Top 15 Business Opportunities in Brazil to Start in 2022

Many among us wonder about the business opportunities in Brazil one can pursue that have great potential to grow. As we all know Brazil is the American state with the strongest economy. It is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest country in the world which makes it one of the best places to invest and start a business.

However, it is necessary to study some facts and things about the state before you dive into the opportunities in Brazil. They are climate, natural resources, tourism, and demand of the products and services to determine which are the successful businesses in Brazil.

business opportunities in brazil

Therefore, if you are interested in starting a business in Brazil, this article might give you the ideas that you are looking for.

15 Successful Business Opportunities in Brazil

Here are some of the best business ideas one can start in Brazil:

Samba Classes

Samba is one of the popular Brazilian dance forms and many tourists come to this country looking to learn Samba dance. If you have expertise in this dance form then you are already done the half work for your business.

This is a community that is growing and more and more people want to learn this dance form. You have a huge market and demand for the service is much more than its supply. So, you just need skills and talent to start this business.

In addition, it is one of the profitable business opportunities in Brazil because you can give your classes anywhere, it can be in a room, a hotel, the beach, outdoors, and more.

This business requires few resources to start and the profit potential of the business is quite good.

Food Truck

Another profitable business in Brazil is the food trucks, unlike large restaurant chains, which require low investment and are more in demand these days because of the best and low-cost food.

The idea is to sell food that is cooked and available quickly, such as sandwiches, rolls, wraps, pizzas, hot dogs, among other options. In addition, you can give these recipes a plus and add typical ingredients of Brazilian food to attract local people and also tourists.

To promote this business you can adopt different market techniques like social media, growing to crowd places, giving free food, etc.

Car Rental Business

One of the major components that contribute to the Brazilian economy is tourism, which is why one of the attractive business opportunities in Brazil and the other is the car rental business since people who visit the country need to move from one place to another.

You can tie up with hotels or travel agencies so that they recommend your services to their clients, in this way, you promote your business and you can give them a percentage of the profits for each client that comes to you by reference of that hotel or travel agency.

Nursery Business

The production and sale of plants are one of successful business ideas in Brazil. It is considered one of the most profitable businesses in Brazil right now. Due to the climate of the country, the plants grow quickly, which helps you to save money and time.

To create a garden or nursery you must know what type of plants, flowers, and trees you are going to plant. Also, you should know how much profit margin you can receive from these plants.

Know what your budget is to acquire irrigation systems, fertilizers, seeds, some chemicals, and garden tools. This business requires knowledge and skills, you can’t just start this business overnight. It needs research and planning before you go for actual business.

Tour Guide Business

Businessmen in Brazil always think about the business opportunities in tourism and another related sector. Because these businesses have great potential in Brazil. The tourist sector is a sector with good profitability and can be started with low investment.

Tourists always need someone to show them around the city, to take them to the historic places monuments and best beaches.

You can even create packages that vary according to the number of people and visit historical, cultural, recreational, and regional places. A tour guide in Brazil can earn more than $400 in a month and, for this, you just need to know the city very well.

As a business, you can train people for the tour guide profession and provide services to the tourists on a large scale.

Bike Tours

Another great idea to add to the list of successful businesses in Brazil is the organization of bicycle tours along the entire Brazilian coastal area. Bicycle businesses have boomed in recent years because, in addition to being environmentally friendly, they allow you to get to know the entire city without getting stuck in traffic.

This is a great option for tourists to get to know the city creatively and freshly, in the same way, this idea is much cheaper than visits in taxis or private cars, so tourists will prefer to do the tours with you; the only thing you will need is a bicycle, a kind of cart and your knowledge of the attractive areas of the city. 

5-Star Hotels

Brazil is the favorite destination for many high-class tourists, who come from countries where there is not that environment full of positive energy ideal for vacationing. Then there must be luxury hotels so that they can stay without complaints because not everyone is willing to skimp on comfort. 

Although the investment in a business of this type is very high, it is recovered quickly. Likewise, you must be clear that a five-star service must provide a swimming pool, spa, gyms, room service, restaurants of different cuisines, massages, and more. 

Tour Agency

This type of company works with adventurous tour packages, which you can offer in hotels or travel agencies. For these profitable businesses in Brazil you only need your knowledge and life insurance for you and all the people who accompany you. 

