get the chance to start working as a writer in the highest quality and important content agencies that provide this service in our country. At the end of this 5-day course at the Istanbul Institute of Business, Sertaç Hodja is a reference for 5 people among the best exercises and homework. One of the names of our country numbered about content that these people are content with Sertac Dalgalıdere reference to the author of the best content agencies can start work as an editor. 

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The Number of Content Companies Doing Their Job Good and Quality Does Not Pass One Finger

You can be taught a very good theory of a course you take in the education system. However, an important part of the process where you cannot combine the theory of the course with practice is missing. In this training, you are dealing with content, both theoretically and practically. You learn with all the elements of Content Writing and Editing from A to Z. For this reason, Sertaç Hodja helps you to see your deficiency in this sense by doing many case studies as well as theoretically explaining the course very well.

Within the scope of the lesson, the sample texts prepared by the teacher are examined by examining all the details one by one, and students are also prepared with the texts right after the topics. Short texts prepared by the students are examined instantly by the teacher and all deficiencies are eliminated. Sertaç Hodja explains the 3 golden rules required to be a good content writer with the following words; “To be a good content writer, you must write, read and research.” 

The online content issue has shown important developments in the last 10 years. In our country, although this issue has started to be carried out for the last 2-3 years, it has come a long way in terms of quality. Although our country is a little late in terms of content, there are serious advances in this regard in recent years. Content with over 100 agencies in general in online content production but they qualified as the number of agencies that perform that work and can not find the production of drink 10.

Here, by following this lesson well, you will be able to understand the system very well if you become familiar with all the details on the topics and get your notes beautiful. In addition, the only book written on the content until now, Dr. I recommend you to buy the book of Sertaç Dalgülüdere, Online Content Writing, New Generation Business Model for Experts and Beginners. If you follow the lesson well and read the book well, you can put this lesson on your head and come to a good point.

What is Content?

In the dictionary, it is defined as the self-thought created by written or visual expression of any topic and opinion. In addition, we can define all the data we encounter in daily life as content. 

What is Online Content?

Online content is a huge universe that includes many different formats such as text, sound, image, game, e-book, e-magazine, e-newspaper, graphics and animations . Textual, visual or visual content published on a website in the blog or social media area is called online content. 

What are the Types of Content?

When it comes to content, the written content comes to mind first. However, it is expressed as content in video, music, games and applications. The most used content types, Promotional Articles, Website Content, Blog Content, Category Contents, Ad Texts, Interviews, Social Media content, Product Description Content.

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