Profitable Business Ideas for Youth in Africa

If you are looking for business ideas for youth in Africa? Then you came to the right place.

Now young people in Africa are very sensitive to world problems and want to make a difference. From being more conscious consumers to their environmentally friendly behavior, from helping developing countries to taking an active role in politics, helping others to educating those in need, they are working hard to make the world a better place.

Adding to this the desire to start their own business and to be their own boss, the new generation is now looking for ways to make money, while also considering the well-being of our planet.

Innovative Business Ideas for Youth in Africa

Here are the creative business ideas for youth in Africa.

1. Chat bots Business for Youth in Africa

Business Ideas for Youth in Africa

Chat robots, which were seen as a temporary enthusiasm when it was first launched, became a tool for businesses of all sizes:

  • Creating awareness and empathy
  • Public sensitivity survey
  • Increasing social interaction
  • Fight pollution
  • Sharing correct information about public health
  • Promoting healthy living
  • Guiding people

Moreover, you don’t need to learn coding to create chatbots. You can do this in just a few minutes on the internet.

2. Online fundraising consultant Ideas

Business Ideas for Youth in Africa

If you are experienced in sales and finance, you can use these skills to consult fundraising for charities. Choose the charities you want to work with and then try to build a solid relationship with those you feel most comfortable with. Once you’ve built the relationship, you need to convince them that you can raise the money they need by preparing and implementing an effective campaign.

3. Educational blogs in Africa

Do you browse blogs to get answers to your questions? Do you have material that others can benefit from? Maybe you are an expert in travel, foreign language or environmentally friendly life? Whatever material you have, be sure to share it with others. All you have to do is get a free blog template and post regularly. Then you can learn different ways to make money by writing articles about something you love. Some methods save you money, but not only do they save you money:

  • Using the Google AdSense feature
  • Learn about affiliate marketing
  • Online seminars and
  • It also allows you to offer online courses.

4. Teaching online

Just like blogging, you can train others if you are skilled at something. In this way, you will serve people and help them improve themselves while earning money. You can:

  • Teaching university students
  • Teaching a foreign language
  • Giving an online course to explain the methods of starting a small business
  • Opening a YouTube channel to inform people about healthy living
  • Providing sustainability consultancy to startups

5. Environmentally friendly developer

People who want to be environmentalists usually don’t know where to start. So why don’t you get to work and help these people? Let’s say you know how to make internet and phone applications. Then you can make an application that will make it easier for people to live healthier. You can also make an application that promotes sustainability or you can focus on:

  • Energy-saving
  • Recycle
  • Buying and producing environmentally friendly products
  • Living an environmentally friendly life both at home and at work 

6. Both social and mass fund

Similar to institutions that fund small investors, entrepreneurs can realize their projects by getting money from funds operating in this way. You can create crowdfunding funds that bring together people who want to fund humanitarian projects. Rather than creating high interest rates and payment plans, these funds offer a service to people who want to support them in return for financial aid. For example, they are indefinite participants of company projects or are specifically stated to invest in projects. 

7. Personal development programs

You can support the personal development of people in need by helping them. How Does? Build a platform where frustrated people can gain new skills to get them up again. For example, you can meet people who want to learn new skills in a restaurant, or you can keep things simple and develop a business, marketing or website. With the income you earn here, you can reach other people, get help with you, and even create new programs.

8. E-book writing

Like blogging, e-books are a unique resource for learning new skills. That way, you can meet your readers digitally for less than they would pay for a printed book. Writing e-books is free, and you can also sell it on major media such as Amazon. You can even donate the income from your book to a charity you support.

9. Education excuse vacation is wonderful

The world is getting worse every day, so now people are calculating to see as many countries as possible before it is too late. Also, people are now choosing to travel to countries where they can engage with locals and projects. Although there are such sites, you can also establish a travel company with the following qualifications:

  • Inform people about the countries they will volunteer for
  • Sharing a list of needs with volunteers
  • Indicating where to stay
  • Who share information about the countries they will volunteer
  • Sharing all-inclusive packages (e.g. flights, accommodation, food, transportation, volunteering, etc.) 


People are more conscious of the things around them. Thanks to the news, we are aware of what is happening around the world, but most of what we hear is bad news. As people, all our actions have a result, and with the business ideas we mentioned above, you can not only make money, but also make a difference in the world.

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