23 Profitable Business Ideas in Pakistan with Low Investment

With the advancements in technology, there are many business ideas in Pakistan that you can start with low investments. Pakistan is one of the best places to start a business right now because it is developing day by day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a farmer, office employee, or whatever your background is. You can also start a profitable business in Pakistan.

Try to find market interest and reach that you want to target. Because a successful business can meet the needs of customers. That’s an important principle.

If you want to be successful, know what customers need and you can meet those needs.

23 Business Ideas in Pakistan

Here are the best ideas for your business in Pakistan:

1. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is one with a system of selling other people’s products. Without having to spend capital first.

Sounds easy right?

Yes, that’s how it is. You don’t need to spend a large capital to start a dropshipping business. You just need promotional skills to run this business.

How to do that?

The method is quite easy. The steps are:

  1. Find products
  2. Register and cooperate with suppliers
  3. Do a promotion

Yes, those are the 3 important steps you need to take to start a dropshipping business. You don’t need a large capital, just do these 3 steps for sure.

There are so many types of products that you can choose from. Try the analysis and find the type of product you want to promote.

Promotion can be done using social media, personal blogs, and advertisements on paid platforms.

2. Reseller Business

It is almost the same as dropshipping business. What makes the difference is, you have to buy the product first, and you should have a warehouse for stock that you have purchased. That’s the only difference.

You have to buy products from suppliers and then resell them to earn commissions.

In the next step, you must be able to do promotions. There are various ways of promotion, ranging from social media, blog media, advertising platforms to offline promotions. It all depends on the type of goods or products you choose.

How does it work?

When there are consumers who buy your product, and the packing is of course you who do it yourself. Likewise with the transaction process carried out.

3. Online Course Business in Pakistan

You can start an online course business in Pakistan with small capital. You can run it from home with the internet and a laptop.

Unlike conventional courses, you need a great location and other requirements. Of course, this type requires some capital as well.

There are also many types of courses that you can do. Take a look at the following example:

  • English Course
  • Online Marketing Course
  • Maths Course
  • Certain skill courses such as farming skills courses and so on.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business where you can get a commission after a sale occurs through the link you promote.


In the affiliate business, the link has a special code that indicates that you are the promoter. Then, when someone purchases through that link, the system automatically records it.

Some websites and marketplaces offer affiliate business. For example Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc. They open up opportunities for affiliate cooperation.

5. Video Creation Services

Whiteboard Videos? Have you ever heard that saying?

Yes, that is one example of so many examples of video creation services.

It turns out that there are people who can reap substantial profits from this service. Then they take advantage of this ability by selling through Fiverr. And it’s been proven to work.

In addition to Fiverr, you can use social media for promotion. For example by using Facebook, personal website, YouTube, and so on.

6. Website Development Services

Do you have a hobby of making websites? Well, it is profitable for you to try this business opportunity.

Because, today’s era requires a variety of media to promote, branding or exchanging information. For example, the website you are reading right now, marketplace, social media Facebook, and so on. Did you know that it’s all a website?

Actually making a website is also not too difficult. Just use the WordPress platform, then everything becomes easier to do.

You don’t need high skills to create a website. Especially websites with themes for articles.

Website creation services are still very much needed. Well, of course, this is a good opportunity for you.

7. Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services are those which are needed at any time. Many sectors need it, for example, the business sector, the film sector, and other fields. They need these graphic designing services always.

People who are engaged in any business in Pakistan, need a graphic designer to do promotions.

Well, if you have excellent skills in the field of graphic design, there’s nothing wrong with trying to do promotions.

How to make it work?

Make the best possible design, prioritize quality and work on time. No need to be afraid to get started, just take action and offer your services to those in need.

8. Article Writing Services

Currently, article writing services are very much needed in Pakistan and the world. This is certain because at this time so many websites or blogs have been created in Pakistan.

That is why the services of writers are very necessary at this time. Now for those of you who are good at writing, you can open this service business.

Many of them need the services of writers because they need a lot of articles, don’t have the time to write by themselves so they really need employees.

How to do this?

