Top 18 Business Ideas with 1 Lakh Investment in India

Are you looking for business ideas with a 1 lakh investment in India? Then you came to the right place. India is a country full of potential but the major challenge that many people face is the lack of sufficient capital to invest in their ideas. But, with a budget of 1 lakh INR, there are still several business ideas that one can pursue in India.

In India, there is a growing interest in entrepreneurship and the government offers many schemes to small businesses. In this article, we will talk about the business ideas that can be pursued with a 1 lakh investment in India.

18 Best Business Ideas with 1 Lakh Investment in India

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping businesses can be started with a low investment of under 1 lakh in India. One of the most promising dropshipping niches is fashion and beauty. This business is quite simple, you just need to buy products from sellers and pass orders and payments from buyers to sellers.

In fact, you also don’t have to bother working on the shipping products. Although it looks easy, this effort cannot be underestimated. As a dropshipper, you must understand the specifications of the goods being sold, and choose a reliable supplier. Because the quality of the supplier’s products and services will have an impact on your reputation as well.

2. Pre-Order Business

The fashion industry is not going to die. However, opening a distribution business with your own label requires no small amount of capital. To overcome limited funds, you can outsmart it with a pre-order system.

With this system, clothing will only be produced after an order has been placed. To cut production costs. You can also limit the minimum number of orders to enter production.

That way the initial capital you need will not be too large. The investment will be under 1 lakh investment to make the first clothes for photos, branding, etc.

If you are in this business, it is better if you are fond of reading magazines because that way, you will be able to understand the world of the clothes business well.

Remember, you can choose other niches as well other than the clothes business.

3. Laundry Services

In this real world, there are still many people who think pragmatically. Instead of running out of time to wash clothes, it’s better to just do laundry, so the laundry business is very profitable.

To be successful in this business, you have to be smart to find gaps and opportunities. First, market share, make sure your place of business has lots of office workers or students because if you start it in a rural it will not benefit you.

The investment you do will be used to buy washing machines and dryers, supporting equipment such as scales, detergents, plastics, irons, and employee salaries.

4. Photo & Video Services

This service can be categorized into a small and medium-scale business. Although now almost everyone holds a camera, but not necessarily able to produce good photos and videos.

This service is always in high demand. Not only for pre-wedding and wedding photos, now all public wants to capture good photos and there is an opportunity for you to start a service business in this field.

To start this business, what is the requirement?

Of course equipment such as a camera. There is no need to buy a camera for hundreds of millions along with all the equipment. You can start with a digital camera of under 30 thousand, plus accessories, a printing machine, and a laptop. You can easily manage these things with 1 lakh investment.

5. Design and Drawing Services

A design service business can be of many things, not only logos, banners, etc., but can be in the form of illustrations, comics, self-paintings, and much more.

You should have skills in designing and drawing and that is obvious. With these skills, you can earn good profits. Mainly for this purpose, you need a laptop and related accessories.

6. Grocery Store

It is one of the common business ideas under 1 lakh investment in India that people can do. You can open a small shop in your neighborhood. Why have so many people done it? Because opening a grocery store can be said to be a promising business.

You need to buy various items for sale. Sell ​​things that you think will sell well in that area. Every place will have different needs. Do not relate your place of business with other places.

Example: If your shop is close to a school then you can sell various foods and soft drinks.

7. Salon Business

Everyone has a different opinion about hair. Some men like short hair, and some like long hair.

You can set up a salon location to keep your business running smoothly. Also, set a balanced tariff so that potential customers do not complain that the costs are too expensive.

The capital for this business is mirrors, ordinary scissors, hair clippers, electric shavers, large combs, small combs, powder holders, hair clips, water spray bottles, chairs, razors, body coverings, and scissors lubricating oil.

If you yourself feel that you are not able to serve many customers, then you can hire more employees. You can share profits according to the number of customers or with a monthly salary system.

8. Website Developer

This is the era of technology and the use of technology to earn income can be done by anyone. If you are a graduate majoring in IT, maybe you can become a website developer to earn an income.

