Business Ideas without Investment

55 Most Profitable Business Ideas without Investment in India

There are many business ideas that you can start without investment in India. India is a great place to start a business because of its largest population and market share.

With a small capital, you can start businesses but some of them don’t require any investment.

55 Business Ideas without Investment in India

List of best business ideas without investment in India which is highly profitable and give a huge profit in return.

Home Inspector

Business Ideas Without Investment

This job may sound like it is just a matter of looking around people’s homes, but it actually requires a high level of expertise. You will need to learn about the new products that are constantly appearing in the market and stay updated with any changing laws. Networking and building positive relationships with your local real estate agents will give you the best chance of success, as they will recommend your services to others in your area.

Courier Services

You may be thinking “that is what the mail room is for”, but in actuality, businesses in busy areas often use local courier services, as they can offer more flexible pickup and drop-off times. Because of the specific services you are offering, you will also be able to charge more.

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Life Coaching or Mentoring

If you have a proven track record in a particular field, can prove past success, or have trained in matters of the mind, life coaching or mentorship could be for you. People, especially soon to be entrepreneurs, seek guidance through mentorship and life coaches. You can setup your services from the comforts of your home with no monetary investment.

Massage Therapist

The licensing to become a massage therapist varies according to the state in which you reside, but if you have a passion for health-related activities, you could take a masseuse course and set up a clinic from the comforts of your home. Once you have completed your course and gained your license, you will have to invest in a massage bed as well as the appropriate oils and massage products.

Personal Trainer

Fancy yourself as a bit of a fitness fanatic? Then why not channel that energy into a course where nutrition and the anatomy of the body are also covered? With this, you can train novices from the comforts of your home or through your local gym.

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Personal Chef

As a personal chef, you will spend your days cooking for people who do not have the time to do so themselves but do have the money to pay someone to do it for them. If you want to stand out from the crowd, offer meal plans that suit various dietary requirements, such as:

  • Gluten-free, lactose-free, or egg-free meals
  • Vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • Meals for those with diseases, such as coeliac

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are easy to offer and require no training. You can either:

  • Offer discounted services, provided they have the necessary cleaning products onsite
  • Offer a more expensive service that includes you bringing your own products

Also, you can take your business in various directions by targeting different clients. Possibilities include:

  • Cleaning offices or shops in the evenings
  • Cleaning restaurants or people’s homes during the day
  • Providing morning housekeeping services for hotels

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Dog Walker/Trainer/Groomer

In some places, dog walking alone can be a very profitable business. Those working from 9 to 5 either do not have time to walk their dogs before leaving the house or just prefer it if someone comes in to let them out of the house for some exercise. Also, dog walking businesses that offer additional services are becoming increasingly popular. Consider also offering:

  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Dogsitting

Packing Services

If you have an eye for the little details, a packing service business could be your calling. When someone moves out of their home, they pay for removal services to take their belongings from their old house to their new one. But the process of packing all their belongings into boxes in the first place is extremely time-consuming. Why not offer people your time to do this for them while they are at work or busy running errands?

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Laundry Services

If you are looking for a way to make money at home without the need to learn new skills, home-based laundry services are easy to offer with the possibility for expansion in the future. The most complex part of the process will be establishing whether or not you need licensing to start this business from your home. This will depend on your location and the size to which you plan to grow your empire. Otherwise, all you need to do is:

  • Keep track of your sales, expenses, taxes, and general bookkeeping
  • Establish how much you will charge
  • Decide on how the payment process will take place (e.g., before or after you complete the service; in cash, or via card, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Create a website and other marketing materials to get your name out there


To become a caregiver, you will have to undergo professional training and acquire various certifications and health and safety diplomas. That said, if you’ve have cared for a parent, sibling, or friend in the past and feel this is something you want to pursue, it is a business you can set up cheaply. You can not only choose your clients but also your working hours. Daily tasks as a caregiver will vary; however, you will often be expected to:

  • Clean
  • Wash
  • Do laundry
  • Prepare meals
  • Take your patients outdoors for fresh air
  • Do their shopping
  • Potentially dress and feed them

Landlord or Bed and Breakfast

You do not have to own a huge building with multiple rooms to start your own bed and breakfast. If you have a nice, clean home with a spare room, why not advertise it? Websites such as Airbnb make it easy for people to rent out the spare rooms in their homes. You can even charge more by offering:

  • Food and beverages
  • City tours
  • Local experiences
  • Housekeeping services

By offering your customers something unique, you will find the experience gratifying and profitable.