  • Try searching on a search engine, find their blog website, contact the admin, and offer.
  • Promote on social media
  • Create a personal blog and promote there
  • Collaborating with other writers
  • Join the writer community

So that your services continue to grow. Learn good writing techniques, learn how to be a blog writer. Then be diligent in reading, because people who are good at writing are definitely those who are diligent in reading.

9. Wedding Organizer

The wedding moment is the most awaited moment, so many people want their event to be perfect.

Now, this is why wedding organizer services are very much needed for those who want to have a better wedding reception.

Don’t get me wrong, even though there are many wedding organizers, this business opportunity is still very feasible to run.

Apart from the increasing population, the trend of using wedding organizer services also continues to increase.

So, there’s no harm in trying to start this business, please approach photographers or people who work in the world of wedding receptions.

10. Franchise Business in Pakistan

A franchise business is a partnership business model. For an easy way, please look for a well-known franchise business. So it is quite easy to find a buyer.

Some people may think that the franchise business must be with large capital. In reality, you don’t have to, you can run this business with relatively small capital.


Because you no longer need production costs, equipment and other capital like you are starting a business.

In addition, the type of franchise business is also quite a lot. You can choose the type of business ranging from culinary, to electronics business.

11. Catering Business

For those of you who are in densely populated locations, the catering business is very promising in Pakistan. Especially for those of you who are in office locations, campuses, or employee complex locations.

At that location usually, a lot of people need fast food. They are very busy and catering is one of their goals.

The capital needed to start a catering business is not too big, you can start with the existing equipment first.

There are also many types, ranging from breakfast catering, daily catering, and catering for wedding receptions and so on.

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To be successful in running a catering business, give the best quality to your products, both in terms of taste and service. Then, develop consumers using continuous promotion.

12. Sewing business

You have sewing skills, so you can start this business from home. The sewing business has huge prospects. Moreover, at certain times, the orders you receive can be abundant.

Reasons the sewing business is profitable:

  1. Very affordable start-up capital
  2. Basic skills can be honed and trained
  3. Very good profit
  4. This business promotion is very simple
  5. Easy to grow
  6. At the same time running a hobby

Although the number and factories of apparel are very large, it is not uncommon for buyers to still want certain models. Or they want to change the model that has been purchased at will.

Not to mention many jobs can be done, for example by making jewelry, tablecloths or other types of ornaments.

13. Haircut Business

Make no mistake, the haircut business is actually a business that looks trivial but can develop into an extraordinary business in Pakistan. Do not believe? Here’s how.

At first, maybe you only open a haircutting business, but at the same time, you can sell other products related to hair. For example hair care, hair oil, and another type of products.

It may seem normal at first, who would have thought that with the development of your business, you can develop the business with other types.

For example, opening rebounding services, selling hair care products, makeup services, and so on.

How? Of course very interesting is not it. Well, that is a technique that you can apply. Then it’s up to you. Do you want to develop to be more advanced?

14. Translation Services

Are you good at foreign languages? Mastering a foreign language can actually make you money. You can earn a decent income.

How could that be?

Yes, you can, try to find a freelance website that provides service providers and users. As a marketplace, there is bargaining and contracts.

For example, you can open the fiverr.com website, please click the desired category section. Try to find out, is there a service provider model that suits your interests?

Well besides the fiverr.com website, you can look for other websites that bring together service buyers and service sellers. There are many, you can look it up on the internet.

15. Video editing and design

For those of you who have talent in editing videos or photos, drawing, and designing, now that talent can be developed into a profitable and anti-mainstream business opportunity.

This profession is much sought after by developing and well-known companies considering that everything that is displayed today requires unusual innovation and creativity.

This is also in line with the number of social media as a means of promoting their products.

To make the appearance of social media or websites attractive, of course, attractive graphics or images are needed to attract clients or customers.

Especially now that there are vlogs or video blogging that companies must do to be accepted by the community, especially young millennials.

The videos that are made are usually made to show company profiles when there are company events or just for presentations to clients.

Of course, the making of the video must be done by people who are competent in their field. At first glance, it may be very easy to do by ordinary people, but in fact, it still requires someone who is an expert in the field.