You don’t need to work full-time, you can offer website creation services on a freelance basis.

What is needed is mastery of HTML, PHP, CSS, and JSS codes. Or mastery of CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.

If you are not an IT graduate, those of you who have taken a website creation course can also run this business. You can get quite a large income from this small business considering that creating a website takes a long time, not to mention the varying levels of difficulty.

This promising business can be done by joining freelance forums to get a job if this is your first time doing this.

9. Ornamental Fish Business

If you like keeping ornamental fish, you can do an ornamental fish business by using an aquarium at home or a pond, if any. This small business does not require a large area of ​​land.

To be more successful, in addition to learning ornamental fish maintenance techniques, you also need to learn spawning techniques.

There are many types of ornamental fish so you need to focus on several types or just one type, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining them. Keep what you think is popular in the community.

10. Cooking Classes

Do you love to cook and can make amazingly delicious food? Then you can get income from there. It would be a shame if your ability is not shared with others.

This can be a small business that is quite profitable. What you need to provide are complete cooking utensils. If the tuition fee you determine is appropriate, not too expensive, or cheap, then you can get quite a lot of students.

Target students can range from young couples who just got married to anyone who wants to learn to cook. If you already have adequate equipment, this business is a small capital business because all you need is costs during teaching sessions, such as gas costs and ingredients for cooking.

11. Freelance Content Writer

Do you enjoy writing? If so, why not turn your hobby into a business opportunity? With the rise of online marketing, content writers are after online businesses.

They need content writers so that the number of visitors to their site can increase. Because only an informative website can increase the number of visitors.

The capital needed to start this promising business is quite easy because it only takes a computer and an internet connection which can be managed for under 1 lakh.

12. Online Store

Thanks to advances in technology, especially the internet, everyone can now search for information and shop anywhere and anytime. You can use this as a business opportunity.

You can sell anything legal, from clothes to snacks. Focus on items that you think are easy to get and sell quickly.

You can do this promising business from your computer or smartphone. This is all due to advances in technology. With only a computer, internet network, and products you want to sell, you can immediately start this small business.

13. Foreign Language Course

In this era of globalization, everything can be interconnected. Foreign languages ​​become quite important, especially in our country where they give more importance to English rather than our Indian languages.

If you can speak a foreign language, either English or another, you can share your skills with others. You do this by opening a foreign language course. You can open this small business at home or you can go to your student’s residence.

It only takes your foreign language skills and sometimes a whiteboard, writing accessories, and an eraser.

14. Workshop

There are many users of motorized vehicles in India, both four-wheeled and two-wheeled. This can be a pretty decent income field. Although it is not as easy as a culinary business, there are already quite a lot of people running this business.

For sure you need to have special skills in this field. The business capital needed can be around your own residence or rent elsewhere. The cost of various equipment for this business is also quite good, although not too expensive.

15. Car or Motorcycle Wash Service

Despite having a vehicle, but not infrequently the owner is a bit lazy to take care of it, especially washing it. This can be a business opportunity that should not be wasted. There are many car and motorcycle users in India and it is possible that around your neighborhood you have a lot of private vehicles.

This can be profitable if you set the right rate. The capital needed to run this small business is not that big. You only need water, detergent, and various other washing tools.

16. Sewing Services

Are you good at sewing? If so, you can open a sewing business at home. With only a sewing machine and other sewing equipment, you can help other people make clothes according to their desires.

You can adjust the rates so you can get the maximum income.

17. Home Massage

If you are good at massaging, removing other people’s aches then this can be a business opportunity for you. You can open a place of business in your own home or go to the person who calls you for a massage.

You can set an appropriate rate while the capital required is not so large, only in the form of massage oil.

18. Catering Business

If you have cooking skills and can prepare large amounts of food, then you can open this one business. This promising business usually attracts the attention of those who want to hold big parties, such as weddings, birthdays, and others.

You only need to provide various basic ingredients, such as rice, vegetables, flour, eggs, sugar, cooking oil, and various other basic ingredients.

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