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Personal Concierge

You are probably thinking that being the concierge to the executive of a big company will be a piece of cake, think twice. Although you will make good money being someone’s personal concierge, it is a very challenging job in which you will be expected to deliver what has been asked of you, on time, with a smile. That said, you will normally be paid very handsomely for your services.

Grocery Delivery Services

Big supermarkets do offer this service, but delivery prices are often very high or the food is warm or bruised when it arrives at the customer’s home. If you own a large car, you could become people’s personal shopper. Some people do not have time to run errands after a long day at work and others may not have the physical capacity to do so, so why not do it for them? You could also couple this service with others, such as:

  • Being a concierge
  • Offering cleaning services
  • Daily or weekly dog grooming, walking, and training services
  • Being a caregiver

Lawn Care and Gardening

Although you will only be able to mow lawns for a limited time of the year, gardening services span throughout the 12 months. You can set up your own business with services, such as:

  • Lawnmowing
  • Gardening
  • Raking
  • Snow removal
  • Herb farming

Herb farming can be offered as a service across most parts of the world. Whether you are in an urban or rural area, herb gardens take up very little space.

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Babysitting Services (One of the Best Business Ideas without Investment in India)

Babysitting may not sound like a profitable market to enter, but you’d be surprised how well you can get paid if you have the right experience, certifications and licenses. Although formal training is not required, this can teach you all the procedures in the case of any emergency. There are also a number of families offering service work as a:

  • Babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Tutor
  • Au pair

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Childproofing Services

Childproofing is a trade that many do not think of these days. But every family with a newborn baby or small child wants to provide a safe home for them. There are so many areas of a home that can be dangerous, from sharp corners to stairs. A childproofing business is very cheap to start up, but you may be required to follow certain state regulations, depending on your location. To understand all the ins and outs of the industry, you may want to undertake an internship in the field before setting up shop.

Making Chatbots

I am cited on as, “ChatBot master Murray Newlands remarked that, ‘Where 10 years prior each organization required a site and five years back each organization required an application, presently every organization needs to grasp informing with AI and chatbots.'” That brings opportunity and occupations. You can figure out how to make them for nothing without coding for organizations.

Chatbots are in, and it has arrived at where each business needs one. Chatbots have become an enormous open door for organizations to draw in with their clients, assemble information, and improve their showcasing and client care endeavors. You can begin your own chatbot creation business effectively and rapidly without expecting to code. I made the allowed to utilize apparatus, however there are heaps of others out there. All you have to do is:

  • Find out about bots and their capacities
  • Make a record
  • Find out about the organization who needs a chatbot
  • Make their bot through
  • Dispatch it through Facebook Messenger
  • No coding or long courses required

The stage is incredible, as it:

  • Works with Facebook Messenger and remarks
  • Can push advancements to clients on request
  • Perceives minor departure from trigger words
  • Can process orders from Facebook
  • Coordinates with all principle installment preparing stages

Accounting Services

Is it true that you are incredible with numbers and need to work from the solace of home? To turn into an independent clerk, you don’t should be a Certified Public Accountant, yet you do should be acceptable with numbers. There are loads of allowed to utilize web based invoicing apparatuses, for example, and online installments devices like A few administrations you could offer include:

  • Making accounting reports
  • Giving salary articulations
  • Making different month to month, quarterly, or yearly money related reports

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Individual or Virtual Assistant

Albeit individual and remote helper employments don’t sound captivating, they do pay well. In the event that you have just held this activity in an office, you will locate the computerized form takes into account much more opportunity. Use administrations like to discover customers.