In terms of design, many companies need design services to make proposals, posters, banners, billboards, brochures, logos, and so on.

This business opportunity can be done by anyone including you who are still sitting as a student.

Usually, these jobs require fresh graduates or freelancers who are ready and willing to accept orders for editing or image design services.

Don’t ask about the income you get because it can make you an independent young person.

16. Selling Software

The software business is also very profitable in Pakistan. Especially for those of you who are good at making software.


Because now the world is completely digital. Information and digital processing are excellent for both individuals and business purposes.

There are different areas of application that you can work on. Starting from Android applications, cashier applications, data processing applications to databases for large companies. Not to mention large website databases, school data processing databases, and much more.

Are you interested?

If so, please start from now on learning computers. Master programming for real. The harder you study, the faster you will master.

17. Hydroponic business

The next business opportunity that also provides a great opportunity is a business in the field of hydroponics. Hydroponics is an agricultural technique that relies on circulating water.

Hydroponic vegetable gardening techniques have been known for a long time, this is the best solution for those of you who are in the city center.

The vegetables produced are also of high quality with an upscale market share. For example, to hotels, supermarkets, or even the export market share. Even hydroponic vegetables can also be marketed in traditional markets.

To start a hydroponic business in Pakistan, please learn from the experts, look for a lot of relationships, especially relationships with experts who have succeeded in the field of hydroponics. This way you can become proficient faster.

18. Pet Shop

Many people like to keep pets very much. There are many different types of animals that they keep. For example cats, birds, and so on. This is what makes the pet shop business opportunity in Pakistan very bright.

A pet shop business is a business that provides all the necessities for pets. Or you sell the pet itself. In addition, you can sell pet needs, for example selling food and education about how to feed and train them.

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Well, you can take advantage of this opportunity well if you don’t have a large pet shop available in your location. Even though there are already competitors, you don’t need to worry anymore, you just need to provide the best service.

19. Ornamental Fish Cultivation

The price of ornamental fish can be very expensive and sometimes unreasonable. For example, the price of nirvana fish. The price of this ornamental fish is very expensive, it can reach tens of millions.

If you are a diligent and patient person, you can try the ornamental fish business. Start small first. Then develop gradually according to market needs.

Here are tips on how to start an ornamental fish business in Pakistan

  1. Look for types of ornamental fish with high prices and are sought after by many people.
  2. Try to increase the relationship among the ornamental fish community
  3. Learn how to cultivate ornamental fish properly
  4. Consistent and hard working.

So, those are some of the types of businesses that you can try. Actually, there are many other business ideas that there are very many. Please search, do research and try to learn it.

20. Buy and Sell Antiques

Antiques or old items turn out to be very useful and much sought after in this day and age.

This item is preferred because it has a strong material and has a classic shape and ornament that is so unique.

Selling these antiques is indeed anti-mainstream because it is not easy to sell them. But once sold the profits obtained are quite fantastic.

Starting this business in Pakistan is not easy, it requires high capital if you do not have these antiques.

To get these items you can become a collector and have to look for antiques elsewhere with full of struggle and challenges for sure.

These antiques have a high selling value because the items are getting rarer over time.

Usually, those who need these antiques are also fellow collectors or people who are very interested in the antiques.

If you have found antiques to be sold, you must first select them. Where you have to make sure that the item is still worth selling and use and don’t forget to take care and clean it regularly so that the item is worth selling.

The better the treatment and the rarer it is, the higher the selling value.

If you really pursue one of these anti-mainstream businesses, then your customers will also become your loyal customers in this case.

21. Unique Wedding Souvenirs

Currently, many entrepreneurs sell wedding souvenirs. However, as the times progress, more and more couples want unique wedding souvenirs to be distributed to their invitees.

They prefer unique souvenirs because they don’t want important moments in their lives to be missed with ordinary concepts and ways.

Remember! Times have changed, so it is anti-mainstream ideas from customers that can make your business exist for a long time.

