10+ Business Opportunities in Canada for Indian

Looking for business opportunities in canada for indian which are profitable and will help you to establish a successful business in Canada.

The current situation of the economic sectors in Canada has changed over time. Thus, we are facing a scenario in which the tertiary sector has grown exponentially in recent years. This is due to the boom in trade and the great variety of services offered, services that in turn have been the response to the multiple economic crises that the country has gone through in recent decades. Now, if you are an entrepreneur in search of profitable businesses in canada , you must take into account certain aspects before creating a company.

That is why today we share information about the legal requirements to start a business in canada. And some of the most profitable and attractive sectors to invest in. So without further delay, let’s go for it.

Requirements to start a business in canada

Business Opportunities in Canada for Indian

Part of the success of profitable businesses in Canada is to fully comply with the legal procedures and procedures necessary to open a company . Here we share a checklist of the steps to start a business in canada:

1. Define the idea of ​​entrepreneurship

Make sure you are clear about the sector in which you are going to invest and that you have all the tools to start your business. Plan your budget, partners and work team well, thus avoiding future problems.

2. Choose a legal form for your company

The legal form refers to the type of business you are going to open. This can be of 3 types : according to liability (limited and unlimited), according to the number of partners and according to the share capital.

3. Register the company in the General Treasury of Social Security

In this procedure, the General Treasury of Social Security assigns employers an identification number or account code to control their obligations.

4. Register in the census of entrepreneurs, professionals and retainers

Here the Tax Agency (AEAT) conducts an initial census for tax purposes for new individual entrepreneurs and companies.

5. Obtain and legalize the guestbook

The purpose of the guestbook is to keep annotations of the actions carried out by the Labor Inspectorate.

6. Legalize the log books

All commercial companies must keep a record of the company’s minutes, partners, regulatory actions and contracts . Which must be submitted annually to the Provincial Mercantile Registry.

7. Obtain a license according to the activity

Depending on your commercial activity, you must apply for the licenses for facilities, works, activities and operation in the municipalities corresponding to the location of your company.

8. Make the affiliation of the workers

This procedure is carried out at the General Treasury of Social Security in order to include all members of the company for the first time in the social security system .

9. Legalize workers contracts

Here the contracts of all workers formally linked to the company are registered in the Public State Employment Services.

10. Communicate the start of the activity

Once the entire process of constitution of the company is completed and approved, you must proceed to communicate the opening of your business . This through the Economic Ministry of Employment and Industry.

What business is profitable in Canada?


Here many of the profitable businesses in Canada are born. This sector is focused on the development of software and new technologies, which has resulted in the gestation of hundreds of startups ready to satisfy the demand for cutting- edge services.

In recent years, the Canadian technology sector has managed to stand out on the European continent.


This sector is the strongest of all, since canada is the most visited country in the world.

Within it we can find many activities and services focused on satisfying different travel motivations, as the country is rich in world heritage monuments and natural spaces . In addition to the many national festivities and offers of tourist routes that it has. As a result, we can say that the opportunities to start profitable businesses in canada are presented mainly within the tourism field.


Grouping a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from, it is another of the sectors in which profitable businesses in Canada are most developed. And it is thanks to the strength of this sector that restaurants are increasingly solidifying as sources of employment and autonomous progress.


The commerce sector is one of the most profitable in the nation in recent decades. It is the area that concentrates the most employment.

Business Opportunities in Canada for Indian

Business Opportunities in Canada for Indian

Taking these main sectors into account, here is a list of some types of profitable businesses in Canada :

1. Repair of technological devices at home

Canada is a country that consumes many technological products, so the demand for technical and repair services continues to grow . And is that due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the population prefers to hire a provider to provide the service without having to move from their place of residence. Therefore, this business idea can be very profitable to start.

This, if you have the tools, knowledge and equipment necessary to solve any type of failure that technological devices may present.