Promoting Services

Promoting involves a specific degree of foundation information. So, on the off chance that you are not experienced, putting resources into an online course isn’t just modest yet will furnish you with the satisfactory instruments to begin an independent computerized showcasing organization you could grow later on. There are bunches of new promoting fields opening up, for example, influencer showcasing.

Organizations are continually searching for specialists ready to give promoting duplicate that is SEO-accommodating and can change site guests into leads and, in the long run, clients.

Web based life Consultant

Who doesn’t adore Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Extravagant yourself to be a touch of prodigy, however don’t have any conventional preparing? Twitter and Google, among different stages, offer total proficient courses with perceived accreditations that expect next to zero cash. Online networking is additionally a business that has boundless potential with a customer base that can length over the world. This pattern is probably not going to bite the dust soon, if at any point, and new stages are being discharged each year, making the opportunities for development boundless. You can utilize online life the executives devices to make your activity simple.

Member Marketing

Member showcasing is incredibly simple to get into and includes you gaining a commission by advancing other organizations’ items and administrations. Fundamentally, you pick an item you like, advance it, and make a benefit on every deal that originates from your promoting endeavors.

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Analyzer or Reviewer

People or new businesses frequently search for individuals to audit their items to urge others to get them. You can either begin with a profile on outsourcing sites or approach organizations legitimately, offering them a survey in return for a fiscal compensation by turning into an influencer. Far superior, on the off chance that you have your own site or blog, you could compose whole posts about their items, along these lines permitting you to charge more cash over the long haul and assemble a portfolio with substantial outcomes to show future customers.

Secretarial Services

Like virtual helping, remote secretarial administrations expect next to zero understanding. All you need is:

  • Solid authoritative aptitudes
  • Great relational abilities
  • Great time the board
  • A significant level of self-governance
  • Your everyday assignments as an outsourcing secretary will ordinarily include:
  • Booking gatherings
  • Sorting out schedules
  • Answering to messages
  • Assembling introductions
  • Noting calls

Web based Dating Consultant (One of the Profitable Business Ideas without Investment in India)

Do you have a path with words? Or on the other hand have you discovered your Mr. or then again Mrs. Right and need to share how you arrived? You can turn into somebody’s partner or lady and assist them with discovering love by turning into a web based dating expert. This kind of counseling accompanies an enormous degree of obligation, as you will be controlling somebody’s adoration life.

Ebay Assistant or Seller

An Ebay right hand or dealer is like being a promoting associate. The key contrast is that as opposed to advertising the item, you are selling it legitimately to the client. When selling for others on Ebay or some other stage, you will sell the item and keep a commission as remuneration.

Shockingly, this kind of occupation accompanies dangers. Generally, trick craftsmen pull in Ebay merchants and utilize counterfeit delivery papers to persuade them to send installments. Shockingly, regardless of whether you are defrauded, you will be considered answerable for your clients not accepting their things.

Application Developer

New applications are propelled every day and on the off chance that you trust you have what it takes to make your own and a one of a kind enough thought, you ought to do it! Beside the way that you should put away next to zero cash to begin, it is far less tedious than the normal 9 to 5. When you have made your application, couple it with the correct advertising methodology and you’ll be bringing in cash in your rest. The best part about creating applications is that you can do it from anyplace on the planet.

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Site Developer

We live in a computerized existence where each business needs a site to drive their traffic to so as to make deals. On the off chance that you have the right stuff, you could enter an industry that will never pass on. You can likewise begin little by making sites on stages, for example, WordPress. On the off chance that you need to take your web-building aptitudes to the following level, you can gain proficiency with the language of site creation through, where you will have the option to figure out how to consolidate customized:

  • Shopping baskets
  • Item pages
  • Exhibitions
  • Web journals
  • Administrations pages
  • Criticism structures

Web Security Consultant

Hacking, defrauding, and infections are only a portion of the security dangers on the web today. In the event that you know your stuff, you could take in substantial income counseling businesses, particularly the individuals who handle delicate client data and need to guard it as could be expected under the circumstances.