There are various types of unique wedding souvenirs, ranging from make-up places in the form of sandals so that you can take them anywhere without any hassle, photos of both of you with bridal templates, plastic cutlery for you environmentalists, glasses with bridal caricatures, pillows, bags, folded books, personal creations, and so forth.

If traced, these souvenirs are indeed unusual because in general, the souvenirs that will be obtained at the wedding are in the form of key chains, handkerchiefs, notebooks, and so on.

In addition to souvenirs, usually, the bride and groom also need an unusual invitation design. So don’t be surprised, if the invitation model you receive today has a unique design and is also anti-mainstream.

Besides that, what is usually anti-mainstream from this wedding preparation is the dowry that is formed in such a way that it produces something unique.

Because nowadays many services decorate dowry where various images and shapes are created from these anti-mainstream creations.

22. Deposit Service

The deposit service has become one of the anti-mainstream opportunities in this era.

With the availability of technological facilities, it has developed into a promising business.

This deposit service is the most fun and anti-mainstream business that is also closely related to your traveling hobby.

In fact, this service is not a new business opportunity because this service has been around before and has not boomed like this.

The way it works is quite fun, where you can sell while traveling.

When you are traveling to a city or abroad, don’t forget to stop by the hit shopping places in that city or country.

Take photos or videos of unique items that your friends or customers can search for.

The next step is uploading the photos or videos to social media so that your customers can see what items are currently hit or are available in that city or country.

Opening this business can be done by a pre-order system so that customers understand when goods are available and when you have to pay for these goods.

In Pakistan itself, the goods that are selling well are beauty tools, bags, shoes, watches, clothes, and so on.

Usually, the items that are deposited are not available in Pakistan or the price is quite expensive.

This deposit service is also very suitable for students who are traveling to the region or abroad.

That way, they can get the extra money that is quite tempting for their daily needs or they can pay their own tuition fees.

You could say that this deposit service can also be done without a large enough capital or no money at all.

Therefore, when uploading images to social media, you must be smart in copywriting that is made to attract potential customers.

Of course, while traveling or while studying, you can already become an entrepreneur through this business.

23. Tour and Travel Business

Pakistan is rich in tourist attractions that are so beautiful and interesting. These tourist attractions can certainly be used as business opportunities that are also anti-mainstream.

This business is suitable for anyone, especially for young people who are educated outside the city or abroad.

You can open tour and travel services for family, colleagues, friends who want to take a vacation to where you are studying.

Vice versa, when people who are in your overseas place want to travel to your home area, then that is a golden opportunity to become a tour guide.

To open this business, you inevitably need to recognize the hit tourist spots in the area. Not only that, lodging and culinary are usually a complete package for travel activities.

Starting this business is classified as difficult and easy, so it is highly recommended to work together with local tours and travel to make it easier to access tourist attractions and provide vehicle rental services that are usually needed by tourists.

Usually when these tours and travels are held by young people, traveling in these places will be more exciting and can offer more challenging travel trips.

The good news, to open this business can be run without having to have a lot of capital money. However, the main capital to open this business is trust in both tourists and travel agents and vice versa.

The tour and travel business that is run is not only a tour guide. You can act as a ticket service provider for tourist attractions, a vehicle rental service provider, and so on.

Of course, there are many advantages achieved in opening this tour and travel business, such as having many new acquaintances, being able to travel easily and for free every time, earning income, getting new experiences, and so on.

Opening this business can also be done at any time without having to disrupt the lecture schedule. It’s just that you have to know the days or months that are usually the most visited by tourists.

If opening this business is successful in the country, then there is nothing wrong with developing the business abroad.

Therefore, you must complete these skills by being able to speak foreign languages ​​as the main capital to develop your business.

Final Words on Business Ideas in Pakistan

Basically, these business ideas in Pakistan will always exist along with your passion or hobby.

If you have a hobby or passion listed in the discussion above, then the next step is to pursue and explore it.

What is stated in the discussion above are new businesses that are much sought after and booming in this era.

Where technology is widely used to be able to give birth to creative ideas in running the business.

Therefore, do not be afraid or embarrassed if you have an unusual talent. Because maybe this can make you an entrepreneur with new and anti-mainstream businesses.

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