As the business grows, you can offer kits according to the excursion or activity you are going to do. Adventure sports are a great attraction for all tourists who do not know what to do or where to go. 

Express Laundry 

It is difficult for some people in Brazil to afford laundry expenses (like washing machines) in their homes or they simply do not have enough time to take care of their clothes, so one of the profitable business ideas in Brazil is the installation of an express laundry.

This business requires a good initial investment because you have to buy equipment and hire some people for the work but profit is great in the express laundry business.

In addition to offering basic laundry and dry cleaning services, you can include in your service the delivery of clothes at home, etc.

Ice Cream Parlor

In Brazil, the temperature is quite high even in winters. For this reason, ice creams are the most popular and preferred desserts in Brazil. So, if you want to invest in a successful business opportunity in Brazil, we are sure that this idea is for you.

However, the competition in this sector can be quite high, so your creativity and different marketing approach may give you an advantage.

In this business, you need to understand the people and their tastes so that you can provide them with the best ice-cream flavors they like.

Taxi Service for Tourists

Know you may be aware that most of the successful business ideas in Brazil are oriented toward tourists, however, this service can be used permanently by both tourists and locals.

If you have a vehicle, this is your chance to make a good amount of profit.

You can start this business independently or with a partner. In this way, if you start alone, you will not need anything more than your car, but if you want to risk a little more you should invest in several cars and in hiring drivers to form a company and register it.

This way your profit will be more and customers base will increase.

Real Estate Agency

The real estate market in Brazil is one of the most active, especially for tourists who decide to spend a holiday in the country and lower costs by renting an apartment instead of paying for hotel rooms.

Opening a real estate agency is undoubtedly one of the profitable business ideas in Brazil with a low investment.  

To make the purchase and sale of real estate you need an office to attend to your clients and the contacts of people who wish to sell or rent their houses. 

Also, if you want to sell new houses, you must contact construction companies, in this way, you would earn a special percentage for each work in which you complete the sale of the apartment or house. 


This is an easy way to earn profits, people approach an agency and pawn some valuable object with the guarantee that they will be able to recover it after a certain time elapses. It is one of the profitable businesses in Brazil because you can make profits due to the interest that is generated as the client is not going to recover his object.  

The idea is to be innovative and accept any type of jewelry, appliances, cars, telephones, and others.

Handicrafts Business

In every corner of Brazilian cities, we can find typical Brazilian handicrafts, especially those that delight travelers with souvenirs of the places they visited. Also, you can find handicrafts such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. 

Tourists always love these types of details, which is why handicrafts have positioned themselves as one of the most relevant and most sought-after successful business ideas in Brazil, trying to improve every day and offer different options.

Cleaning Services

To respond to all the needs of daily life, one of the best profitable businesses in Brazil that you can bet on is cleaning services, since people very commonly look for someone to clean homes, vacation apartments, hotels, offices, hospitals, and more. 

This type of business requires staff to cover several places at the same time and also have skills for payment control, personnel management, inventory control, and product purchase.

Getting started will be the most important thing to make yourself known and reach more customers. A cleaning service company requires an investment of approximately 100K USD.

If you want to know about how you can start a cleaning business in general refer to this page.

Final Words

Having the most powerful economy is a great advantage for people who want to start a business in Brazil, this is a land that will have high performance in any business you can imagine. With the options that we leave to you in this article, plan a market study and choose the one that fits your budget. 

The important thing about starting a business in Brazil is that you can identify yourself and value what you do. Remember that the success of profitable business opportunities in Brazil depends on the commitment and effort you put into that business idea.

FAQ on Business Opportunities in Brazil

What is the most profitable business in Brazil?

The most profitable business idea that you can start in Brazil is the tourism and travel business because it is the most demanding sector and can be started in various places in Brazil even with low investment.

Is Brazil a good place to start a business?

Yes, it is one of the best places to start a business in most of the most profitable fields. You should analyze the market demand of the product or service in which you are going to start a business and the overall competition then you are good to go.

Can foreigners do business in Brazil?

Yes, foreigners can do various types of businesses in Brazil but their registration and legal process may be different. My recommendation will be on this is that you should contact them officially and ask for every requirement and formalities.
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