Visual Designer

Organizations are consistently in look for marking that educates individuals concerning what they do. On the off chance that you can follow organization rules and client needs, all you should begin is a PC and applications, for example, Photoshop or Illustrator.

Planning Business Plans

Having an aha minute is incredible, however it tends to be difficult to write that thought down such that will address a potential speculator. On the off chance that you have claimed your own business before or earned a business degree, why not help those with an aha minute beginning something they love? Plan your charge around the different bundles you are set up to offer your customers.

Duty Consultant

Organizations of all shapes and sizes pay great cash to have their expenses arranged for them. It allows them to concentrate on the ordinary activities of their business. On the off chance that you have the suitable experience, you could set yourself up as a specialist; nonetheless, by beginning with an expense arrangement establishment, you will get courses, workshops and preparing.

Flipping Websites

Flipping a site is the craft of purchasing a previously existing site, improving it, and selling it. With the correct web advancement aptitudes, it is an exceptionally simple and modest exchange to investigate. So, you should have the option to distinguish sites that have the potential for development.


Interpreting is one of the least demanding and most gainful businesses to dive into on the off chance that you are capable in more than one language. Searched out on a worldwide scale, interpreters needn’t bother with any cash-flow to begin and can win a pay of $40,000 every year (least) contingent upon the size of the organization you are employed by and the length of the agreement they offer.

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Money related Advisor

In spite of the fact that the quantity of individuals needing to go into business has developed, many despite everything don’t have a clue how to sort out themselves monetarily. Start by getting your Certified Financial Planner (CFP) testament to show customers you are believable. Then again, on the off chance that you as of now have the experience, you can begin by exhorting people and afterward develop your realm to counsel for bigger associations.\

Publication Services

A publication administrations business is anything but difficult to begin, requires no underlying financial investment, and has a gigantic potential for extension. From little and enormous businesses to creators and understudies, your customer base could be perpetual. You can offer an assortment of administrations, some of which include:

  • Copywriting
  • Secretly composing
  • Magazine article composing
  • Paper article composing
  • Web content composition
  • Editing
  • Altering
  • Ordering
  • Book composing

Online Photo Selling (Among Business Ideas without Investment in India)

In the event that you are an expert picture taker or simply have a profound pull energy for it, you can bring in cash from your photos on photograph selling sites. All you have to begin is a camera, ideally a computerized SLR with at least 8 megapixels, and a PC. When you have set up yourself on sites, for example, and, you can arrangement your own site with a rundown of your watermarked pictures and their cost per unit.

Supper Planning

There are heaps of individuals who love nourishment however don’t have the primary piece of information about what to purchase. They are either not certain about the kitchen, don’t have the foggiest idea about the principal thing about a fair eating routine, or battle with keeping up a financial limit.

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Persistent Advocacy Services

Persistent backing administrations are critical to networks over the world. Every day, you would be:

  • Helping individuals track down medical clinics for administrative work
  • Accumulate bills for insurance agencies
  • Contend cases with insurance agencies

Individuals needing these administrations are no doubt sick or lamenting, leaving them delicate and regularly unfit to safeguard themselves. It is significant they have the correct help during this time in their lives.

Web based business Store

In the event that you have an extraordinary item, yet no cash to put resources into a physical retail facade, staff, and bills, why not set yourself up on the web? Beside the absence of immense money related investment and time responsibility, the showcasing openings online are perpetual. Likewise, albeit a customer facing facade is incredible for marking purposes, it limits the size and extent of your crowd.

Study Taking

Despite the fact that you won’t get rich doing overviews on the web, you may make a consistent salary on the off chance that you join to various destinations. These reviews take scarcely whenever at all to finish and can ordinarily net you around $150+. The absolute most famous overview taking stages include:

  • MySurveys
  • InboxDollars
  • Worldwide Test Market
  • EarningStation
  • Harris Poll

Video Production

There are various ways you can utilize videography to make your own locally established business. There are such a significant number of individuals needing to become YouTube big names who don’t have the right stuff to transfer excellent, well-altered recordings.