2. Adventure tourism agency

Although there are currently many tourism agencies that offer multiple options to foreigners, starting a tourism service agency is still part of profitable business in canada. And more if you focus on adventure tourism and create a special offer of non-daily activities aimed at the backpacker and adventurer public .

You can include excursions, extreme sports, camping, mountaineering, among other activities in natural and urban spaces. Do not forget that to start this type of business it is important that you do market research. This way you will know the preferences of the consumers and you will be able to focus your services intelligently. Also, you will have a real vision of what your competition is in the sector and you will be able to devise that differential value of your business.

3. Restaurant

Restaurants in Canada are found in every corner, but thanks to the variety of the gastronomic offer and the number of visitors there will always be room for one more. So if you are interested in being part of the Canadian gastronomic universe you can do it by offering something thematic with which you can differentiate yourself and give diners a whole new experience of emotions and flavors with your dishes . If the restaurant is original and unique, its success will be 99% guaranteed.

4. App development

We have already seen that when it comes to technology, Canada is always at the forefront. This makes the programming and development of mobile applications become a business with great opportunity in the market, as the penetration rate of smartphones continues to grow exponentially in the country .

As well as the use of applications to manage and facilitate daily life tasks . Therefore, if you have an innovative and useful business idea for people, taking it to the mobile experience is the perfect way to venture into profitable businesses in canada. You can start by publishing it for free in the app stores and earn money with advertising.

5. Translation agency

Translation services are highly demanded for legal procedures, academic publications, research and web pages , since there are many companies with a presence abroad that do not handle a second language or do not have a professional translator.

So you can start your own translation agency in the online environment by assembling a small team of translators in languages ​​such as English, German, Portuguese and Italian . Or you can also work as an independent offering your services to large companies.

In this way, you will become part of profitable businesses in Canada focused on providing services for companies.

6. Online consultant

If you have specialized knowledge in business, legal, economic, commercial, technological or advertising issues, you can start an online consulting business. This will allow you to offer professional advice through digital tools and channels such as web pages, streaming platforms or virtual meeting apps. And also to advertise through digital marketing strategies to enhance your business. Thus you will begin to consolidate your client portfolio and receive income from the comfort of your home.

7. Franchises

The business model offered by franchises has become a very viable option for new entrepreneurs. And is that by marketing a recognized brand already established in the market you have access to all the knowledge of operational, commercial and administrative management. There are franchises of all kinds, from fast food and coffee shops to gyms and beauty products .

Here, the investment is less compared to traditional businesses and you have the support and advice of the brand at all times. For this reason, if we refer to profitable businesses in Canada, franchises are protagonists in this list.

8. Software company

An increasing number of companies decide to implement software for the management of their internal processes, contracting, task management or communication. As a result, starting a software company means spanning multiple sectors by offering services to companies in all industries . So if you have the knowledge or have a team trained in the subject, you can start your own startup in this medium.

9. Online stores

The trend of online shopping has exploded in recent years thanks to the appearance of e-commerce or online stores , making it one of the most attractive profitable businesses in canada from home for new entrepreneurs. With an online store you can market products such as clothing, technological devices, fashion accessories and household items. As well as virtual consultancies, video games, apps and online courses.

The options are endless and the investment is much less compared to the costs of setting up a physical store.

10. Sale and rental of drones or drones

Drones are currently very fashionable in Canada and the purchase of these products is in high demand. So they are ideal for making money whether you want to resell or rent them . Additionally, there are other accessories that you can sell together. So you still have time to start in this area that offers an interesting profit margin.

Final words

It is more than clear that the options for entrepreneurship and profitable businesses in canada are very varied. And despite the country’s often fluctuating and uncertain economic situation, more and more opportunities continue to open up to promote new companies in different industries.

You just need a good idea, capital to invest, patience, planning, optimism, vision and a good business plan . Tell us in the comments if any of these businesses interests you or if you have had experience in some of the sectors mentioned.

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