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Manageability Consultant

Businesses of all sizes are attempting to discover news approaches to do their part for the earth by actualizing greener practices. Tragically, a considerable lot of the more eco-accommodating choices accessible today are likewise essentially increasingly costly, so business proprietors need somebody like you who can exhort them on how they can change their procedure without relinquishing their main concern.

Call Center Representative

More organizations are hoping to procure call focus delegates who are eager to telecommute on client care issues. All you have to begin is a PC and a telephone line. Beside the way that you could acquire a decent base compensation, you won’t have any driving costs and can set aside cash by preparing your suppers at home.

Direct Sales Representative

The expression “entryway to-entryway deals” regularly puts off individuals, since all they picture is getting entryways closed forcefully consistently. All things considered, by working for organizations, for example, Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware in the correct zones, you could have cultivated gatherings in your home, permitting you to bring in cash while meeting new individuals.

Travel Planning

With all the booking stages accessible online today, anybody can book an occasion from the solaces of their home. Be that as it may, with such a large number of various components to look at, it tends to be overpowering.

In the event that you have solid hierarchical aptitudes and the talent for finding a decent deal, you could offer these administrations to other people who have less time on their hands. Discover the arrangements for your clients and include your additional charge for your administrations.

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Online Custom Tailoring

Individuals are progressively faithful about the manner in which they look, and with that comes the requirement for custom fitted apparel. One size doesn’t fit all, and businessmen and ladies, specifically, need to look like it when they go into the workplace consistently. The custom apparel industry is still generally undiscovered, so beginning a business presently will offer you a noteworthy potential for development later on.

Money Trading

Online money exchanging is simpler than any time in recent memory because of the quantity of instructional exercise recordings, online courses, and applications that offer bit by bit advisers for turning into a cash dealer. All you need is:

  • Specialized aptitudes
  • Major diagnostic abilities
  • A modest quantity of income
  • A telephone, tablet, or PC

Telemarketing Services

An ever increasing number of organizations are redistributing their showcasing endeavors, and telemarketing is one of them. As an independent telemarketer telecommuting, you will set meetings with clients and making warm leads for organizations. The sum you charge will rely upon the size of the organization you are working for, and the undertaking they need to designate you.

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Referral Services

Is it accurate to say that you are the individual who every one of your loved ones call when they’re attempting to locate a decent eatery, attorney, handyman or nursery worker? On the off chance that that is the situation and you love alluding them to all the stunning businesses you are aware of in your neighborhood, you could begin a business doing only that. You’ll have the option to work with people and businesses, helping clients find what they need, and businesses acquire customers.

Occasion and Project Planning

Occasion and venture arranging should be possible remotely, yet having a hands-on approach and offering your administrations in your neighborhood be increasingly gainful to you from both a quality control and money related perspective. You can begin this business from the solaces of your home and meet with customers in eateries, bistros or at their office or home.

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Proficient Photography

Regardless of whether it is a wedding, family occasion, or a business’ advertising materials, individuals pay great cash for proficient photography. Except if you want to pursue an online course, the main financial investment you should make is for a camera. Set up your every day charge and make sure to keep into account your movement costs.


Have you filled in as an educator previously? Is it true that you are capable in a subsequent language? Have you examined math, science, or some other subject? Assuming this is the case, you could coach grown-ups and youngsters, if you have the correct desk work for kid insurance reasons. It will cost you almost no to get arrangement, and you can offer your administrations at individuals’ homes.

PC Trainer

There are various seniors needing to figure out how to utilize PCs and the web, implying that in the event that you are capable in both Mac and PC, you could offer your administrations in your neighborhood. Be cautioned, most won’t be as enthusiastic about PCs as you, so they will just need to learn fundamentals, for example, messaging and utilizing a web program.

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